Rev. Run’s Girls Are Seat Stealers??? Vanessa and Angela Put On Blast Trying To Sit Front Row Fashion Week

- By Bossip Staff

You would think the whole celebutante-turned-reality TV star-turned designer thing would make Vanessa and Angela Simmons certified A-Listers at New York Fashion Week at least. But low and behold, the organizers of the G-Star show at Pier 94 were more interested in having Bugsy in their front row than the good reverend’s daughters.

When 50 couldn’t make it, Ang and Nessa saw an opportunity to come up.

Fiddy was tapped to be a last-minute special guest at the Jay-Z/ Eminem concert, and told organizers he would miss the event. The Simmons kids showed up late, and tried to move from their assigned seats to the front row next to Liv Tyler, Kelly Osbourne, Natasha Bedingfield and “True Blood” actor Joe Manganiello. But organizers sent them back.

SMH. Wonder how they played that off.


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  • if anything be noble

    If Kelly Osbourne is sitting in the front row, hey why not? It’s not like it was reserved for Mandela.


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  • Shaniqua

    “Thou shalt not push the Reverend’s daughters to the back of the runway.”

  • nana

    See? I told u 50cent is the shyt! Hahahahhaha So Angela and Vanessa take ur self righteous azz to the back row! Lmao


    Again Kelly Osbourne was on the front row, the organizer was wrong fa’that shiggady…I bet’cha they’re not holding they’re heads down and they shouldn’t!

  • Mayah

    Sorry h0es, yall ain’t THAT special.

  • ~ChynaPeach~

    Lmaooo see what happens when u get too grand? They send yo black azz to the back of the bus I mean fashion show.

  • tb

    wtf i can’t post again

  • Toni

    Why weren’t they in the front? They are black royalty so they should have sat in the front. Thats alright, we love our girls!

  • !!!!!


  • karamel

    How was Kelly Osbourne in the front row? Cuz her daddy is Ozzy? Rev Runs kids shoulda been up front. eff dat…lol

    • imlovingitxj

      and dont forget her mom now..but kelly is kinda comming up in the style-ish way i hardly hearing something from the two sisters beside their show srry ang/nes

  • You Like It

    Yeah I have to agree. Vanessa looks great, she always does. Ang…well she tries, I still love her tho!

  • Oh Well

    They look like average attractive women however, they dont stand out and lack presence.. sorry!

  • MrsMom

    This is what happens when you ride daddy’s coat tails a little too much, WHAM, reality hits. They couldn’t possibly believe, that with what they have done so far, they are that hot? I mean, come on. Your dad did, what YOUR DAD DID. I mean, I will tell you the talent in that fam, and it’s DIGGY. I have been noticing this since he was a smaller kid. Diggy will shine!

    • Baby mama?

      can somebody tell me if angela and vanessa have a different mother from the boys?


    I hope Angela has hair on her thingy

  • cp


  • J-Jizzy

    Angela, JoJo, and Vanessa have the same mom Diggy and Russy have different moms!

    • Baby mama?

      Thanks. 🙂

    • http://nat nat

      acctually jojo has a diffrent mom rev run has 3 baby moms

  • Get Real

    Com on….Among white audiences those girls are not even D-listed. They are bare C among a black audience. The organizers would rather see 2 empty seats than to F-listed black girls.

  • ayo

    man its crazy, i tried to type something special about these girls but i couldnt because i keep seeing Angela with different men.

    Vanessa is very special though

  • belle noire

    They don’t belong on the front row.

  • cotton124

    Pastry’s. Get my money for my girls. That’s a fact.

  • ayo

    @belle noire
    Vanessa does though.

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