Sextra: She’s Got Too Much Hair Down There!

- By Bossip Staff

I want to get your opinion on something. I met this girl about 9 months ago and we decided to be exclusive about 4 months into it. She had me fawked up because she was on some “do what you do” type sh*t and she would kinda play me to the left when I was on my stupid sh*t and she would call me on it. She’s a natural woman and she’s so smart and really opened my eyes to a lot of things that I took no interest in before. I’m normally not attracted to mother earth women but she’s so fawking cool and I can’t lie she got me feeling some kinda way about her. She’s a very pretty girl in the face and her skin is beautiful but she doesn’t shave and that’s my only problem. She don’t shave her legs, armpits or her pocket! It’s so wild and bushy down there and one time when I went down on her there were tissue bits stuck in it and that killed it for me! When I asked her why she doesn’t shave or wax she said it’s because that’s a european standard of beauty. I like her enough to look past these things but I would like a set smooth legs in the bed next to me. I want her to trim that bush not just because it’s too hairy but I want to see more of it. She don’t even have to take it all off but trim it and take the sides down. I’m a hairy dude myself and I’m considerate enough to clip my hairs where it’s needed and keep a groomed look so is it too much to ask her to do the same? I just can’t see why a 30 year old woman would not see the benefits of keeping herself groomed. I’ve never had to have this conversation with a woman before and I respect her lifestyle but I need her to do this for me.

Happy Friday to you, sir! Thank you for writing in and sharing your story. But, pause . . . “trim it and take the sides down” is too funny! So basically what you’re saying is, she’s needs a haircut. Some women aren’t into shaving and waxing and, in your lady’s case, it’s her beliefs that are keeping her away from the razors, Nair and waxings! That’s kind of tough because you don’t want to offend her but at the same time, it’s unsettling to discover trinkets, if you will, in her nether region. That’s pretty rough, not to mention, unhygienic! But, hey, to each his own and, ultimately, it’s her body to do what she wants with it.

Here’s what you can do, you can speak up about it! Tell her straight up, “this ain’t got nothin’ to do with Europe. Leave Europe out of this. This is between me and you, girl!” Keep it as simple and real as possible! Be as genuine as you were when you wrote about her in this letter. Tell her how beautiful her skin is and that you want to rub on her legs at night. Tell her you’d like to see what you’re doing during your intimate moments without having to wrestle through wilderness! Tell her you will do it for her, if need be! Buy her a trimmer and buzz her yourself! If you keep it lighthearted and playful, she’ll likely give in at some point. It’s far too early in the game to lack basic communication on this sort of matter, right?

If you’re uncomfortable requesting this of her, then get her a gift certificate to a spa or salon where she can get it done. Since you keep yourself “groomed” get it done with her! Schedule an appointment at a day spa, and surprise her with a few services like a mani/pedi and a secret wax. You’d be surprised at how convincing estheticians can be . . . they’ll hit her with “whoa, girl! Let’s wax those legs . . . and brows . . . and lip . . . and bikini!” And you just give that silent nod of approval in the background. They’ll hook her up, just get her in the door! If she doesn’t budge at all, then you’ll have to respect that. Again, it’s her right to grow as much hair as she wants wherever it may be! But it’s all about compromise . . . maybe she’ll take a little off the top and maybe you’ll learn to accept her . . . hair and all! Good luck to you, sir! Good luck!

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  • Matinigal

    Lol! Hair down there is plain disgusting! Dude, if I were you i wouldn’t not go down there until she wax, shave, or trim. There’s noting like geting a Braziian from an Asian My cooch has to be clean as my hand middle. Talk to her about it, tell her what you like when it comes to a Vajaja. Good luck with EARTH lady.

    • ashleysays

      did you really just say “hand middle”? it’s called the palm of your hand…smh

  • IWaxDownThere

    and BTW I’m a Natural Woman from head to toe….thats no excuse!!!

  • Soul Touch

    bits of paper LMAO

    Sorry, she is incorrect…many tribes in Africa remove all hair from the body. Many African Muslims believe that you should remove hair where you body meets (arm pits and down below).

    • Soul Touch

      Also, any self respecting woman would make sure that she is clean (paper) before inviting her man to dine down below.

    • MochaLove

      I agree! Some people take things to the extreme! We have monthly business and I can’t imagine having all the hair AND a cycle. GROOOOOOOOWSS!!

    • Alimah

      every 40 days, men & women

    • Soul Touch


      Thank you for confirming that. 😉




  • MochaLove

    Ohhhhhh my goodness!! This is the funniest ish I’ve ever read!!! Ahahaaaa! Seriously though….she needs to get herself waxed. I couldn’t imagine life without my waxings! LORDIE!!

  • Blacchyna

    Well if the writer is finding tissue bits in that bush, then soemthing is wrong. Maybe he should trim it while he is going downtown. He can just say it’s a vibrator if she hears a buzzing sound.

    • thetruth

      That’s hilarious!

  • blaxitive


  • Soul Touch

    Two funny stories:

    I have a friend who’s uncle told me the sexiest thing ever is a woman with hairy legs wearing white pantyhose.

    2nd, my boy was talking to this Guyanese girl. Anyhow they were about to get busy and she removed her underwear. He said she had hair from her pumpum to mid-thigh wrapping around her butt. And she was indian guyanese so it was thick! As soon as he saw that, his buddy was no longer in the mood to perform so he talked his way out of it and left. For weeks she called asking him what happened, cussing him etc. so he finally told her “you’re too damn hairy”. Well the girl didn’t like that and egged and scratched up his car. lol

    • Alimah

      woman with hairy legs wearing white pantyhose—- lmbo! I Pray i never get a mental picture of that again!

    • Its pretty simple

      @ soul touch, are u by chance jamaican?

    • Soul Touch

      @it’s pretty simple

      Yes I am. 🙂

    • Its pretty simple

      @ soul touch, when u said buddy and pum pum i was like ‘ this girl has got to be a jamaican cuz thats exactly how i speak too.

    • Soul Touch

      @its pretty simple

      LOL we do have a colourful vocabulary. lol

    • Caleah

      who are yall kidding, all Jamaicans use the exact same words there is no variation, in yall culture everyone talks the same acts the same uses the same exact words and if u deviate u r ostricized

    • shakyb

      that’s so 1970’s hairy legs and white panty hose. who still wear panty hose rotflmao!!

    • thetruth

      He should have told her the truth from jump street. It could be a culture thing. Maybe he could have avoided getting his car egged and scratched.

  • Shaniqua

    EUWWWW Tissue bits were stuck in her bussshessssssss?!:yuck:

  • Shaniqua

    Hahaha euwww, there might be dried fecal matter, gotta be careful!

  • chrissy

    lol…well we know she was using charmin….cuz the bear had bits on his butt…bahahahahaha

    • yah..

      bwahahahahahahahah….im over here CRACKING up!!

    • hoogivsafuc

      lol good 1

  • Kenyan

    This has to be the funniest ish ever….gadamn!!! Oh lawd!!! Yeah i agree she definitely has to do sum’ about that.

  • Alright Alright

    Is it you the brotha wrote about???

  • J


  • Susie had a sip.


    I’m just saying.

  • WallyBigNads

    I can understand dude. A bush down there can jack up everything.

    You have to go down on chick with a pick and afro comb.

    Part, spread, lick. Part, spread,lick. Too much work. You end up with your tongue feeling like you have been licking low grade sand paper.


    • yah..

      i cant even read no more!!my stomach hurts to much…cnt stop laughin..

  • lily(bk's finest)

    Body(legs,armpits,nether regions) hair is soooooo disgusting…

  • lily(bk's finest)

    Hey Glok!

  • yah..

    that was tha funniest part!!!!lmfao!bwhahahah!!!!!

  • Thekittyneeds2beshaved

    Pleeeeaaaaasssse trim or shave….nothing wrong with being natural but when it looks like a midget’s head is caught coming out of the “Gates of Heaven, then there is a problem!

  • lily(bk's finest)

    I’m good Glok, and you?

    • Glok....My lifestyle be Closed Captioned !!!


  • afrodite

    he should let her get with a guy who can appreciate her before his mindframe affects her self-esteem

  • Soul Touch


    I will say this, I have had a guy in my past that did not want me to touch that area…he said to me straight that he likes women, not children. So I respect that.

  • Greeneyedbandit

    Poor fella,she probably be musty as h*ll!

  • http://bossip denise

    Right are men going to talk and they have tissue and lent stuck all in the d hairs, hair sctatching up your face and chit lol…knowing they are not about to shave and can’t live without getting head double standards smh!

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