Spotted: Kimora Lee, Angela Simmons, Usher, Whitney Houston, La La And More!

- By Bossip Staff

Angela Simmons headed back east for Fashion Week… Here she is walking in the Sachika Style 360 show!

Looking kinda nervous there Angela….

We also couldn’t resist posting this interesting choice of getup she wore last weekend to take in shows!


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  • i see

    boreing going back to sleep

    • http://u bklynlady

      …you must still be asleep. There’s no “e” in boring.

    • ImJustSayin


  • tah

    so doin nothing makes this news worthy?

  • ShawtyWhereYouAta

    ursher is shawt…kim is really throating that ice cream…kimora is thicker than a king size snicker..



  • dhaisaidasf






    i love all of these ladies.

  • Adannaya

    ooooooh wow she is wearing the Player by Victoria Secret!!!! Super cute bra! Have one myself!

  • ??

    I wonder who is sponsoring Amber Rose these days now that Kanye wised up and left her platinum diggin a**.

  • ImJustSayin

    I STILL don’t know why Kim K is famous but I love her style.

  • NewestObserver

    Mary J always look a HOTT ARSE MESS!

  • NewestObserver

    Ugh looking rough in the 2nd pic! Usher need to slow his role because he starting to look old in the face already when he not that old in age!

  • VS babe

    I love the free advertising for my store. The Player bra by Victoria’s Secret, Love it!!!

  • Jay D83

    Oh Whitney got it together. Werq girl!

  • Teezy

    is it just me or would that be considered a fashion fail…the young lady in the pic wit Amber Rose is wearing ankle socks wit sandals?! tan ones for that matter…smh

  • Hans-Dieter

    Why the hating? Whitney looks absolutely in shape.

    • CAN AM

      I agree.

  • Géraldine

    these articles are soooo painful! Whitney looks very great and healthy. I’m happy about it and waiting for her!

  • wd76

    Whitney looks damn good Flopssip, so respect the most successful living black artist…Ms Whitney Houston

  • john

    Whit looks great as one of her songs says there been haters since this world been goin round glad to see she has found her own strength

  • http://deleted hellyeah

    All the ladies look nice for the most part
    Angela simmons- nice body but not feeling the outfit
    Kimora looks healthy
    Whitney looks great, i’m so happy to see this
    Mary looks happy and smiling but a bit old in the face, I think it’s the blond wig
    Usher is just usher, lol

  • Sugar

    Kimora looks great. She looks happy.



  • patty

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