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Serena Williams has been looking like such a lady these days. Here she is at some Hollyweird event looking lovely as ever. Good for her. More images below:

Peep Estelle and Kelly Rowland at some British event on the flippy….

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  • bmore chick

    SHe may have a big booty But she looks like a drag queen…ewww but if thats what you men like….

  • Vee

    Morning Peoples. TGIF! Serena looks nice here.

  • finesseyoswaggerfool!!!

    not the best choice…

  • http://checkmeout Jewish Woman

    What’s up Monkeys?

  • Turquoise2

    Kelly’s forehead

  • finesseyoswaggerfool!!!

    …and the hair reminds me of the MUSHROOM do BITD

  • Tealeaf

    Serena looks pretty, Iam glad she stop wearing those long,blonde weaves..

  • AS I STAND, ONE LEG OF MY PANTS UP, IN A STANCE LIKE "AND WHAT?"(sxyQblondie aint in the mood today, its friday)


  • Lady Architect

    I like Serena’s dress. Love Kelly, but she looks like a cross dresser in those pics.

  • Aunt Viv

    Serena looks lovely here. She’s got that Halle Berry hairstyle (circa “Boomerang” days). Maybe she’s bringing it back…

  • Creole Baby

    serena looks like a girl gorilla wif lip stick

  • num1dominicano

    horrible…..there is nothing feminine about her..

    morning finessy…

  • Brook Lynn Chocolate gyrl. (Ok I'm over Loui V)

    @ Nikki Underwood

    You Dead Azz Wrong for that 1. LMBAO.

  • num1dominicano

    mornin Nikki….didn’t see you at first..

    and Estelle looks like Lou Gossett from Enemy Mine…

  • Mrs. Philly(46 days until election 08'!!)


  • legalize the ganga/rude girl from jamdown

    serena looks like a girl gorilla wif lip stick


    this line is funny

    a girl gorilla LMAO

    come on now she look real nice here

    i am not a fan of the dress but it works for her

  • Brook Lynn Chocolate gyrl. (Ok I'm over Loui V)

    Ok Ok OK. After careful observation. Estelle does favor eddie Murphy back in the Raw and Delirous days LOL

  • Brook Lynn Chocolate gyrl. (Ok I'm over Loui V)

    Kelly is so damn pretty and graceful in these pis. She holding it down for the Browns, LOL

  • Vee-TGIF!

    Hey peeps. TGIF!

    @ NIKKI-“…looks like a young Eddie Murphy” lol

  • finesseyoswaggerfool!!!


    Whuddup playboy…

  • biracial bombshell

    Yeah, I gotta say Serena looks like she’s trying and yes, she’s looking more lady-like these days, but damn, does she always have to look sooo uncomfortable doing so???

  • num1dominicano

    @ Nikki

    back in Veterinary School at VA. Tech…been busy busy…

  • dayg715

    TRANNY SWAG in full effect.

  • Brook Lynn Chocolate gyrl. (Ok I'm over Loui V)

    @ Nikki U

    Please stop with Estelle, you got me spittin up my coffee, my co-workers think I am crazy. LOL

  • Brook Lynn Chocolate gyrl. (Ok I'm over Loui V)

    I just have 1 question for the British people in here: Why don’t yall take care of y’all teeth?

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