Tyrese Is All The Way Raw With LaLa And The Company That She Keeps: They Aren’t Married… Why Are You Hanging With Them???

- By Bossip Staff

The first episode of LaLa’s Full Court Wedding kicked off last night on VH1. Like all reality shows, they give you a little tease in order to keep you watching but… we are pretty sure no one expected for Tyrese to have these words come out of his mouth:

Tyrese and LaLa’s Conversation:

Why are you not hanging out with married women who have been married for a long time? You can’t be in the spirit of being married, hanging out with a bunch of single people. I’m not telling you to get rid of all of your friends but they are not in the same space that you are in…

DAYYUMM!!! We can’t help but wonder what LaLa’s peeps were thinking when they saw this *Ciara, Kim Kardashian, Serena Williams, Kelly Rowland and others* They were probably not too happy about Tyrese advising LaLa to get rid of all of their single assets.

What are your thoughts??? Is Tyrese Right??? If a woman is getting married, should she be hanging around married people… Is that how it really works???

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  • 2Sweet

    I agree w/him but he was married for ten minutes sooooo why is he trying to give advice?

    • Jenene

      Because sometimes failure is the best teacher.
      He’s correct in saying not to kick the single ladies to the curb, but seek the counsel of folks who have been there.

    • Nicety


      Preach! The advice is right but look who it’s coming from. He can’t talk! Tyrese needs to take his own advice. Stop preaching if you ain’t living it yourself.

  • http://www.bossip.com J-Wellz


  • TRUE

    I Agree wit Tyrese…

    • noloveforthestupid

      you agree why? so what, her friends were just space fillers until she got a man? is she now better than they are because she has a husband? why are they no longer qualified to be her friends? i’m sure is punk a$$ didn’t drop his friends when he got married.

    • http://perryone779@yahoo.com rose by any other name #93040263394 ™

      @True… i agree with Tyrese also!!!

    • bishop

      I agree with Tyresse on this one also. He’s been there so he can speak on it.

      Like the scriptures say, “When I was a child I spoke as a child I understood as a child I thought as a child; but when I became a man I put away childish things.” I Cor. 13:11. You can translate that to being a woman and a single immature one as that. Now that you are married you should do better.

    • I AM

      dido! I concur!

  • Learnin2BE

    He also asked “are u a wife?” Therefore in making that the first question when he asked about her friends it was b/c married women can share in the same trials and triumphs and the way single women think are often perpendicular instead of parallel to that of a married woman

  • NoHate

    I understand what he is saying, same goes for a married man to hang with single men, just doesnt go together well if the person cant handle it. BUT LaLa seems like the type who can handle that type of lifestyle. Her and Ciara are like besties, Kelly isnt the type of chick who would stir up mess. So basicly cut off Kim and you’re good LaLa 🙂

    • BE TRUE !!!!!!!

      I agree, cut Kim K and you should be good.

  • CVS

    LaLa has such a beautiful smile!

  • lena

    I understand what he’s saying but its very unrealistic. She shouldn’t cut off friends just because they aren’t married but she should maybe gain some married ones….and as the previous comment said…he was married for 10 minutes…sorry 10 months…I think she may want to take advice from women who have been married a long time…not those who didn’t make it themselves.

    • DDUB

      His advice was that she listen to married women with experience.

    • deedee_404

      I understand where he is coming from.If she has a bunch of single friends, when she needs to confide and have one relate, they can’t. It’s like women who have a great man and they hang out with their friends that aint got no man. At the end of the day there is bound to be some type of conflict

  • william craft

    If a relationship or marriage is not first built on God it will fail anyway.

    • Hottestchickinthegame

      AMEN! Regardless of who you hang around! But I understand what he was saying. I don’t hang around with my married friends unless my man is there. Some women are too naive and too trusting. Some women marry men that they know (or not) are selfish dogs, but fail to realize that those kind of me will hit on their single girlfriends before they hit on a random chick. I think it’s because they A. Know she’s too busy being suspicious about the pretty, loose chicks at work and everywhere else and they believe their man loves them too much to hit so close to home and therefore wouldn’t suspect it B. Look at it as a bigger conquest C. Believe or know that their wife’s “friend” would be the last to tell her out of guilt and therefore can carry on a much longer affair because their secret is much safer.

      Disgusting!!!!! Disgusting, disgusting disgusting!!!!!

    • Well Alright...

      You’re right about that!!

  • Celeste

    That’s the silliest thing I’ve ever heard. As a married woman of 10 years, I have mostly the same friends I had when I got married. Some of them are still single, some have married, some have married and divorced. A friend is a friend no matter what their marital status. You don’t just pick friends off of a tree. That’s phony. And who says just because they’re married they would be a true friend??? I hate to use the word, but that’s just dumb.

    • Hazelnut

      I agree. None of us were born married – we are individuals first. And, no one knows what the future holds – divorce, death, etc…Bascially, any married person can become sinlgle in the blink of an eye. So, why banish single friends as if they have some contagiuous disease? If they were your true friends before you got married, keep them. I don’t understand the big deal. This is 2010, not 1910…
      Sidenote: Tyrese is now single and he hangs with Ginuwine who is married.

    • realwoman

      Best comment of the day Celeste!!! Who knew a person’s marital status should dictate who their friends are?? lol


    If you were on Twitter last night this was topic of discussion per ciara’s response….Ty has a point that’s valid only if it apllies to La and Melo in the company they keep. I do believe, that the issue is not so much somoene being married or single, I mean can you really hold someone accountable for being single? NO, it’s all in the TYPE OF PERSON someone is it doenst matter if they are married or single, Im sure Ty KNOWS that their are married couples out there that condone anything besides monogomy and do not follow tradition marital vows! You can’t stray from those who have held you down, who have continuously support you and genuinely love you because you’re now married!

    • Hottestchickinthegame

      I agree with this too.

  • holyandacceptabke

    I agree with tyrese. And that is something that they tell you even in the church. But this is the thing. If LaLa knows how to balance her friendships and her marriage it shouldn’t matter @ the end. As long as she doesn’t turn to her single friends for advice on a marriage. Because that isn’t healthy want can an unmarried person tell a married person? Nothing. But she doesn’t have to cut her friends off because of their marital status. She should just have a fair balance of single friends and married ones. BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY. KEEP THOSE SINGLE LADIES OUT YOU BUSINESS. Cus women are trifling… Tyrese is ol school. But he’s right. That’s my 2 cents.

  • Arshaunna Morris

    I honestly think its ok for her to keep her girlfriends, I’m sure being married with single girlfriends doesnt make a difference. Its more time dedicated, LaLa seem like a women who don’t need no introduction, she seem like a woman who make great decisons. That’s like saying, I’ve been broke all my life and now I’m making money, to get rid of my friends. These friends has been there through all my situations. Turning your back on friends is so immature. You never know when the road will get ruff again. Friends with negative feed back needs to be remove. I’m sure she will have a lot of dislike girlfriends if she remove them. They have women married that are worst. Good luck LaLa, don’t let go your girls

  • Deelicious Weathers

    If Mello doesn’t have a problem wit her still hangun wit single after they get married than no one should because he will still hang wit his single friend “Men” can be very controlling and will stop there women from doing a lot things they are used to keep the control in the relationship!

  • chrishanna

    I agree Tyrese about the single friends, they usually have no regard for the fact that you have someone who’s opinion about u hanging out with them in single ppls atmospheres to take into account. It should be the same for the husband. And it depends on the caliber of women/men they share company with. They cannot be the ones u get all your advice from especially about marital issues.I appreciated his honesty because its true, often birds of a feather flock together and if those friendships cause kaos then they should be replaced or fed from a long handled spoon, what her husband thinks about them has to be taken into consideration and vice versa

  • http://dquefans.proboards.com Kytoy

    Wow! So he clearly said “Im not saying get rid of all of your friends” yet for some reason, you took as him teller just that anyway. Let’s not read too much or neglect to understand what he’s saying: GET SOME MARRIED FRIENDS! Simply put.

    My mother (set in her deep rooted old school ways) says things like this to all of her kids. Sometimes when you are in a different place in your life, you need to surround yourself with people on that level and beyond. There has to be a balance of where you are at and where you ACHIEVE to be, in terms of the people that you CHOOSE to keep company with. No, you do not cut those who were with you through your “transition” but just be clear that they may not “GET” what it is that you may be trying to do or try to go in your life because they are on an entirely different stage.

    Tyrese was, in my opinion, on point with his comment. Not to mention Lala and Carmelo are celebrities in a time when infidelity is fashionable. He’s looking out for his friend, making sure she’s not out looking stupid.

    And why are we suprized at all at Tyrese’s remarks, didn’t we get a glimpse of this with him and Brandy on “Brandy & Ray J: A Family Business”?

  • Diamond

    I whole heartedly agree with tyrese! Ex…if your a positive person would you surround yourself with negativity? No, you wouldn’t because negativity is not in you. Single people have a different mind state than that of a married person. Someone who married thinks and reacts for them selves and their mate. Were as a single person has no one to think of but themselves. To 2sweet, being that Ty was married before that’s THE reason why everyone should listen to him. He is experienced, a wise person would listen and learn from the experienced one!

  • Rae

    My man says the say thing. I did not see the episode but since I’ve been serious with my guy and talking seriously about marriage he says the same thing. That we should get in church and find more like minded couples. If not yet married they should be commited, devoted and faithful to each other. He does say that single people thinnk differently than commited. And I agree . Priorites are totally different from mine. As I said I didn’t see the shoe but I think LaLa should have both single friends but also more married friends with children ,since that’s the life she living NOW.

  • La Vie

    It’s a natural progression anyway that Lala will distance herself from her single friends. She will more than likely feel a desire to bond more w married folks. So, Ty is absolutely correct. It is healing and supportive to hang with those in healthy marriages.

  • Neina

    I think he is 100% correct! Why get married if you still want to enjoy the single life. Having dinner dates with you’re friends are cool once in a while but I no longer can involve you in my personal business because it’s now between my husband god and me!

  • Sanriobaby =^.^=

    Tyrese had a valid point, but it wasn’t really necessary to say it. Most women will tell you that as soon as you get married, especially if you’re the first in your group, friends will see you differently and the dynamics of your relationships will change. Once you become a mom, the same thing will happen. I think it’s just life’s way of testing out who your real “true blue” friends are. Besides, the good friends who are meant to be in your life will stick around to love and support you no matter what. The rest become a distant memory.

  • Chrystlyn

    I completely agree with what he said. The same thing he told LaLa is the same thing my best friend has been telling me for years.

  • Derica

    I have been married for 11 years and I agree with Tyrese to a certain extent.. I do believe that there are certain things that married people relate to. However at the end of the day a true friend will always be there regardless if they are married or single.

  • lynette

    tyrese is stating what my mother related to my sister when she got married, i believe they were words of wisdom!! lol

  • It is what it is..........


    That’s real talk right there……

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