Janet Jackson Still Going Strong With Billionaire Boyfriend

- By Bossip Staff

Janet Jackson and her Middle Eastern man-meat are still loving it up!

The couple was spotted Tuesday dining at Rabbit in the Moon on West Eighth Street.

“Janet was glowing. They had a corner table and were very cuddly. They seemed very much in love,” a spy said. “Wissam picked up the check, and when asked if they’d be back next week, they said they were flying to Paris for Fashion Week.”

You know we can’t wait to get the pictures of that.

A little more info about Wissam… Janet met the 35-year-old Qatari businessman after she performed at an event in the Middle East last December and friends credit him with helping her cope with the death of her brother Michael.

Wissam is director of Al Mana Retail, a shareholder in Saks Fifth Avenue stores in Dubai, Doha, Bahrain and Kuwait.

Saks Fifth Avenue, that’s nice!

We had a feeling this guy might be better her for than JD after seeing all those pictures of their Italian vacay this July. He seemed like a real gentleman.

Go head Janet, who cares if he’s ten years younger. That young tender is a catch!


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  • Shoni

    Congrats! Just have fun!

    • goatback

      a billionaire is always better than a midget.

    • WHOA!

      @goatbeck Amen to that! lol

  • Germany

    He looks a little on the skinny side, but I can tell from my experience that the skinny dudes know their way around in the bedroom.

    • Trying

      you aint never lie. lol

    • You Like It

      LMAO I been tryna tell my friend that. Ya’ll a fool for that one. Lol. Ain’t lyin tho

    • Trublu

      I 2nd that emotion….

  • Lisa

    Janet is a lucky bltch. I want a rich dude too.

  • No u can't be boyfriend #2!

    GOOD FOR HER!!!!!!!!

    I bet Jermaine Dupri hates himself right about now(shouldn’t have cheated and knocked up a stripper)!

    • Hot Chocolate :)

      He is a fool…lol

    • Lisa

      WHAAATTT!! He cheated on Janet and got a stripper pregnant?? Seriously? He’s really NOT that dumb is he???

  • Panther

    Enjoy life Janet!!!!!!!

  • wtfever

    I prefer JD. I think Janet has problems with Men, he is not hot, JD loved her for her

    • Missbitch

      Apparently he didn’t since he cheated on her.

  • truth_hurts

    let me tell y’all about them skinny dudes..he may look like he weigh 100 pounds but 95 of that d**k. I bet he knockin dem walls out rite. ain’t mad at u janet. we see you gurl.


      Thanx I don’t normaly reply or blog but you put it down..
      the need to feed the photo! Them ears and them feet – she is GOOD! Go Girl! I won’t even drill further in the posts this was it!

  • SoulSista

    I’m sure he is smart enough not to cheat on her with a stripper. JD is a moron.



  • phelove

    Damn, wish it was me. These sorry a– black men aren’t worth a quarter!!!

    • Smittyboy

      I bet you’re not worth a dime,with that weak sh*t.

  • polite

    Sorry he looks gay to me. Real soft.

    • Missbitch

      I bet he’s not soft in the bedroom, hun.

    • Are you serious?- 22 yr. old sista, okay?

      Everybody knows that if he ain’t a brotha then he ain’t a lova (lol corny but true).

      Why do you think that women off all races be tryna fit in with n-ggas but most sistas aint even checkin for anything else?

      You must be on the rebound or some lame sh-t.

  • nneka

    Well good for Janet.She deserves some happiness.

  • shortcake

    Somebody just said Janet has not had luck with men that’s not true. All of her relationships included Jermaine Dupri lasted many years. I am married to a middle eastern man myself and I must say all my friends including the ghetto ones tell me how lucky I am because he is so good to me treats me like every woman wants to be treated so I know Janet is getting queen treatment. Good luck to her.

    • afrodite

      they have a rep of being kind of misogynistic, so I’ve always been apprehensive when I’ve been approached by middle eastern men. I’ve always been scared that even though they’d treat me well as long as I acted right, the minute I make the wrong move, I’m going to end up being honor killed or something because they think that is their right to control a woman, or a woman who doesn’t act right doesn’t deserve to live. But it’s good to hear that you are being treated so well. I’m going to rethink my prejudices a little more.

    • chaka1

      There are some great middle eastern men out there. I used to date a doctor and a college professor. I only broke up with them because I was immature at the time.

  • Smittyboy

    Because he’s not white,that’s the only time it’s called swirling.Because messing with somebody white is where you really step out of line, and lose your damn mind.

  • Smittyboy

    Yeah all you Janet Jackson cheerleaders better remember one thing.Middle eastern men don’t take no sh*t off women,they would kill one in a New York minute.So for Janet,she better know her place,i hate to see her with out her head.And we all know how much mouth most black women have.

    • afrodite

      that’s why I’ve been apprehensive…I’m not biting my tongue for anyone

    • Me

      Do you bitter jealous Ni**a Men ever take a rest?
      Everytime a sister finds love with another race man you pathetic crybabys come in here whining, you got your nerve to talk about black women when BM are social misfits walking with all your drama and criminal activities!

    • *Casanovette*

      Black men have devalued, demoralized and degraded black women for YEARS with terms like “Money ova Btchs” “We dont love dem hoez” ….in other words yall can give a damn about a black woman. So why begrudge or use pessimistic views when another race does? After all yall dont care about us…..so why bother? You should be happy they are dating us. Now yall can have yall beckys! See it evens out.

  • Fan of the BE-BE Store

    Let’s keep it real people, there was no real fire nor desire between Janet & Jermaine D. She was in it to help bring her singing career back to life. Since he is the man to go to for hits. Or at least one of those producers that can make hits other than Dark-Child. So, let’s be honest. Their relationship was on flat-line. So, if Jermaine cheated that was the nail that sealed it for them. She was probably relieved (BIG SIGH OF RELIEF) she could stop frontin.

    • Est.1981

      Girl, I agree with you on that one. J.D. look like he has a little wee-wee!

  • Smittyboy

    He look closer to black then he ever would white.He looks like the average lightskinned brother to me.

  • Soul Touch

    Good for her. If she is happy, I’m happy. Not a fan of JD, but I thought they made a cool couple…they looked very comfortable together. As long as this guy treats her well, then I’m down.

  • that damn sh#$ disturber

    this one reminds me of her old boyfriend rene (?)

  • DREW

    I need to start hanging out with some Russian and Middle Eastern Billionaires…Ive been around black people for too long. lol

  • http://bossip ty

    Tired of janet jackson and her new men every couple of years *WACK*

    • hoogivsafuc

      ur just hatin if ur life was public i’m sure u cld build a cockpit if u get my drift

    • girly

      i co sign to that.. dam, why cant she just stick to one man…

  • CubaLinda

    After JD I can definitely appreove this… I’d just feed him and get his weight up…


    Janet is beautiful, doesnt matter WHO she dates.

    • Smittyboy

      Why don’t you pull your head out of Janets crack damn,she don’t even know you’re live.With your cheerleading azz.


    Not all racists are white and not all whites are racist. just saying.

  • http://www.twitter.com/super_negra super_negra

    I love Janet.
    Wish the best.

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