Is Nicki Minaj Finally Making Some Sense? Rapper Loses The Yabba Dabba Doo For “Right Through Me”

- By Bossip Staff

As her November 23rd release date approaches, Nicki Minaj just dropped what is supposed to be the first single for Pink Friday.

Check out the song below:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Produced by Drew Money.

Do you Hate It Or Love It???

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  • cookie

    Yawn .. its giving me a headache

  • Why


  • Mayah


  • c-dog

    I agree!

  • N1GIRL

    wow! waaaack!!neeext!

  • SoulSista

    Yup, I can see right through this song. Not as bad as her other music, but still garbage. You gotta do better than that if you want to live up to the hype in your own head Nicki. This doesnt justify your arrogance.

  • Confessions of a Confused City Girl

    I love it! I hope she keeps doing music that proves her “haters” wrong

  • purple love

    yes onicka!!! not a number 1 but not bad and it’ll keep gettin better

  • deelucious

    I’m over the age of 25 therefore I will NEVER like any of Nicki Minaj’auto-tuned, cheesy as$, jibberish talkin, wack-rhyme spittin, wig-wearin, fake-booty havin, stupid-face makin, false teeth havin poor excuse for music. ok? good.

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    Just okay

  • SoulSista

    Nicki Minaj is on the same level of ignorance as Waka, Gucci, and Lil Wayne. Their music has no substance. All are horrible role models for black youth

  • siyt

    love it.



  • Torah

    Kim please come back and rescue the female rap game from this trash, pop-wannabe, trying to sing, obnoxious chick that I could’ve like if SHE wasn’t hating instead of appreciating.

  • MoniNDaMiddle

    This is weak as f#cK sorry.. But Nicki still ma B!tch. She just got to step her game up. N fasholy lose the AutoTune. Hey best song is Trees Under Palm Trees.. Thant the Nicki i wanna hear.

  • TMA 2013

    I love it.. Go NICKI PINk FRIDAYZ HATERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • New [Music] Nicki Minaj ” Right Through Me” & “Whats wrong with them” « Look Bitch

    […] source […]

  • Kenyatta

    As for hating, if you don’t care for someone it isn’t hating. I don’t want her to be broke or poor I just want her to come with something better than she has been bringing. I’m not a fan but that doesn’t mean that if she had a good song I wouldn’t embrace it. She just isn’t bringing it. Her songs are either too weird or too boring. She has more personality in print and in an interview than on wax. I’m not stopping her from making money, but she just isn’t my taste right now. I just think she is overated

  • SHE

    I like the verse but the chorus is irritating. She could’ve came up w/ something better. Its catchy but sounds kinds dumb! I read that she writes all her hooks so maybe she needs to stick to writing her verse and ask for help on the hooks cuz that aint gonna cut it. O and gucci mane and waka has substance. If you have never lived the life they have then you will NEVER understand! He talks about the same thing all the other rappers talk about he just goes about it a different way but it doesn’t matter cause he’s on FORBES LIST! It GUCCI TIME!

  • Asia

    I dnt knw what yal tlkn bout i likes this shit

  • Sticky-n-Sweet

    She’s always better on other people’s songs…just be a feature boo.

  • NO!!!

    This sounds like shyt.

  • Chulo

    Not a fan but i like the music, someone else could have used the track and came a lot harder…..NEXT

  • liladge

    i like her. but im not feeling it.

  • I love love an Asian Man

    She sound like a child singing???

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