How Times Have Changed, The Re-Invention Of The Man Purse

- By Bossip Staff

For years, women have manicured their closet spaces for favorite bags and brands that are no less a virtual obsession – Louis Vuitton, Coach, Prada, Baby Phat. These designer purses were made for women, or could we be wrong?

A new trend is brewing in Hollywood now where male celebrities…yes, men are sporting over-the-shoulder purses, hobos, satchels, and pouches as if the briefcase relapsed 20 years ago? One question remains, would you let your man carry a “man purse?”

You be the judge of these 10 fellows…

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  • lilbabiphat2004

    that is so gay….no other way to explain it

    • chitowninthehouse

      @ goatback—-CO-SIGN! and he is the only one carrying a clutch purse. lmao…

  • 4evaMyne

    times have not changed…that’s just gay. wow

    • noloveforthestupid

      so would it be less gay to have on a back pack. grow the f’ck up.

  • Mystyri





  • run tell dat

    i just can’t do it no matter how trendy/fruity it is. even back in the day when males were piercing their ears i said no can do. but o dude can pull more women than me, purse and all so i can’t hate its just not me.

  • DarkGirl

    Hello no! If my man wanted to wear that, he would be doing it by himself

  • Mabel

    A clutch???

    • Such and Such

      Yes Girl a clutch, he could have least put on a messenger bag.

  • ViSION

    What a surprise this undercover dude is quick to embrace this new trend…
    god i am amazed how he slides under the gaydar, i mean radar.

  • 7lady

    I’m not feelin none of that sh*t!! I like my men to stay men! I got all the glitter and shine we need! Jesus just needta come on down here I tell ya!!

  • ladyinblue

    Now a messenger bag is one thing cause there are a lot of straight men who will wear those, but a CLUTCH! For 15 GRAND! Hell naw! That’s something for MOI not YOU!

  • Such and Such

    I see some of them like large purses. I would love to go shopping with them. But to be honest some of them have better fashion sense than women. Did you see Pharell’s ensemble?

  • mosiane

    That is not a man-purse. That is a patent leather clutch. No. A man-bag is like a messenger.. that is the only acceptable form.

    • Oh Fkin Well

      I guess he didn’t wanna lug around a huge bag since he was at a formal affair.

  • MyReason

    Times haven’t changed enough for a man to carry a clutch. I’m hoping he was holding it for his date. Next thing you know so called “straight” men will be wearing heels!!! Not a good look Terrance…

  • drenk

    there is only one reason for a man to have a man purse and thats to carry around his butt plug and vaseline

    • MyReason


    • Lee Lee

      I just spit my dinner all over the damn screen!

  • nikki nak

    Duffel? Sure. Messenger? Of course. Satchel? Depends on the size. But when you start to blur the lines between a hobo, clutch and a “man bag”, I’ma have to question the size and wind velocity of your a**hole. Since when do men carry more than what can fit in their pockets?

    • Butterscotch™

      I agree wholeheartedly. Most of the guys’ bags were fine, except for Terrance. That clutch is making me give him the side eye.

  • Creole Queen

    gay no man should want to carry a purse come on the world is going to hell

  • James

    Yes times have changed going back to the times of Abram and Lot. Gay is in normality is out. We have civil rights leaders legitimizing it. I will never carry a man purse because Holly Weird is setting a trend. I don’t see how Terrance’s kids can look at him the same.

  • James

    There is a difference between metrosexual and homosexual but it looks like the line is being crossed. – part 2 from James

  • 100

    as my uncle would say “….that gay shit….”. LMAO!!

  • chitowninthehouse

    Terrance Howard is easying his way out of the closet….lol

  • Htown44

    Trust me they are not lying when they say many famous and rich people we do not expect are on the down don’t buy into it thinking that’s a new trend because in my eyes homosexuality will never be the “IN” thing to do..smh oh so my answer is hell naw that’s not acceptable under any circumstance!!

  • yz

    Hey, they have shitz they need to carry and a wallet is just isn’t enough.




  • http://Google Latika

    Why are some people so narrow minded and immature? Seeing a man carrying a bag is not a sign of being gay, these days men have lots of items that dont always fit in their pockets. Bags allow them to carry laptops, cells, bottled drinks, keys etc. If you see a man carrying a bag and wearing heels to match, or is swinging his hips and has a limp wrist then yes he is a card carrying member, if not then its just a man using a bag for everyday items.

  • qvblkchi

    and yall see how he gripin dat clutch joe!!!!!!!!!!!lmao!!!

  • Iyan

    I didn’t even bother to check the others. I was stuck on Mr. Howard with a clutch? NNNNIIIGMMgrowl..Whats in the clutch? WHAT IS IN THE CLUTCH?

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