This Wedding’s For The Hood!

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

WTF? We never seen so many Soldier Boy clones in our lives. This whole entire wedding had to cost around $250.00. Poor thangs…

More pics under the Hoods Hood…

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  • Zlander

    I guess I am first in da hood!!!!!

  • Cyndi5812


    This is a hot ghetto mess! Y!!!!!

  • Mr.Anderson says

    Second in da hood

  • Mr.Anderson says

    3rd and 4th in da hood

  • Mr.Anderson says

    IM SO HOOD!!!

  • Cyndi5812

    This email was circulatiing around yesterday and the day before! Why would a person do that to those dresses for 1 and what kinda man are you that you would want to have a T-shirt with spray paint on it that should tell her something right there! Romance without finance ain’t got no chance!!!!!


    Dude…are you serious? Man…before I say the wrong thing, NO Comment!!!

  • Ladee

    I was goign to say something mean, but you all handled that. At least they got married.

  • Jahp

    who cares?

    thats one wedding with no regrets. $250? sounds good to me.

    the wedding may be non traditional, but lets hope the vows are and they stay together!

  • Anonymous3 - the fire sign

    check out the bride’s “reception dress”…..there are no words for this fiasco

  • I'm Just Me: I hope the Crist' get me, spiralin into a tizzy So pissy, swervin on the road dizzy


    But watch these people be the ones to make it. True love. I just hate all that airbrushed shyt.

  • InsertDopeWordsHere

    Well atleast they are getting married… Congradulations to them.



  • Zoe

    Too many people go into debt trying to have a wedding, just to end in divorce. I bet this couple will last forever!

  • http://checkmeout Jewish Woman

    Not surprised!!

  • Redd Tony aka Earth Sign.."Space ships dont come equipped with a rear view mirror they dip as quick as they can the atmosphere is now ripped"

    They are Crips…What a great example for tha kids…SMH

  • WhatsYoursIsMine-Chopping it all off this weekend!!!!! FREE AT LAST!!!!!!!!!!

    Laugh all you want, she got her man to the altar.

  • missfinest1

    At least they got married and not shacking. True love will outlast anything and any haters.

  • Lupe

    that’s what happens when you let your man plan the wedding.. it has to be love.. cuz love is blind and you had to be blind to ge married in that ensemble

  • *R.I.P BERNIE*

    Saw this already but will comment anyway. Yeah, it’s GHETTO and HOOD but whatever, they’re married. So many people go into debt trying to have an extravagant wedding when that’s not what should matter. 20,000 on a wedding with no place to stay now that’s GHETTO and all you gotta show for are some pics. that cost 700. For some ppl it don’t take much to bring them happiness and joy.

  • Sawyer

    Man all you can do is laugh, give 1 thumb up for creativity, and shrug your shoulders cause this is just a riot!

    Congrats to them, but good grief!

  • me

    this is priceless.. money cant buy happiness.. they look like they havin a lot of fun… i rather spent 250.00 to get married then 250,000. and get a divorce after couple of months…..

  • Just Sayin

    CONGRATS… I love to see people do the right thang…

  • WhatsYoursIsMine-Chopping it all off this weekend!!!!! FREE AT LAST!!!!!!!!!!

    @RIP Bernie-

    I agree with you on the cost of a wedding not making it better. I’ve already been told that I can have a lavish affair, but I’ve seen how the women in my family act when planning a wedding.

    I’ll take a small, intimate ceremony where I can look into my groom’s eye and rest assured that I will not be paying for my wedding AFTER the divorce.

  • blaq

    big deal, I think It’s an original idea. Why spend a bunch of money on one day? They are obviously young and I appreciate their ingenuity. Didn’t Timberland get married in matching sweatsuits, same at Brit’s wedding sweatsuits. Nothing wrong with being ghetto. Better they are getting married instead of having children out of wedlock, we know what a crime that would be.

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