Sextra: Who’s in the Mood for Some Libra Lovin’?

- By Bossip Staff

Happy Friday, Bossip Fam! Yesterday marked the dawning of the Libra zodiac and the whole world is in for a treat! This astral sign is synonymous with warm days and cool nights, colorful leaves falling from the trees and cozy days watching football! Libras, which are the only astral sign represented by an inanimate object – the scales, are a lot like the fall weather . . . even tempered, go-with-the-flow kind of folks. When asked, most will say about the Libra(s) in their life “oh, yeah! He/she is real cool . . . really down to earth.” They are tastefully witty and charming and tend to bring out the best in those around them. Maybe it’s those dimples in their smile, which they often have by default — usually somewhere in the cheeks or chin. Not the mention, they’re normally quite attractive! Libra women are known for their curvy figures and libra men are handsome in an Adonis kind of way. They all have very chiseled features and very seldom are they hard to look at. However, the fact that most were awkward or the “ugly duckling” that morphed into a beauty generally keeps them humbled. Usually very graceful, the Libra loves to be social and meet new people and, for them, conversation with anyone is all but effortless because they’re huge communicators!

The scales are important to the Libra for they are into balance. In order for a Libra to really be at peace, there must be harmonious balance. This is why their homes are often very relaxing and nicely put together with warm, earthy tones because they do work hard at what they do but when it’s time to relax, they relax just as hard as they work. Not one to make brash or impulsive decisions, the Libra carefully weighs the pro and cons of every situation before they can make a sound decision and they normally choose the route that is best for them! Those scales have to be balanced by any means necessary! Their diplomacy and non-judgemental nature is often what makes them the go-to person for advice within their circle of friends and family and they sure make great lawyers! Here’s where it gets tricky with them though, Libras thought process is purely logic so they often tend to be numb to their emotions. They can tell you what they think all day long but ask a Libra they feel and you might not get a well-constructed answer . . . if you get one at all. Another downside to the Libra is this, when they’re aren’t in a balanced place in their life, they can become overly critical, argumentative, cynical, fault-finding, reckless, indecisive and angry. So Librans are quite like the scales that represent them, if they’re not balanced, they can fix themselves in a dark, negative place.

Librans are so in love with the idea of being in love, they often make the mistake of falling too fast for the wrong person or recklessly abandon their best sense to chase that fleeting feeling. If you are so lucky to have a Libra in your loving space and you want to keep them around, it’s best to remain FAIR at all times and don’t judge them! If you should make this air sign feel as though they can’t openly communicate with you or you’ve wronged them, they will breeze (or tornado) right on out your life never to return again. The beauty of loving a Libra is they’re idealistic and operate off the ideal of being friends before anything else. Sex with a Libra is nothing short of heavenly. It’s the perfect blend nice and nasty. While the Libra is more than willing fulfill all your freakish desires along with the dirty talk, there’s always gentle caresses or a long strokes down legs and backs, firm squeezes to the buns, gentle grazes of the teeth that border pain, you know, that hurts so good kind of loving. Edgy. However, it all depends on the mood with Librans . . . whatever the mood calls for the Libra will play the part. If you need good, slow loving they will take their time. If you’re in the mood for some roughhousing, they’ll choke you! If you’re in the mood for some adventure, they’ll try something new just for you! If you’ve found a Libra, you’ve found a friend and lover and partner all in one!

Me and my husband are Libras and I never really paid attention to the whole zodiac. But I have to say that once I started reading more about it, I’ve learned that Libras are the only same-sign zodiac that work well together. Then I really got to thinking and two of my ex-boyfriends (one from high school and the other from college) were Libras also! But I say all that to say, that me and my husband are a good match because there’s nothing in this world we can’t talk about. But when we get mad . . . it’s like “War of the Roses” in my house! He’s so stubborn sometimes and I know I can be too so it really get heated when we’re being ornery together, it’s just not a good mix because we go for the jugular. But after it’s out and we squash the beef it’s over and we don’t hold grudges. The sex was always amazing and it’s keep getting better with time. He does amazing things with his body and he gives his all to me so it allows me to give my all to him. We’re both very giving so it’s balances out. – Denise, 31

My wife is a Libra and, man, is she crazy sometimes! Normally it’s because something is off between us. It really fawks with her if we’re fighting or not getting along. I can’t not talk to her when she’s upset like that because when we hash everything out, she’s listening closely and willing to make changes and even though it takes a little time, she comes around and I don’t think she knows how much of a better man she’s made me. I love her a$$ to death and when we first met, I knew she was the one because she was so easy to talk to and she was genuine. She didn’t want anything from me but my time, attention and affection. And to this day, we still sit on the couch like old friends and talk about everything and nothing. In the bedroom, she rocks my world. There’s nothing she won’t try and she can keep the nastiest sh*t classy and elegant somehow. I love that woman, man. – David, 35

I have a Libra sister and she is like the oracle of all the siblings. When something goes wrong, she’s the first person I call and so do our brothers. It’s funny too because she gets aggravated and she’ll say “well, damn. Who am I gonna call when I need some advice, myself?” or she’ll say “you guys really wear me out. I’m tired and I have nothing more to give.” I feel bad that we go to her for all our problems but she’s a really great listener and she doesn’t judge any of us for the things we do. She just asks the right questions to get us thinking or considering the other person’s position. She’s the best! I love my sister and I’m so, so glad she’s the person that she is. She is very balanced and has a quirky sense of humor and she’s lovable. When I talk about her to other people I always say, “what’s there not to love?” Even though she can have a really funky attitude sometimes and completely impatient I think it’s warranted because I don’t think she expresses her anger at all but I also believe she’s most comfortable being happy and upbeat! – Renee, 27

So, if you’re lucky enough to have a Libra in your life, be ready for a laid-back, fun-loving experience! Shouts out to all the Libras celebrating their birthdays this beautiful fall season!

What are your thoughts, Bossip fam? Please share them below!

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  • Antonio

    First-and-Tomorrow is my birthday (September 26).

    • Yea OK!

      Happy bday fello Libra…mines was yester day (Sep. 24)!!!!

    • nywoman23...killuminati

      mine was 23rd

    • Thanks Yea Ok!

      and also so to rest of my Scalians

    • tim

      my b-day is tomorrow too…what r u goin to do

    • lillian

      Happy Birthday to all those born on Sept. 26, Antonio and all. Today is my birthday too.

      peace and love.

    • allergic2suckaz

      Libras in the house!!!!!!!!! My birthday was September 25!! My daughter is a Libra also Oct. 1…LIBRAS gotta love them. Loving Intelligent Beautiful Rare Angels!! <–Corny but I like it.

  • Antonio

    I mean the day after tomorrow. (d a m n) I AM a libra

    • Antonio

      Happy Birthday Lilian,Tim,Yea Ok! and all my Scalians!

  • Lisare

    Everthing that was said about Libras’ is sooooo true….I should know…I’m one

  • Sadness

    everthing state is mostly true for me except for the curvy part and dimples…yeah none me for…=/

    • tommykimon

      What I’m curvy and have dimples in both cheeks Lol Libra’d stand up 🙂

  • kuankuanluck22

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  • I Am Innocent (Sickened By RACISTS)

    woot my birthdays on the second of october

  • koco_goddess

    I must say.. Libras are the best signs out there!!! (my day is the 18th of October!!)

    • phatso

      hey, thts mine too!!whoot whoot! best day in thee world!

  • Allie

    Shout out to all the libras

  • nisha

    Im a libra i love myself (added by Mobile using Mippin)

  • sexi-islander

    my husband is a libra. and i must say libras work very well with aquarius. go libras. a happy bday to all of you libras out there.

  • Panther

    Happy BDAY LIBRAS!!!!!!!!!!including me:)

  • Twit=mzpink609

    So true even when it comes to bad relationships libras love love. Also my dimples n my curves lol




    • Yea OK!

      LMAO…you might be right!

  • Blessed Daughter

    My father is a libra, and what was said in that article is so true about them leaving and never returning. My father left home when he was 15 and never returned. Some of his sisters and brothers have never even met him. And when they called to speak to him, he told me to tell them he is dead to them, and that he has no sisters and brothers. He hasn’t seen his family in over 50 years. I love my father but he is the rawest nicca I know. He’s fearless, very smart, and never bits his tongue. I just wish he had forgiveness for people before its too late. Everyone is dying around him and he has not made peace with them. Pray for us.

  • hunnyBun

    libra is the one of the best zodiac signs. that description fits me exactly, other than the fact that i don’t have dimples. i’m very impressed

  • firestarter

    What was failed to mention is tha Libra’s are like Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde. They are manipulative and selfish and two faced. Notice only one given them shout outs are themselves. There only goal in life is to appear like they want to help and they care. Its only ammunition for them to hold against people. Ask me how I know? I have 4 libra brothers and 2 libra sisters. And I am one little old Aries and yes I know we are opposite but see with me, what you see is what you get.

    • Damn

      That’s because Aries are so narcissistic and self absorbed. Like Mariah Carey. Aries and Libras clash. I’m a Libra and my brother is an Aries. Doesn’t work. Stop hating on Libras. We are the best sign. Hands down.

    • How come you can't think

      From the way you structure your sentences, it seems that it’s not that we libras (b-day:10/3) are manipulative, you just may not be very bright to begin with, so it just SEEMS like we’re manipulative 🙂

  • Yea OK!

    Reading this was so refreshing!!!! Im a Libra as well and this discribed me to a tee…even some of what the readers shared!!! To know us is to LOOOOOOOVE us..and please believe we ALWAYS return the lovin’!!! Happy B-day to ALL my fellow scales!!! S/N: @ firestarter…yes we are Dr. Jekly & Mr. Hyde but its all in love!!!! =)

  • sexi-islander

    Aries are so demanding and cry babies that’s why they can’t stand the heat of libras and shout out to my libras special happy bday to you all especially my loving hubby from an aquarius. yayyyy

  • Tasha

    Yes Libras are great. I should know I’m one october 3rd. Love u libras.

  • Tamara Melvin-Hunter

    Its soo true. I know I give my husband hell when I’m not happy. It took me to almost divorce him for him to act right. He knows that when I’m thru I’m thru!

  • Kesha

    Happy Birthday Libra’s!!!! My birthday is the 28th!
    Libra Rocks – The article is right on point about us.

    • rai_0615

      So is mine!!! Sept 28 and I’ll be 25!!! Libras Rock and it is true about libras…I have many libra relatives, mainly October libras…Libras are the best zodiac signs…Everybody loves libras!!!!

  • Vanessa

    Wow this was soooo true! Libra’s are the best – Oct. 21! 🙂

    • Darko

      Happy Birthday Oct 21. Never believed in it before but after reading this….

  • Libra Lady

    Wow this article is on point! My birthday was Thursday (Sept. 23) the first born! Happy Birthday Libras!!! We’re the best!

  • Lovely Libra Lady

    This article was right on except it did not include that Libras are stylish and elegant and that we aim for beauty and luxury. The whole scales thing is sooo true its scary. When I’m not balanced I’m a complete mess. September 23rd. Happy BDAY to my fellow Libras

    • nywoman23...killuminati

      woohoo sept 23 for me too

  • TH hottie

    I am a libra and everything said about us was true!!! Oct 18th! heyyy… I love libras we are the best!

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