Are You Feelin This Get Up?: Stars at Fashion Weeks

- By Bossip Staff

Willow Smith brought her free-spirit/rocker-chic/wild-child steez to the Versace show for Milan Fashion Week. She’s giving us Noisette’s lead singer Shingai Shoniwa vibes. More pictures of Willow, Mommy Jada Pinkett-Smith and Amber Rose below:

We don’t know how we missed this shot of Amber Rose at Ozwald Boateng for London Fashion Week, but um, would you call this charming or tacky???

SplashNews/Pacific Coast News

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  • raven85


  • tila

    ok willow is looking like a homeless kid who walks n picks clothes from the garbage n throw em all on in one setting *kanye shrug*


    DEEE HEEELLLLz is this child wearing!?

  • Rif-G

    It’s fall, she’s 9 yrs old, and she doesn’t live in Italy. Shouldn’t she be in school with kids her age instead of fashion shows with adults. Not that home school/tutor Hollywood mess either. Hollywood and money is always trying to grow these babies up WAY TOO FAST. #i’mjustsaying

    • goatback

      Jealous much?
      you just dont understand the lifestyles of wealthy people.

      discard your “hood” mentality and get with the times

    • Rif-G

      How is anything I said “hood” or remotely “jealous” in tone? I’m an educated black man in the highest tax bracket who has used my brain to get there (education & hard work), that travels the world frequently. So, please fall back. You can disagree with my ascertation that kids should just be allowed to be kids instead of rushed into adulthood, but have an actual argument please and stick to the topic. Lindsay Lohan, Michael Jackson, should I keep going?? Keep drinkin’ the Kool-Aid….

    • her?yeahher

      agree. There will be plenty of time for her to go to fashion shows and hang with adults. Kids should be allowed to be kids – not mini versions of you (literally)

  • Matinigal

    Amber??? I just dont get it. Theres noting special about her…in my opinion. Now on to willow. How old is this child again? 9,10, i dont remember. Why is she trying so hard to be a grown up? All of a sudden shes a rock at her hair and dress. I just had a flash back of her Mama, runing around acting like a punk rocker…oh yeah, she was the lead of a rock…hahahaha! I say all just to say Willow is starting to annoyed me

  • Can

    On another (positive) note, I like Willow’s hair:) Rock that texture youngin’!

  • Whatev

    She’s been completely robbed of her innocence.

    • Bella

      What is innocence? What are the determining factors? Whose Rule is it?

    • Whatev

      Innocence is being a kid (no/little pressure), playing, laughing, exploring. Not working, touring, making the circuit, getting your face/hair put on, doing takes recording and photographing until it’s just right, being “on”, interviewing, plus missing out on a basic education and everything else you learn growing up. She’s not ready for the adult world. She looks worried/sad/like she feels out of place.

  • News from the Home Planet

    Voting NO, NO, and NO all around…Jada and Will you should be ashamed…ridiculous…smh

  • STAR

    Jada always looks so polished and this child is looking like Buckwheat every time I see her. They are both getting on my nerves now too. Tired of the stupid photographs of this child. Every time I see one I get mad at Will Smith all over again. He has no backbone whatsoever and Jada is like the evil queen in Snow White.

  • neen-o

    Is Amber wearing an AFRICAN necklace?? #shedidntgetthememo

  • drk brown gurl

    At least Willow is not dressed provocatively (alot are at her age) but, I think theyre throwing her out there two fast.

    Amber looks tacky!

    Jada just looks tired

  • sunflower

    Willow is doing and wearing what she’s told to wear. It looks like they are “grooming” her for something. I don’t know why but this little girl never seems happy to me. She has a “just going along with the program” look

  • the mrs

    Willow looks a mess in this outfit- love the hair, not the look.
    Jada, aside from the face looks nice.
    I’m kinda diggin Amber’s ecentric style – it’s daring. I like her. @neen-o- she’s from South Africa, hence the medallion…

    • nivea112

      She is not from South Africa; if anything West Africa because she’s 1/2 Cape Verdean, which is a small group of islands off the coast of West Africa. I woud know because I am too…#thatisall

  • babyme

    Her brother looks more girly in the face, she looks like father.

  • Jazzi

    Shutup your just jealous the girl got more style then yu!

  • rene

    Willow, sooo cute and you are growing up to be a fine looking young lady. You have your own style and your voice is beautiful. You do you honey, and I am sure your parents have conditioned you about HATERS, They are people who have lost Hope,and don’t like themselves, it has nothing to do with you.

    • Bella


  • Lakendra


  • khloe

    You are just so positive !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Shame

    This little girl looks like a new Rihanna waiting to happen and NO THAT IS NOT A GOOD IDEA.
    What the hell happened to being a kid?
    Shame on you will and jada!!!

  • Allie

    I see I touched some nerves and no I will never stop talking, I can share my opinions along with everyone else, you call that mess she got on style? I’d like to see your wardrobe

  • Creole Queen

    lol wow what a mess this kid needs to go to school and be with kids her age she is a ugly lil girl !! sad her parents are dumb she’s wearing garbage she should be playing with dolls

  • Miss Sabrina

    they really need to stop dressin that little girl like that…

    she is adorable but the way she dresses and has her hair most of the time looks plain ol ridiculous…

    so…to answer your question..:NO, i am not feelin this get up.

  • JumpoFF

    Trojan soldier?

  • cris

    she’s ugly as home made sin

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