What The Hell??? Pitt Football Player Chokes Out Girlfriend After She Tells Him She’s Pregnant

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A freshman member of the Pitt football team has been released from the team after choking and beating on a woman he’d been involved with after she informed him she was pregnant. SMH.

Thursday Panthers reserve defensive back Jeffrey Knox went before a city magistrate, facing charges that he beat up a woman at Chatham University after she told him she was pregnant.

According to a criminal complaint in the Knox case, Donna Turner, who told police she was Knox’s friend, called Knox Wednesday night to tell him that she was pregnant and needed to speak with him.

She asked him to meet her at Chatham University. The complaint did not indicate whether Turner is a student there.

Knox’s cousin drove with him to meet Turner at a Chatham University dormitory.

Knox and Turner argued outside of the car and were “screaming at each other.”

Turner told police she tried to hit Knox and he retaliated with an open palm to the head “with such force that she was thrown to the ground.” Knox jumped on top of her, put his hands around her neck and lifted her by her throat. He slammed her head against a wall and held her there by the throat.

Police said two Chatham students standing nearby ran to Turner’s aid. Knox attacked them, throwing punches and knocking them to the ground.

Police said Knox’s unnamed cousin tried to pull him from Turner, but the cousin “was thrown away by Knox also.” Knox was eventually pulled off Turner, and he and his cousin fled by car.

Knox was arraigned on charges of recklessly endangering another person, disorderly conduct and simple assault. He was released on non-monetary bond and faces a preliminary hearing Sept. 28

DAYUM… Son was choking out a pregnant woman??? CRAZY!!! What the hell was he thinking.

A kid definitely would have complicated things for his football career — but now he has no football career at all.

And it seems that he isn’t alone when it comes to bonehead activity. Several fellow Pitt players have had also been arrested already this season.

Offensive lineman Keith Coleman and running back Jason Douglas were also arrested this month and are suspended from the team. Defensive end Jabaal Sheard did not miss any games after pleading guilty to disorderly conduct following a July fight in Pittsburgh.

Among the other players with legal difficulties, Douglas faces perhaps the most serious charges. The backup tailback was arrested after witnesses told police a motorist hit a pedestrian on the city’s bar-filled South Side about 1:40 a.m. on Sept. 12. The pedestrian was hospitalized with head and neck injuries.

“Hey, I play for Pitt football,” Douglas told officers, according to a police complaint and affidavit. “Please don’t arrest me.”

He faces a preliminary hearing in Pittsburgh City Court Oct. 28 on charges including vehicular aggravated assault and drunken driving.

Coleman, 20, also has an Oct. 28 court date to face charges including aggravated assault and disorderly conduct. Pittsburgh police said Coleman fought with a man after he spoke with two women, angering their male companions.

In August, Wannstedt decided not to suspend Sheard after he apologized and pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct for throwing a man through an art gallery’s glass door during a July 18 fight. Sheard was fined $300 and otherwise disciplined by the team, although Wannstedt didn’t disclose how.

SMH at Douglas pulling the “I play football” card with one-time.

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