X-Tina Milli And Baby Violet Out And About With Big Help

- By Bossip Staff

C-Milli and Violet In Cali

Christina Milian and her little bundle of joy Violet “Terius” Nash were spotted in LA with some extra large man help. Peep the gallery of images on the next page…

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  • http://www.myhairparadise.com www.myhairparadise.com

    who is that her body guard….check out myhairparadise dot com

  • J's World

    She stay wit her baby…the dream too busy makn cry baby music

  • nana

    If the dream doesn’t work how would he afford child support and alimony! Yall kill me with this “let’s bash” the dream! So wat it didn’t work out, he’s not the first to cheat.. Wateva leave dude alone

  • claire huxtable

    That’s Billy a music exec, NOT a bodyguard.

  • rosshell

    I agree with nana. I personally think they got married because she was pregant and they didnt want his child born out of wedlock.
    thats cool but he the one looking bad, give him a break he has some music that is good to listen to and he is a like any other man.
    Christina will be okay, she got family and she comes off like a loving mother.

  • 2Sweet: *Bossip's Finest*

    Thats a shame. The only man that should be holding that precious baby girl is her father.

    • ImaPC

      I agree. This is the second family that he’s made and is no loner a part of the household. We look at things like this as just common, but in reality they’re sad. Its not the way things are supposed to go…children need fathers in the home. Good, strong fathers who show them loving relationships with their mothers.

      lol @ Christina still trying to look cute despite the diaper bag and paccy hanging off her shirt. 😩

  • Lakendra


  • Mr.uPPeR CuTTs

    keep ya head up baby… Damn i LOVE Christina Milian.

  • XXX

    The fat hideous nightmare wants nothing to do with that baby how sad. Christina was dumb for letting a negro get on top of her. Black guys are dumb and dirty like omg eww, Ralph lol yeah your names probably Dequan or Lamarcus stop playing fag.

  • Creole Queen

    she is stupid now she’s left alone to raise a baby the baby is not cute looks like her ugly daddy !! what a mess

  • Nikki88

    so much hate here…damn.
    anyways the baby is cute, lets just hope she drops her daddys look and starts taking after her mom more.
    of of course Christina is look in good too 🙂

  • gclef101

    He is her cousin Billy, so why post this pic?


    I love how you all speak as if you know what went on between them. So it’s okay to cheat and it’s all her fault? That is what you are saying correct? Oooookay??? You guys sound real ignorant. And someone even went as far as to call her child ugly? WTF? Amazingly ignorant people on here!

  • butta

    She is sooo cute!! She look like a mini dream…

  • Jay

    Kind of looks like an overweight Adam Sandler.

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