Bossip Video asked 5,698 people to add up their ten-year-old’s worth walking out the door on an average school day. And it seems like elementary school kids across the country are stuntin’ hard.

The survey added up what the average American 10-year-old leaves the house with: what they’re wearing that day, an iPod, cellphone and a backpack; as well as what’s usually in that backpack – their allowance, lunch money, gym clothes, books and supplies.

The national average is $729.50. That’s rent money in a lot of places. In New York City, the average is $971.

More than half of the 5,698 parents surveyed said they spent at least $65 on sneakers, with 13 percent admitting to coughing up more than $100.

Most parents said that they spent around $48 on pants for their child and that $30 was a reasonable price for a T-shirt.

The majority of schoolkids show up with an iPod and a cellphone, the study found, with iPods averaging $143 and phones $155.

Do you think that seems a bit excessive?




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