Jesus Take The Wheel: Florida Man Kills Estranged Wife And Four Stepchildren, Wounds One

- By Bossip Staff

This is terribly sad. A Florida man shot and killed his wife and four of her seven children before killing himself. One of her sons survived the shooting, while he left his own children with the woman unharmed.

A jealous husband shot and killed his estranged wife and four of her children early this morning before fatally shooting himself in front of a city police officer, officials said.

Patrick Dell, 41, shot and wounded a fifth child, who remained this afternoon at a hospital, and left two children he fathered with 36-year-old Natasha Whyte-Dell unharmed. The surviving children were 1 and 3, police said.

As detectives investigated, Palm Beach County Schools officials were arranging for grief counselors at the slain childrens’ schools, said police spokeswoman Rose Anne Brown. She added that police believe Dell acted alone and are investigating the crime as a murder-suicide.

Riviera Beach Police Chief Clarence Williams, who went to the scene this morning, said: “This is a sad day for Riviera Beach. Many families have been tragically impacted by this unfortunate incident.”

One family member, Barbara Williams, said this morning that Dell had recently become jealous and believed his estranged wife was having an affair with a neighbor.

Williams said Whyte-Dell was enrolled in nursing school while trying to raise her kids.

“She was scared for her life,” Williams said. “I told her to be careful because he had just gotten a gun. He finally did what he said he was going to do.”

In a petition for a protective injunction filed in May, Whyte-Dell wrote that Dell had promised her “last days are going to be bitter” and that he had been heard around the neighborhood trying to buy a gun. She said he had been living in his car outside her house for a month, and that he had been acting increasingly violent. A judge gave her the injunction 10 days later.

In a 2008 petition for a protective injunction, Whyte wrote that Dell often was abusive, yelling and swearing at her to the point that her son, then 13, would try to intervene. “I had to get between him and my son,” she wrote. “I am really afraid for myself and my children. I do not know what my husband will do next.”

In an affidavit for Dell’s arrest last December, a Riviera Beach police officer described a violent confrontation between Dell and Whyte. Dell, who suspected Whyte of cheating, brandished a knife and charged Whyte-Dell and another woman outside a the woman’s house. The two women ran inside but could hear him screaming, “Your family is going to cry today,” according to the affidavit. “You will be going to the morgue.”

Using the knife, Dell carved an X on the driveway and slashed the tires on his wife’s Mercury Mountaineer.

Whyte-Dell told the officer that Dell was becoming more and more violent, and that she had always taken him back because she felt sorry for him. “This incident, she says, has put her in fear for her life and is the last straw.”

Elisa Cramer, spokeswoman for the state Department of Children and Families, said this afternoon that the agency is now reviewing records of a a domestic violence investigation involving Dell that took place in January.

Cramer added that the investigation was closed in February, but could not comment on who filed the complaint or about the results of the investigation.

Williams said Dell did not have a good relationship with his step-children; and they would step between the couple when the two would fight.

“They were old-fashioned, moralized kids,” said Sharon Engram, a former neighbor who drove to the scene after receiving a phone call this morning. “They were humble kids, and a humble family.

“It’s got me so numb about it; because if you knew them, you would never have thought this would happen,” said Engram, who said her son attends school with the 15-year-old step-son – Ryan O. Barnett – who has so far survived a gunshot wound to the neck.

Police said this morning’s horrific scene unfolded shortly after 2 a.m., when a Riviera Beach police officer was on routine patrol and inspecting a suspicious vehicle at the corner of Avenue M and West 30th Street. As he inspected the car, he heard muffled gunshots and called for back-up.

Then, the officer saw a man leaving a home at 1225 W. 30th St. But when the man – later identified as Dell – saw the officer, he raised a hand gun and killed himself, Brown said.

When police entered the home, they found the children and Whyte-Dell dead inside. Fifteen-year-old Ryan was inside and also had been shot, but was still alive. He was taken to St. Mary’s Medical Center in West Palm Beach to be treated.

The two children identified as the couple’s biological children are now in the care of relatives, Brown said.

The children who died are: 11-year-old Jevon Nelson and 10-year-old Daniel Barnett, who both attended Bethune Elementary School; 14-year-old Bryan Barnett, who attended Palm Beach Gardens High School; and 13 year-old Diane Barnett, who attended Howell Watkins Middle School.

Just crazy. Those poor innocent kids, and that woman robbed of life in such a senseless act of violence.



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  • Bethany "ACID FACE" Storro

    Men can be jealous and possessive! Dam.n! If I can’t have you. No one can!

  • Bethany "ACID FACE" Storro

    Domestic violence and murder is out of control!

  • koffybrown

    My prayers goes out to the family.Why in the hell people are killing innocent children who has nothing to do with the choices they make in life.
    They needs to get tougher on these domestic violence cases and start locking these people up on their first offense and instead of keep letting them out and then its to late.R.I.P to the family.

  • understandingoverignorance

    There is 8 billion people on the planet earth and out of that 8 billion 5 billion are women so it makes no sense why man should kill any woman out of jealousy. Move on!!

    But that is why we must fight the ignorance with understanding.

  • sunshine

    So sad this has been a murder/sucide year. So many inocence children caught in the crossfire. the children n their mother.

  • M3@9@N

    West palm is forty five mins away. Their police didnt do a damn thing for her. She tried alot to get help and the judge didnt even put in a no contact order. They get paid way more than fukn broward and dade county police and they are so careless. This woman is dead and her children. It was enuff seeing this on the local news. Most of westpalm is rich. Thats y they aint givea shyt.

  • abideintruth

    So sad….

  • Sha

    Stories like this make have gotta make single parents leery of getting into new relationships…. 😦

  • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983


  • Karen Larsen

    to bad that someone didn’t kill him FIRST! then they would all be alive and he would be in HELL! I am so over sick of these BULLY MEN!!!!!!!!!! It is time for the GOOD MEN to stand up to the BULLY MEN!! Us women need to start carrying something for survival!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ebonygapeach

    West Palm is not 45 min away its like 4 or 5 min away and if u live in Riviera u have to go to the Riviera police this happened a couple of streets over from me. But yet and still it should have been more done especially seeing that fla has a domestic violence fund just in casethe women have to move her faily

  • Africanking

    It’s tough when someone wants to die with you. They will do it no matter what. This is America people. You can kill anyone and then kill yourself. It’s easy thing to do.

  • kathey

    Women who find themselves in this position, shouldn’t think that a court order is automatic protecton. Sometimes, just disappearing is the best option.

  • XXX

    Theres 6.3 BILLION people on the planet where the hell did you get 8 from?? ughh can’t stand stupid people.

    • lilbabiphat2004

      uhhhh what does it matter how many people are on this earth?!?! the point is she shouldnt have died. now who sounds stupid?

  • sociallove111

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  • Blessed Daughter

    This story just breaks my heart. I really wish she had not taken him back. F feeling sorry for someone that beats you. Feel sorry for your children that gotta see get your a** whipped everyday. Ladies be careful the types of men you choose to bring around your children. Sounds like this lady was trying to do better for herself. Now her surviving son will have to live with this pain for the rest of his life. My prayers go out to him.

    • BBBEE25

      Agree to many times women put their husbands/man/lover before their kids. She felt sorry for him, I could see if she said I was fearful of what he might do if I didn’t take him back but she said she felt sorry for him. She should have felt sorry for her kids having to intervene in grown people situation. She is just as responsible for traumatizing her kids as he is however she did not deserve to die and although she tried to get help it was too little too late. I hate when men are jealous of kids from their spouse/lover’s previous relationship. It’s like you knew these kids were here before you so deal wit it our get out. So sad.

  • A. Duval

    @M3@9@N, YES I do live in WPB, I have been here all of life. BUT before you try again correct someone, WEST is just that WEST of Palm Beach island. One of the wealthiest city in the county. 2ND, do YOU live in WPB, because if you did, you would clearly know Ft. Lauderdale is in Broward County. We were discussing PALM BCH COUNTY, NOT BROWARD. For future reference, Palm Beach Co, begins with Boca Raton and ends with The Town of Jupiter. Since I can guarantee that I am more intelligent & experienced than you are, so please think before you type next time.

  • Ebonygapeach

    @ A Duval Thanks for schooling her!! I was talking about Palm Beach County she needs to stay in Broward. 45 MIN AWAY!!! LOL!!! And what can West Palm Beach do about Riviera Beach investigations?? Now who’s the dummy??

  • shay


  • Its pretty simple

    if she was my family member i would take her to get a license firearm fo sho. This man was clearly a lunatic so it would come down to him or me. Its just so sad that she and her kids had to die because of this piece of sh!t

  • shay

    I think Florida is getting water from a bad pipe. This is getting serious. The black men there have limited opportunities and they depend on women(some not all)It’s so easy for them to get jealous because the women are keeping jobs mostly in nursing and the men are lost. This is sad. I say this is part of the economy too.

  • that damn sh#$ disturber

    damn shame!!! i used to date a crazy guy that would always threaten to kill me if i ever left him. for some reason i never took him seriously. i’m glad they finally shipped his a$$ overseas. i feel sorry for his current girlfriend(s)…

  • Angel

    I really hate this woman kept taking this man back. Sometimes us women have to think with our minds and not our hearts. I wish she would’ve just packed her and her kids up and moved. Maybe they would still be alive.


    This story brought tears to my eyes. It really bothers me to know that people are evil enough to kill someone that they supposedly love and their CHILDREN…like thats the worst thing to kill a child like what kind of an animal does that…I pray that God comforts their family and strengthens them.

  • karicita

    @lilbabiphat2004 Uhhh…YOU sound stupid. If someone is going to state facts and statistics, they should actually be true. You can’t use random numbers to justify an argument.

    But back on topic: It’s a shame the remaining children lost their mother and siblings so young. I will keep them in my prayers.

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