‘Precious’ Director Lee Daniels Says His Dad Tried Beating The Gay Out Of Him And He Loves Him For It!

- By Bossip Staff

Grammy-winning musician and actor Lenny Kravitz and Oscar nominated director/producer Lee Daniels are set to appear on next Saturday’s episode of “Iconoclasts,” the Sundance Channel’s acclaimed documentary series. They discuss race, their upbringings, upcoming projects and ongoing collaborations. Daniels’ shared some pretty complex issues from his upbringing, including how his father tried BEATING the gay out of him.

It sounds harsh, but Daniels says he actually loved his father for trying because he believes he was only wanted an easier life for him. Check out some quotes from the show below:

Lee Daniels on his Childhood and Father:

“My childhood was not a nice one. The only peace I found was alone, writing, drawing. There were things I saw that I wish I hadn’t. My dad, he was a cop. He was murdered in the line of duty but he lived his life violently and he died violently. He lived in a time where racism was rampant and he was not a man. So he came home and took all that out on people he loved most where he could feel like a man. I brought all that to life in my films… I heal myself from some of the stuff that’s happened in my past. I think that my dad beating me, I knew that he was wrong. I knew that he was wrong when I came down the steps in my mother’s high heels and my hands on my hips and I was five and he was sitting there at the dining room table with all his cop friends playing poker. I knew when he beat me that day there was nothing wrong with me at all. Something’s wrong with you buddy that you don’t get it! It only motivated me to succeed.

“It was hard for me to forgive my father but he knew no better and he really wanted a good life for me. And he thought that if his son was gay that he would not have a good life and so he thought could beat it out of me and I love him for his attempt (laughs). I don’t know whether my hind sight did. But I love him for wanting the best for me… He didn’t hate me.”

Daniels must be very strong to be able to look at the situation the way he does — it should tell us a lot about his character and why he’s been able to thrive and be successful after experiencing that kind of childhood trauma.

Lee Daniels on his Success in the Industry:

“I became familiar with Hollywood and the way it works. So I decided to create my own world, hence Monsters Ball… I showed them who was boss. I’ve been very blessed but I can’t chalk this up to luck. I chalk it up to my faith. And there’s been an angel helping me throughout this because it doesn’t happen like that…Hollywood likes to bring you up to tear you down. I don’t take the success part of it seriously. I start from scratch on each film. I put my soul into just trying to tell an honest story.”

Lee Daniels on His Acclaimed Film Precious: Based on the Novel Push By Sapphire:

“It’s a lot to let go of…It is a lot. That was a 355lb baby- literally and figuratively- physical birth. I miss it. I originally thought that Precious was going to go straight to DVD. You get caught up into what studio presidents tell you- that it’s a special film, that it’s a very small group of people that want to see this movie. So I said ok, well we’ll just put it into DVD but it’s going to be bang-ass because I knew it was going to be good. I had no idea that it was going to do what it was going to do. Like they said you’re going to get an Oscar nomination for best director. And I really… I…. yeah (laughs). It’s nice. It’s really nice. It’s very humbling. Because with all the bravado that I carry on set and in my life I’m very insecure about what it is I’m doing and I want to be liked.”

Lee Daniels on His New Film In Progress Selma:

“This is really treading on some terrain that I haven’t tread on before and I want to live up to it. We have the actors in place, the crew I want in place and the money more importantly.”

It should be interesting to see how Selma turns out, especially with such a controversial director behind the wheel.

Here’s a few choice quotes from Lenny Kravitz as well…

Lenny Kravitz on Racism:

“I was never aware of color to begin with because I grew up in a household with a white father and a black mother. Only time it got weird was when I was trying to make my music which made no sense to me, you know? They couldn’t understand this African American with this Jewish name, looking the way I did, with this music. They couldn’t understand it.”

Lenny Kravitz to Lee Daniels on Precious:

“You’ve opened this whole new world up to me that I was waiting for. Over the last 20 years that I’ve been making music. I’ve been offered a lot of roles but I found everything that I was being offered, it was always based on me being this person, Lenny Kravitz, who I am, but it was always sort of associated with what comes with that. And then to come and work with you, I found it to be refreshing. Like, I dig it. The more you pushed the more I enjoyed it.”

If you experienced the kind of abuse that Lee Daniels did, do you think you’d have the same attitude toward your parents as Lee did? Do you think some of his insecurities comes from the things his father said to him as a kid?

Will you be tuning in Saturday?

Iconoclasts airs on Saturday, Oct 9th at 9pm et/pt.

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      lol @ “my eyes were totally violated”…. I too scrolled back up & was equally disgusted, coz I know which path that ding-a-ling frequents!

    • DollBaby101

      Fu(k that.

      I’m glad his daddy got what he deserved.

      My dad is crazy too, and I got his azz set straight. I aint gon even share what kinda black magick (for real) got put on his azz–and worked– dat tired negro.

      For some of ya’ll who wish daddy was at home, be careful what you wish for cause you probably don’t even wanna know how it coulda been!

  • escape

    what the hell? His thing is almost dropping out of his shorts.

    • OMG

      that pickle looks huge.

    • nywoman23...killuminati

      hahaa ya’ll are fcking stupid

    • TANGIE

      Ok, I am glad it was not just me then. That was the first thing that I noticed about this pic…He looks like he is REALLY packing..too bad he is gay..and I feel sorry for his partner if Lee is what they call in the down-low community a “TOP”..lol!

    • tj

      Eeeek! Why’d you point that out? You’re right and my eyes were totally violated when I scrolled back up to see what you meant. It’s too early for that.

  • escape

    homosexuality is a sin. pure and simple. There’s no getting around that no matter how many people participate in it. Two men and two women cannot become one.

    • wisdom2


    • wisdom2


    • http://www.bloghogz.wordpress.com Syd Sylvr

      so is participating in secular media such as this… so STFU you hypocrite…

    • Macori

      I second that amen.

    • nottmee

      so who commited the sin… an innocent child that got the crap beat out of him for being gay? if god knows everything do u think that god would make a young boy or girl gay just to send them to hell once they become adults? SEEMS STUPID HUH?

    • WhyUsoFoul?

      and Amen

    • Tiffany

      Yes being gay is a sin. But For that particular individual. God gave us things that us as the individual should live by. He didn’t give us those commandments to use as ammo to condemn people or judge them. That’s GOD’s JOB. As Christians we’re supposed to be kingdom builders and we do that with LOVE. When a sinner (Gay or not) is welcomed into the kingdom they will discover for themselves that what they do is wrong. And Lord willing, they will change. But we will not win over anyone through judging them and damning them to hell for the way they act. And what makes one sin better than the other? lie=murder=stealing. All are sins.


      @ nottmee.. seems like you’re saying homosexuality is of God, as he wouldn’t put his children on earth just to send them straight to hell right…? So, why did God make it so that gay couples cannot reproduce? If you don’t believe God thinks homosexuality is wrong, then believe mother nature.

  • Lea

    I applaud him for being able to take a physical and mental abuse as a child and not let imprison him in his adult life. Not many people are able to shake this, in his case this made him stronger and was his motivator, whereas it would have made them weaker.


    For a lot of people(for whatever reason) gay is just another option. If your gay than be that but you are not owed every damn thing because you are gay. It’s totally out of control, there are far more important things the world is facing. If you are walking around with a dress on and globs of makeup (clearly look a man) than you are a joke. That is not gay that is sick! STAND BY YOUR OWN CHOICES BUT DON’T EXPECT OTHERS TO.

  • Jay

    A gay story and Lenny Kravitz on a boat with a gay dude aint really helping his image.


    he’s successful and all but he’s disgusting . Look at his thing hanging, who could ever be attracted to him. Gosh some gays just look sick.

    • her?yeahher

      y’all are some f/uc/king retards! (no disrespect to the mentally challenged) but seriously? WHY ARE U FREAKS LOOKING @ HIS PACKAGE? what does that have to do with n e thing? and 2, THEY’RE ON A FUC/KING BOAT!(and those look like swim trunks)- WHY HE WOULD WEAR UNDERWEAR!? who cares bout what’s under his clothes? F-ING IDIOTS!
      I’M OUT

  • understandingoverignorance

    I know my comment is ignorant but I find it funny that he said his father tried to beat the gay out of him.

    And your stupid comments that being gay is a sin explain how he had a mother and father present but he is gay. Its not a choice but who those people are.

  • tweety140

    SMH i’m not going to say anything because it’s not nice.

    • mimi

      Thank you! Keep your ignorance and stupidity to yourself.

  • antiprocrastination

    Much success Lee and Lenny. God bless. I will continue to support you both.

  • Saga

    @Escape. You’re an idiot, pure and simple.

  • IfAnythingBeOpenMINDED

    what is funny to me is that most of you missed the entire point of article. And why does everything have to be an argument on whether or not being gay is wrong… All of you Jesus freaks trying to shove your religion down our throats should quit while you’re ahead. Because the bible you’re thumping is filled with so many inconsistencies that you should not use that as the base for your argument. However I will say you are entitled to your own opinions but remember everyone else is too… But saying that being gay is not a choice is bull shit. Everyone has a choice and if you choice to live that lifestyle then be man or woman enough to deal with the fallout, because there will always be unhappy people ready to mind your business instead of dealing with their own pathetic lives.

  • escape

    I don’t follow the bible. I follow ancient African religion. Tribes in Africa have taught for centuries that God is both the Black Man and the Black Women. The bible only talk about the rituals of the ancient hebrews not their religion.

    If you would like to learn more about ancient african religion including the origins of the ancient hebrews all you have to do is to google black roots science.

    I’m not hating on Lee Daniels or any other homosexual. But the truth is the truth.

  • Self Counsel

    Okay, like, are they an item?





  • Allie

    I greatly respect Lee for having such a positive outlook on his dark childhood, now that’s someone that I can personally look up to, and I use to not be able to say that because I was extremely homophobic, but now I have come across some great gay people and it’s changed my outlook on the gay community as a wholeh

    • Allie

      wholeh= whole, my bad

    • Nevets Nonnac


      Anything that is not growing is dying, so you GROW!

      I have a list of things that I am challenging myself to outgrow.

  • Missysee

    I see that thang hangin lol wonder if lenny see it too

  • cookie

    a who u callin a idiot?! Idiot!

  • Nala

    I see hollyweird is still trying to force the homosexual agenda on the minds of black people who they think are weak and impressionable.Unnatural is unnatural and I don’t need a religious book to tell me that.The laws of nature are in place and anything that goes against nature is abnormal.Please don’t give me some european scientist “I was born homo”speech.

    • gigi

      @ Nala

      ” see hollyweird is still trying to force the homosexual agenda on the minds of black people ”

      Seriously? Lol, no it’s just that black people are idiots and thinks the world is out to get them so they are scared of everything. Black people are just behind thats all. And I only a weak minded person would let hollyweird or any other type of media influence them so learn how to be strong.

    • OKAY AND

      Shut up and stop looking at youtube. Gay people are the last thing blacks need to worry about S***!

    • mike

      @ OKAY AND

      You dummy black people are the only one worrying about gay people. You never see other races wasting so much time with homosexuality. Like seriously gay people are not going anywhere. I swear Black people will remain at the bottom for life.

  • Tonikay

    Lenny, hunny uou look good. But lee..has a big ego.

  • realdwn2erth

    @escape; I second that, notion.. I too agree with you, 100%.. And, now; Lenny, has me wondering if, he’s gay too!! A picture represents: a 1000 words ….

  • serene

    Exactly why i don’t comment much

  • Sepia830

    So Lee Daniels is gay? No wonder Tyler Perry was so quick to get behind him…no pun intended. LOL

  • S.a.s.s.y 24

    So you know what god wants for his people gtfoh. You don’t know shit.

  • ManchesterUKer

    About the only comment showing intelligence on this site

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