Antoine Dodson Meets Producers Who Made Him Famous 

- By Bossip Staff

Antoine Dodson finally got the chance to sit down with the production duo that made their collaboration project “Bed Intruder Song”, number 1 in 3 countries and the most requested song in Alabama.

As previously reported, after appearing in a local news story in Huntsville, Alabama about the attempted rape of his sister, The Gregory Brothers took the interview featuring Dodson and made him into an international celebrity.

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  • Blacchyna

    Damn did Halloween come early? Who let the Dogs out.. roof, roof, roof, roof.

  • shane

    why is this still news?????? NEXT

  • Smittyboy

    It’s a damn shame when there are people out there everyday working they’re azzez off, trying to get into show business.And this fag comes out and do what comes natural,and boom,he’s in show business.Who wouldn’t defend their sister?If this fool wasn’t a fago,he wouldn’t even be media worthy.


    Uhh…akward! =|

  • rose by any other name #93040263394 ™

    hide you wife, hide your kids, hide your husband, hide your dog.. cause they raping errrbody around here!! too funny but true!!

  • Where are the believers?

    @smittyboy Are you from Texas?

  • Sanriobaby =^.^=

    Everyone seems to forget that his sister was a victim of a serious crime and that the rapist is still on the loose. I find it remarkable that this family has turned thier misfourtune into an opportunity to elevate thier lives to get out of the hood. I hope they find the guy that attacked Kelly b/c EVERYONE in Lincon Park will benefit when this creep is behind bars.

  • resurrected

    I am suprise that Antonnie has not gotten an offer for a reality show yet but he seems like a nice person but I can see him being a tranny in a couple of years. All of those clothes that he as on are woman clothes not men.

  • Sanriobaby =^.^=

    Just a thought…. If Antonie and Kelly live in the projects, why haven’t they sued the city? Anyone who saw the clips can see that the window to Kelly’s room was easily accessable to anyone who can climb. Why didn’t the housing authority have those window bars placed on her window. In NYC and the surronding areas, every window on the first floor, and any that can easily be climbed into on the second floor all have those bars covering them. They can only be opened from the inside in case of an emergency. It seems to me that the housing project Antonie and Kelly live in failed to provide basic security for them as thier tenents, which violates thier rent agreement. This family should really get a lawyer to look into this.

  • Sha

    LMAO I just googled it….you silly! 😛

  • smokeythebear77

    gay men get all the breaks

  • Rx Chic


  • taper fade

    big ups to the greogry bro’s who got this man and his family a ticket out of the projects. god bless you…..

  • ThickLikeCornbread

    His hair is GAWJUS!

  • La La

    did this ni$$a get a weave? smh!

  • vraifriandise

    I think his hair is real.
    AND people need to stop downplaying what he did. he is an american hero.

  • whatisthat

    everybody nowadays gets 15 minutes of fame…even paris hilton-a nobody..

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