Yung Berg Comments About His Chain-Jacking

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Yung Berg lets loose on the goons who jacked his chain:

“What happened in the D, happened in the D,” Berg said. “I love ya’ll for making it happen in the D because ya’ll showing me that ya’ll inspire to be big. Whoever it is … I don’t even know who it is and I personally don’t care because at the end of the day, all I’m out here to do is make hit records and do my thing, and get my money. You know what? It is what it is. Karma’s a bitch.”

This lil nicca sounds like a straight pu*sy. A 3rd grade girl would go harder than that, geez. Karma? F*ck karma. If Bossip-folks got their limited edition Transformers chain snatched, they would gather a group of their best thugs, set up shop right on 8 Mile, and get to asking some f*cking questions. We’re just saying.


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  • BeeJayCee

    LMAO@ “set up shop on 8 mile”


  • I Get Money

    Get Money wit me all day! Its easy but you gotta take the first step

  • I Get Money

    Get Money wit me all day! Its easy but you gotta take the first step…

  • so 510 bay

    he’s such a liar he know who took his chain…

  • Karma's on you Jack

    HA HA, isn’t it wonderful to come against this cat. the devil got his tongue and he disrespected all our mothers and sisters in a mean spirited way. Karma? I think he’s the one experiencing Karma. We have to love ourself enough where we don’t let anybody do or say anything to us.

  • BeReal

    Well this is the first smart thing he has ever done!

    Cowards live to see another day…people who like to do street justice get served a street justice sentence: shot, killed, stabbed. For what a ugly ass chain!

  • BeReal

    Hey IJM!


    That chain ugly anyway.

  • Hater

    yung berg is the best rapper alive

  • kai

    well he never really established himself as a thug..

  • Hater

    name one rapper who is better than yung berg…


    all of em LOL

  • Hater

    the only rapper who could compete with yung berg is soulja boy


    Personally I think that both Yung Berg and Soulja Boy are straight GARBAGE, but if that’s what you like, that’s you. It still doesn’t change the fact that Yung Berg is still and will always be a cornball though.

  • Hater

    well why is he a cornball? what did he do, that was so wrong?

  • reddnwood


  • Mrs. Rodriguez

    He is famous for what now???? How is he relevant??? Who cares? Next???

  • Hater

    he is famous for bein the best rapper of all time…idiot

  • Molly P.

    It’s a stupid looking chain anyway. If insured, he did’t loose anything. That chain was so ugly he’s better off with the insurance cash.

  • Soulwoman

    I’m not a Berg fan but it’s very ignorant for anybody to call him out for not carrying the situation on. One minute you’re yelling, stop the violence, the next you’re a punk because you not running the streets acting a full. Berg going after those dudes is only going to end up with bodies in the ground and/or in jail.

    Grow up!

  • A2

    Clearly you all are not from Detroit. 8 Mile is far from a “rough part” of the city; it’s the street that happens to divide the city from the suburbs.

  • Hater

    There is no such thing as a cute dark butt

  • Hater

    first of all, you are from the weakest city in the u.s. (Brooklyn)

    second of all, apologize to me, u should never disrespect a man like that ever again, do u hear me?

  • Hater

    @brook lynn

    if i saw u on the weak streets of brooklyn, i would punch u in the mouth!

  • Hater

    robin thicke, stfu and continue making bad music like u usually do

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