Rihanna Reveals Her ‘Loud’ Album Cover And Hits The Streets Lookin’ Like A Redheaded Stepchild

- By Bossip Staff

Holy sh*t! Rihanna just revealed the album cover for her Loud!, her upcoming project due out November 16th. The photo features RihRih’s flaming red mop, full crimson pout and her neck tat and NO NAKED BODY!!! We can’t believe it. This trollop never passes on a chance to flash some skin.

Speaking of which, the bleating goat “singer” was spotted baring a little belly when leaving lunch at New York eatery Da Silvano yesterday. Hope she survived the circulation being cut off in her thighs cuz those jeans look tight.

Do you think the RihRih “Navy” is excited about Loud coming out? There’s a pretty good chance that jawn will be shortlived on the charts, with Nicki Minaj dropping Pink Friday the following week. Her Barbies don’t play!

Bauer Griffin

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  • khiosha

    Beautiful cover ! the Red hair has it’s days…

    • goatback

      dont like her goat voice at all but the cover is stunning.

      thanks rihanna for not flashing your cooch at me this one time ūüôā

  • purple love

    that is soo pretty

  • brooklyn


  • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

    HOT!!!! LOVES IT! ūüôā

  • eroticexotic3

    “Her Barbies don‚Äôt play!”
    Obviously they do cuz they didnt pull through for her on the best new artist category at the vma’s. im not that big of a fan of nicki, but i really thought she had that one

    • http://u bklynlady

      I dont know where this comment came from on a Rihanna thread but lol
      So did I, young money didnt win one damn award which is a testament to how GARBAGE that click is.

  • http://u bklynlady

    I LOVE THIS CHICK!!! Rihanna is so fly and truly in her own lane.

    It kills me how people say her 15 mins are up or how her career is fading when she has the #1 single on Billborad and her album has gone PLATINUM!!! Not even Drake’s album has gone PLATINUM.

    • Mz.Drizzy

      actually drake’s album is sold 1.1 million so far, nice try though..not !

      and rihanna looks nice

    • 6 Inch Walker

      How long ago did her last album drop? How long did it take to get to plantinum? Drake just released his not too long ago and he’s already platinum? Try again boo

  • T.O

    Beautiful! damn! U guys are doing too much

  • Dont Think I Won't Hitch Yah--Cause I'm Famous, I believe in KARMA

    Funny how when PINK was walking around looking like a bottle of Pepto Bismol no one said anything.

    • y u always hatein smfh...

      oh so tru

  • tricia

    I don’t see the beauty. I’m sorry. I never have. I’m light skinned, most of the people I know down in South Louisiana in my area are light skinned, so her having light skinned doesn’t impress me. Maybe its a bunch of black black folks who get excited when they see a “redbone” (I hate that term). She looks frakin old, much older than a 22 year old. Her side profile looks like a crescent moon, she has a huge, flat, wide nose, and her forehead is big and her eyes are too far apart. That cover is photoshopped to the brink.

    I know anyone who doesn’t think Rihanna is the living end is a “hater”, so go ahead, call me one. My opinion still stands.

    • QueenDiva

      I agreed…..

    • Mary

      Tricia you are not a hater. People too often use that wack term because people have different opinions. Now you know why she has so many fans, they are all immature. If you love her fine, but we don’t have to. She’s not God and her sh*t definately stinks just like *dare I say* NORMAL PEOPLE.


      I cosign 100%

    • nanci

      everyone cant be perfect, I bet you have some flaws, so shut to hell up. Some of rhianna album dont really sound that hot, but to criticize how someone look is ignorant. Couple more years from now you wont be as beautiful as you think you are. You are an ignorant fool.

  • Shaun Hall

    Wow,I can’t believe all the negativity that you put in this article.Rihanna has her own style as well as Nicki Minaj.You should wish them both success instead of trying to take shots at 1 of them.

    • rihannadefender

      rihanna can sing, her voice is just different and people hate on anything that is different.rihanna has a little voice and she is not afraid to use it.she doesnt have the best voice but she tries and by the way rihanna stans are the best!!!! dont hate honney

  • Glok....My lifestyle be Closed Captioned !!!


    • yeah you

      lets keep yo bytch of a momma out of this okay (please&thanku)

    • Glok....My lifestyle be Closed Captioned !!!


    • bre dat bitch

      ur such a woman go do man activity bit*ch. do u have a job ur so fukn annoying .

  • http://comeonnow. Noredine

    Grace jones wanna be. this ho! gave chris brown clamidia. So like my man lopez put it f.t.puta. Her music is for fresh ars kids.Iam old (grace jones)school.

  • Fingers crossed behind my baaack (Get Munny)

    LMMFAO @ the “bleating goat” scratch off HHhaAaaaaaaa!!

  • jesscia

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  • aries79

    I see the same downlow hatin azz 
    hoes on every Rih story.  If you checking
     that hard you are really a fan #wtf

    • Glok....My lifestyle be Closed Captioned !!!


  • aries79

    admit this is a beautiful pic

  • stfu

    its official, rhianna’s stylist has left the building.

  • Avilea

    I think Rihanna is gorgeous and I love the cover of her album. However the red wig looks very Ronald McDonaldish. That is all. And for the record, i am not a hater I am just giving my opinion.

  • AllBahianGirl

    Rihanna’s new cover is hawt. I like the longer hair on her. I never noticed she had such lovely lips because I always focused on those gorgeous emerald eyes.

  • aries79

    @ Glok since you responded you must
    going to catfight with you girlie

  • mekamac

    she is so beautiful i kinda like the red but i wish she would go back 2 her darker color

  • sarahjessicamaybe

    very nice, but loose the wig please… I know you are trying to grow your hair back, but pick a different color.

    • rihannadefender

      i couldnt have said it better.they say rihanna is ugly but her life is raining with dollar signs and its all because of her voice/talent and her beauty

  • AllBahianGirl

    It really doesn’t matter what the “haters” think about Rihanna because the people like Cover Girl who sign her million dollar checks thinks she’s beautiful. She must look pretty good to get sign to an exclusive cosmetic contract over millions of hopefuls who didn’t.People always say that Beyonce ain’t all that but Loreal thinks she is or they would give her multimillion dollar contract to someone they deemed prettier. How many haters on this message board are getting their hustle on and how many multi-million dollar contracts do they have?

  • bobbi

    it’s BOO-TEE-FULL…

  • mzjaizon

    I think she look HOT! Beyonce u better step it up cause rhi rhi is shining!

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