Worst Deadbeat Dad Ever: Father Of 23 Children By 14 Different Mothers Jailed For Failure To Pay Over 500K In Child Support!!!

- By Bossip Staff

The NBA and NFL is full of deadbeat dads who can’t keep up with their legion of kids by multiple women, but one Michigan man is putting all those guys to shame. After failing to pay even a fraction of his required child support, Howard Veal, father to 23 kids by 14 different women just received a 23-48 month jail sentence for his criminal offense.

“In my entire career I have never seen a case like this where so much was owed to so many and ignored,” Kent County Judge Dennis Leiber, who has presided over support cases for more than 20 years, told ABC News.

The Michigan man accumulated a debt of more than $533,000 in child support payments, according to court records. Veal has allegedly failed to support his children beyond a few meager payments. “You are the poster child for irresponsibility,” Leiber told Veal at a court hearing, according to The Grand Rapids Press. “You’re an insult to every responsible father who sacrifices to provide for their children.”

In the last seven years, Veal reportedly paid less than a total of $90 for two of his children’s upkeep. In July, Veal pled guilty to failure to pay child support to Sherri Black for his children aged 16 and 11 years old. Of the more than $63,000 owed to Black, the Muskegon High School graduate was asked earlier this year to pay 10 to 100 percent of the child support owed for reduced charges. By late August, Veal had paid nothing.

Black, the mother of two of Veal’s children, wrote in a letter that it’s heartbreaking to choose between shoes and rent.

With a checkered employment history, the 44-year-old Veal has been living with his current girlfriend, who is the mother of four of his children.

During a presentencing investigation, Veal disclosed he fathered 15 children with a total of 12 women but said he could not remember them all.

Findings by a more comprehensive report ordered by the court alleged Veal fathered 23 children by 14 different women. Children that Veal has also allegedly failed to support.

Michigan Assistant Attorney General Mitchell Wood wrote the judge to seek sentencing beyond the guidelines: “The Attorney General’s Child Support Division has prosecuted thousands of felony nonsupport cases since its inception, but none as outrageous as this. For a decade, between 1989 and 1999, the defendant impregnated at least one woman every single year.”

After hearing the facts about the case, the judge said he deviated from sentencing guidelines for substantial and compelling reasons. The guidelines called for no more than six months in jail.

“When you create a human being, I think you have a fundamental responsibility to provide for that child with necessities like food, clothing and shelter,” says Judge Leiber. “Those were the thoughts running through my mind when I saw a man that was spectacularly irresponsible.”

Veal says he’s been out of work and pays what he can. At least 14 additional child support cases are pending against him.

Do you think other deadbeat dads will learn something from this precedent setting decision, or is the judge only wasting taxpayer money by putting this man behind bars, where he won’t be able to earn money to pay child support anyway?

Shouldn’t have somebody told this guy about something called a VASECTOMY a long time ago??? This ni**a was getting it in raw doggy and skeeting away freely for a decade straight!!!


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  • Just Bored

    He needs to leave the planet. He has no hope. LOL…and stop whining because not one of you is EVER gonna see a check….like you didn’t know. What a waste of time going to the courthouse to file on him.

    Unless he just flat out lied to you about his past, what woman gets involved with this guy??? I would need counseling once I found out my kid was one of that many.

    • Blacchyna

      LOL.. I 2nd that.

  • Blacchyna

    Damn! can you say Maury.. They might not all be his. Momna’s baby Daddy maybe..

  • Straighttruth

    Wth?! What’s the sense of making kids if you can’t even provide them with the basics?My mom is a deadbeat(I’m 19) and It angers me when I see other people being deadbeats too.I wished he got a longer sentence because he obviously has no intent on paying the money he owes.He also needs to get a vasectomy like pronto!

  • understandingoverignorance

    This man is not to blame you have to put 50% of the blame on the women who keep having his kids.

    Those women should be locked up for being stupid.

    • NayNay

      Amen to that, understanding!!

    • 1987

      i agree with u BUT men like him usually lie like dogs. so i wouldnt be surprised if these women were oblivious to the fact that he had other kids!

    • sist

      TO: my people my people
      I agree that we need to value marriage, place some limits on ourselves and also take responsibility for our actions. At least that is what I got out of your post. BUT as a child support worker, I want you to understand that there are married couples who divorce and have all of the same issues that some of the never married individuals are having. I see all kinds!

  • LB

    Why put all the blame on him? Apparently these women have no value and knew what they were signing up for. As a mother, I am VERY CAREFUL not to get with a man who is not ACTIVE in the life of his child(ren)…. If a man tells u he has kids, and YOU NEVER see/hear him calling them, spending time with them- PRETTY GOOD CHANCE THAT HE MIGHT BE A DEADBEAT!HEAD FOR THE HILLS!

    • Just Bored

      Your so right! Everything you need to know about a man he shows just by how he treats and talks about his family. If he is always putting the mother of his kids down, not trying to go to court to atleast see his kids, and the big one: He doesn’t call or go see his mother atleast once a week…and this one connects to how he will treat ALL women.

      If you can’t meet his family or kids it’s another good sign that something is terribly wrong. I have met women who married a man without scoping the guys family and kids and hearing what they have to say first – so stupid.

      Number one rule: If a man doesn’t treat his mother and kids – if he has any – like they are top priority, then I agree, run FAST.

    • Dont Think I Won't Hitch Yah--Cause I'm Famous, I believe in KARMA

      Exactly!!! He’s not all at fault. The women are to blame as well. Some could argue, I didn’t know — AGAIN, get to know the person you are sleeping with. SMDH!!!!

  • http://Bossip Caramel Peach

    what difference would it make?he broke can’t pay shit

  • suga

    Dammit, where the hell do I start? First of all, why would any woman lay down with this sleezy looking dude, and what’s up with the chick he’s with now who has four kids by him> Wtf is wrong with these chicks. As far as back child support that’s owed…good luck trying to get that. This guy clearly doesnt have a pot to pi$$ in.

  • You Like It

    Thats disgusting. I hope he’s been tested, but I wouldn’t be surprised with his lack of responisibility. Smh.

  • Tiff

    This stupid mother&^%$# should be castrated or sterilized instead of going to jail. Jail will accomplish nothing, he still won’t be paying any anything. The women he impregnated (especially the ones with multiple children) should go to jail for stupidity. All of them are a waste of skin. I feel sorry for the children.


    my question is what is putting him in jail will do. now he lives rent free to, cause I know owning all that money he has never had a job. There would be no point to working cause you would never get a check.



  • sepia830

    He should be castrated & the women who not only slept with him but had babies by his trifling a$$ should have some sense knocked into them.

  • BarGolf

    Please show the stupid mothers too!

    • wisdom2





  • sepia830

    & that ninja could’ve found a job but was probably thinking why break his back when 1/2 his check was going 2 b garnished.

  • Da Real

    This is straight nonsense. The state is wasting the taxpayers money even bringing this man in to Court. The state was wrong for allowing these mothers to bring child support in the first place. Why does the state continue to pull valuable resources to even entertain these women. The state has access to all the records, it makes no sense to keep putting child support on a person that has shown no responsibilty. If you did not get a dime while this man was hitting it, what in the hell makes you think he is going to all of a sudden start forking over the dough because a child is here? Women be smart, this is stupid. 14 pending cases? Come on mayne!!! At what point does common sense take over and you explain to these women they are wasting their time. Now another Black man is in jail (statistic) for nonsense.

  • ThickLikeCornbread

    Veal, Sherri Black, the other babymama’s, & Veal’s current g.f. ALL need some jail time.

    Im Sorry! How do u even GIVE THIS MAN ur ph # after u learn he has 10+ children, h311 5 children.

    Im sorry to hear that Sherri is having a hard time but she is going to have to find a way to survive b/c Veal will NEVER be a provider. He STILL didnt even have steady employment with the current g.f.


  • ricky

    Why do we go to the whitemans court to solve issues that affect OUR community? He goes to jail, then what? That is not a solution, its persecuting a condition called “being poor”. We black folk are not in these conditions because of a racist power structure that designed things in such a way that our brothers and sisters act out of their mind sometimes! Our living conditions as a people would make anyone lose control. Some more than others…


    any crazy women thinking this man should castrated needs to be in jail with him for stupidity

    • Sepia830

      Right and you must be sounding defensive for a reason.

  • Tee08

    lol right

  • ricky

    Sorry, I meant to say that “we are in these conditions because of a racist power structure”


    if american women would close there god dam legs there wouldnt be a problem. but noooooooooo. let every body under the sun hit then throw him in jail for not paying child support?

    • Sepia830

      That’s right genius because it takes two people to bring a life into this world. Nobody should be allowed to take care of their offspring at their leisure. And that includes you…so pay up.


      if it takes 2 why is he on child support?

      retard? the decison to bring a child into this world falls on the women.

  • Tee08

    how do yoy divide up atleast 17% each of his earnings to 23 kids …. Yo! I cant imagine… he needs a finacial consultant just to cut the checks

  • mizprincess

    My father was telling me about this guy. He has income but it wasn’t taxable by the government. I don’t think he was bad and what he did either. Drives some pretty nice cars, which makes this worst.

  • ricky

    The question is, what can we do for the kids as a community?

  • Shananigans

    he is a fail! all those kids with no dad! why


    so how many of those 14 women did he burn????

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