Suspect Shirt Wearing Bishop Eddie Long-Stroke Tells Congregation “This Is Spiritual Warfare” After Alleged Victims Speak

- By Bossip Staff

Bishop Eddie Long-stroke hit the New Birth pulpit again tonight, but it wasn’t to deny that at least four of his “Spiritual Sons” had been manipulated into butt plunging and nard suckling.

As third accuser Jamal Parris and fourth accuser Spencer LeGrande were breaking their silence regarding the allegations they laid out in lawsuits filed last week, Long refused to address their claims, telling his parishioners, “I’m not speaking about individuals and all that. This is spiritual warfare.”

Long-Dong also said if he let the media control his actions, “I’d be scared to show up. I’d be scared to look at you. But there’s something in me bigger than the situation.”

Some folks would call that something a BIG OL’ MOUNTAIN OF BULL SH*T

The Bishop rallied the church with plenty of hollerin’ and shoutin’ promising, “You’re messing with a Holy order that God is establishing and God can handle Eddie Long. Whatever God said about me, whatever God spoke about me, it shall come to pass.”

Ummm, have you heard about a place called Hell???

Just sayin’.

Watch the video below:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Nice shirt Bishop.

Looks like somebody is taking solace in the belief that God loves everybody.

Even sex abusers…


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  • Amazin Atheist

    LMFAO! Spiritual warfare? Is this guy joking, high, or what? After all this, is that the best thing he can come up with? I guess god is just sitting back laughing too huh? Lol smfh!

    • Missy

      The spiritual warfare is the acts of homosexuality. It has been brewing for a while now.

      Everyone please pray for the victims, his wife and children.

      I suspect Eddie Long is going to pull a fast one. He is desperate now. He is not getting any sleep and is probably on some serious medication. As the World turns, he will not be able to face New Birth members too many more Sunday’s. This David and Goliath situation is real serious.

    • rturti

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  • Goosey

    I was hoping he would do the cross it up dance.

  • Tramaine

    God is the ultimate judge.

    • Trentaye

      Yeah, but a judge in the ATL is about to make that @ss PAY in COINS!!

    • BiteME

      agrees with trentaye. but perhaps they shouldn’t put him in prison with a bunch of men lol how is that punishment for him..

  • Trentaye

    AMEN, said the Kool-Aid drinkers! These dumb @ss blind lambs are being led to slaughter!

    • RJ Hutch

      All those hoodwinked and bamboozled people believing in that man and what he teaches… WOW. So Sad. Not funny Just sad

  • EWWW


    Idiots talking about just pray for him,let god be the judge,god will get him.Bullsh!t,people don’t be a push over or dam.n fool.Don’t let people make you turn a blind eye to this madness that is taking over our communities.This monster is a pimp and a pawn.His church’s symbol is an occult symbol which represents the secret society of the “jewish”Zion order.

    This man has been groomed to be just what he is.Just because he’s your color doesn’t make him your kind.Wake up and stop being fooled


      It seems like we’re on the same page yet once again, this man is a mess!

    • ALove

      I agree with you one hundred.

    • Missy

      You are a 100% right also.

  • GreenNYC

    I don’t care what that dude says. I’m not letting no man touch me in no sexual way. GTFOOH. he liked that sh*t. When I was 14 I was home a pus*y hunt. Sh*t I was trying to get some in middle school. And than you were calling him daddy. I said it before. When he stopped paying them dudes they wanted to sue. He even said it hisself, sounding just like a bit*h ” he not gonna get what he want from me and don’t call no more”

    • Johnathan

      so you saying its ok for predators to do their dirt in the church,.,,,it seems like u are more mad at the guys for being in the situation and benefiting financially then being mad at the bishop for being a bigot. and a liar and a predator..and thief. pretty long as people think like you their will aways be eddie longs out here. i believe he did it cus he aint denying it point blank.

  • Mario

    Since when did preachers start reading the bible off of a Kindle? Just sayin

    • sexygrandmom

      This is the age of technology and the bible is now on e-reader many ministers use them now

    • Alphaman

      its an ipad

    • divanerd

      Since when did preachers start wearing lace front wigs? That’s the bigger question.

    • Brian

      Join us in the 21st century, I have a copy of the Bible on my iPhone. God doesn’t care how you’re reading it.

  • Cole Brown

    And these people are still rallying and worshipping this man? SMH.

    • nollege


  • brivvy

    Look at all those blind sheep doing everything he says “touch your leg! Wait!… I didn’t say ‘Eddie says touch your leg…'”


      @ brivvy u know u right!!!

    • Missy

      Great points.

    • Missy

      Yeah, about crossing it up.
      I believe he knew during that particular sermon about the info was going to leak to the media. The break in happened in June 2010. He forgave the boys hoping it would go away. I hope these youngmen do not get hurt, because the man got the forces like the military fighting his warfare. He already knew something was about to fire up, He called their bluff.

  • southside

    this ain’t spiritual warfare this is fashion warfare! Dude sporting someone’s crotch hair made into a lace front on his head. Then he’s emphasizing that upside down triange shape of his with that smedium fruity pebble shirt. He looks like he is riding the rainbow. If he looks like that by the head can you imagine what his below parts look like! yuk

    • peenutgallery


    • Jenifer

      LOL…too funny. Thanks for the laugh.

    • divanerd

      Crotch hair!!!! LMFAO!!!!!

  • Educated Goon

    His hair looks like he’s wearing a skull cap

  • Curious

    Around the 2:35 – 2:37 mark……What does he mean by however this turns out?

    • Amber Lamps

      Exactly… he’s like, this is bigger than me. Its got me, but its more than me. I done done it, but, uh, yeah, its bigger than me.

  • Curious

    I meant the 2:25 mark….my bad 🙂

  • GreenNYC

    Awwww what happen. A man got your butthole when you were younger too. I’m sorry to hear that seriously. And by the way I never said I believed the gay preacher. I’m saying at that age can’t no man rub up against me talking about it’s god will. And listen to what homeboy said. He’s not gonna be used and when he tried to call the gay preacher he don’t call him back. He also said all this could of been avoided if he called him back now don’t that sound like some female sh*t.

    • Jenifer

      Okay, nobody would do that to you. You’re not everybody and everybody isn’t as strong as you claim to be.

      That’s what predators do, they seek out the weak. Don’t blame the boys for what a grown man did to them. Not only is he an old man he’s suppose to be a man delivering the word. Stop the ignorance.

    • Missy

      That’s the point the young men are making. He stole thier masculinity. He manipulated their heart, soul and mind. Which way to go from here? This is the only thing they know. They were manipulated to stay away from girls. Please stop acting like it was impossible for them to be brain washed. Bush did it. Uncle Sam does it….transform minds everyday. Do it their way or else. Guess what? The military population age, averages between 17 thru 55.

      The bottom line is: The man is evil.

  • dknight

    yea but sit down now! don’t act like you did’t do it. confess your fault and God will be faithful and just to forgive you! but bottom line it was time for him to be revealed!

  • Waco Texas

    Sounds cultish to me. Eddie has been using code words lately, such as “I am under attack” and “spiritual warfare.” If he starts saying, “They’re out to get us,” the congregation better start running. Two words, “Waco Texas.”

    • Miss CAL


    • Crazy is as crazy does!

      No! Jim Jones and you remember what happened there.

    • laffin out loud!

      We always laffed and said Waco stands for “We Aint Coming Out”. It fits Eddie right about now!

    • dirtygurl

      besides all th gay stuff, did you know that this man has a history of financial misdoings, he was fired from ford motor company because of discrepancies in his spending account? did you know he was under investigation for a three million dollar payment he took from his church? where did he get his money from, there’s something rotten at the bottom of this hole, and please tell me who’s money he used to carry on his tricking…the church’s?

    • Missy

      My first laugh. I’ve been hurt over this situaion for days. That was really funny.

  • Kreole King

    They way these black people seem to be brainwashed out of their common sense by this man and religion will make people want no parts of Christianity.

    I thank God that for blessing me with discerning reason enough to see a wolf in sheep clothing while all the stupid sheep are being led to slaughter.

    This Makes me hate everything about Atlanta. It seems like the very worst and stupidest of black people are gathered there.

    • Mock Rock Star

      Kreole chill…there are some very successful and very smart people here as well.

    • red

      Who here lives in BUCKHEAD,Atlanta?Where is Buckhead?LOL

  • Amazin Atheist

    god ain’t real!

    • Real314

      TEACH!!, but they wont listen

  • rum&indigo

    no this fool did not say, “this is not a time to be smart…” it’s unbelievable how brainwashed these religious people can be…

  • Amazin Atheist

    No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public.
    Henry Mencken.



    • Missdelta

      We may never know, but the two sides know who is telling the truth. Which is why Jamal Parris said Eddie Long could get in front of the congregation and lie, but Long couldn’t look him in his face and tell him the same lie.


    Wtf is he talking about.
    That’s not a Christian leader & all those people are stupid for still listening to his sermons he’s a creep.
    He started talking about a morgue which confused me more. He needs to gtfo already.
    Ps. I’m pretty sure god is sick of him too.

  • Mabel

    If he was called to be their shepherd I know it aint for God..this flock is for Satan.

  • Whatev

    I ALMOST feel sorry for him. Nothing he was saying was making sense. It’s like he was losing his sanity up there, live.
    He should step down until this fiasco is done, “whatever comes of it”. The believers deserve to hear real sermons that are not about his current mess. So sad they don’t even see he is making it like they are under attack as well so that they will think he is innocent like they are. No Eddie; it’s just YOU under attack.

    • tiny

      A true statement. I’ve thought that myself, that he is including the church and all of Christianity in his mess. Guilty or not he doesn’t have a right to do that. This is his fight, he did this to himself. He should allow his other ministers to speak the word and quietly sit there. If he doesn’t want to step down officially he could at least just sit and be quiet.


    How come I’m waiting somebody to run up and Bobby Booshay this fool

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