Is Kimmy Cakes Being A Bad Friend To LaLa?

- By Bossip Staff

Looks like this week La La’s Full Court Wedding lost about 40% of the viewers it got on it’s premiere night. And La La’s fairy godfather Tyrese knows why.

As if he knew the drop in viewers was coming, Tyrese lashed out at Kimmy Cakes on Twitter Sunday night about not supporting La La’s show, which airs at the same time as her show “The Spin Crowd.”

But remember this from premiere week?

Kim was more active on Twitter the first week of La La’s show than Tyrese. And he was on the show! But no one criticized him about it.

What do you think? Should Kim tweet about La La’s show every week, even though it’s her own show’s competition? Is she being a bad friend?

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  • Sulli

    I think it has more to do with the network not doing enough promotion and cross promotion. Everything wrong in the world is not Kim Kardashian’s fault. I’m sure LaLa (as well as most people) understand this.

    • WHOA!

      Exactly Sulli!
      Per Kims Blog


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      Lala and I had a girls’ night and decided to have some Photo Booth fun, LOL. Always a good laugh!

      I’ve been seeing a lot of tweets saying I’m not supportive of Lala because I didn’t tweet about her show, even though I blogged! But I want to let you guys know that I am 100% supportive of my friends, and they know that, but since I have my own show on at the same time on a different network I am contractually obligated to promote that via my Twitter. I can’t tweet about her show, just like she can’t tweet about mine, but we completely support each other. Lala is one of my closest friends, I was a part of her bridal party at her wedding and threw her her bachelorette party, which you will see on her show! I support her in everything she does, both personally and professionally.

      Love u La! I guess two best friends having two different shows at the same time is a great problem to have”

      no can we move on to more important sh*t gee!

  • ItsBarbieB*tch

    LOL@ the babies face in the pic.

  • nana

    Seriously why is this News? Who gives a rat a** about these rich folks!

  • jawssyjabber

    Okay, I love Tyrese and all but on this he is doing too much. La La’s show is wonderful and it will eventually get to the point where you don’t have to shout it out. For some reason he cannot stand Kim, you can tell by the comments he made on the first episode. Chill out Tyrese everybody on their grind no need to get HOSTILE….

  • Its pretty simple

    why do i get the feeling that Tyrese just doesnt like Kim? Maybe he tried to hit it and she turned him down, or maybe she was checking for him and he was like ‘nah, i’m good on that’ just saying, we all know she like black diccs

  • ~ChynaPeach~

    So he is mad because one boring chick wont support another boring chick? Why is he puttin himself in between 2 women anyway? If LaLa had some thing to say, and if they are indeed friends, She could say it to Kim. Maybe she did and kept it quiet. Twitter takes the privacy out of life.

  • yvonne

    He better concentrate on going to his auditions and getting jobs, this is none of his business.

  • Coppertone Girl

    Tyrese is just trying to be relevant again. Next thing you know he’ll be on Dancing with the Stars. Truth of the matter is Kim is probably doing her a solid by not advertising for her. Luckily for Lala I don’t see her and Kim having the same fan base. I do agree…married or not she should separate her self from Kim and her peeps.

  • hunnyBun

    Tyrese is like that male friends every female should have. He can spot a fake, phoney female from a mile away. I think that’s why he doesn’t like kim. He seems to have lala’s best interests at heart. i think it’s sweet of him and he does have a point. a couple of tweets wouldn’t hurt kim. she is what i call a frienemy, cool for the company and laughs but doesn’t really want the best for you. not a true friend

    • shawna

      @hunnybun ur right he’s just looking out for a friend no harm in that.i’m pretty sure it aint interested in kim as others on here seem to be’s funny hunny how some of the comments on here seem to be taking kim side but tomorrow or two to three days from now the same ones will be talking about how much they can’t stand kim a– lol!some of us black people r a trip!

  • Jocasta

    hell no! Tyreese needs to take his thong off and put on some boxers!

  • Mrs. Rance

    The ratings dropped 40% because the show is corny. Not even Kim could save it. Where are the tweets of LaLa supporting Kim’s show? Heck, at least Kim mentioned hers. Anyway who cares? Like I said the show is a dud. After Tasia I turned the channel.

    • Cheryl

      So did I.

  • Media Take Out is for the Birds

    I don’t like any of them. REALITY TV is LAME.

  • chaka1


  • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

    Please,in all fairness,Lala’s show just aired this past wknd so give it some time,sheesh! SMH

    Kim’s show/s have been on air for quite some time now so of course,she has way more followers/fans.
    No rocket science there lol.
    Tyrese needs to be easy however,this may be fabricated drama to create buzz in hope of pulling in some ratings.



  • DeezUkno

    lol…they called Tyrese a fairy…rotff!!!

  • bahamas/chicago/cayman girl

    Tyrese I love you, you are wack as hell, and then you say, I’m not trying to start no public BS, but you post your comments on twitter?
    You are a talented actor & singer, a grown AZZ man, why are you getting involved in high school BS??? Bad move son!

  • rose by any other name #93040263394 ™

    Who gives a damn about this crap.. damn KIM K and the lil boys face says it all.. LOL!!

  • chrissy

    @hunnybun….i like that frienemy….

  • ricks chick

    Tyrese~ is all about the attention anyways. B!tch arse! Who knew!

    And seriously you gonna b!tch about it twitter? BOO!

  • Sooperman

    Never heard of the Spin Crowd. But its not like theres going to be a second season to Lala`s show. So why Tyrese complaining? Im sure Lala has gotten her money, so Tyrese needs to fall back.



  • get a life

    This was a serious bi#$% move on Tyrese’s part. Why the heck did VH1 put Lala’s show on during E’s Spin Crowd anyway? He needs to focus on his career or lack thereof

  • dawn

    is tyrese her man?
    you cant blame kim, why would she promote lala show when her show is aired on the same time same day???

    its called business..!

  • Bossip Is Ran By The KKK


    • kerry

      bahahaha exactly

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