R.I.P. Another Teen Suicide Blamed On Anti-Gay Bullying

- By Bossip Staff

The third young victim in a week has claimed his life in response to alleged anti-gay bullying.

Seth Walsh was found unconscious in his backyard on September 19 after trying to take his life. He was rushed to the hospital, but unfortunately, not in time to save his life.

Seth Walsh, a 13-year-old California middle school student, died in the hospital on Tuesday, days after he attempted to take his own life after reportedly enduring relentless bullying.

Friends told NBC affiliate KGET that Seth had been picked on for years because he was gay.

Police investigators interviewed some of the young people who taunted Seth the day he hanged himself, and determined despite the tragic outcome of their ridicule, their actions do not constitute a crime, reported KGET.

“Several of the kids that we talked to broke down into tears,” Jeff Kermode, Tehachapi Police Chief, said. “They had never expected an outcome such as this.”

Judy Walsh hopes her son’s death is a wake up call to the community to “develop more tolerance for different people.”

On September 22, it was 18-year-old Tyler Clementi, who took his life just one month into his first year at Rutgers University.

On September 23, 13-year-old Asher Brown made the same tragic decision.

The eighth-grader killed himself last week. He shot himself in the head after enduring what his mother and stepfather say was constant harassment from four other students at Hamilton Middle School in the Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District.

Brown, his family said, was “bullied to death” — picked on for his small size, his religion and because he did not wear designer clothes and shoes. Kids also accused him of being gay, some of them performing mock gay acts on him in his physical education class, his mother and stepfather said.

The 13-year-old’s parents said they had complained about the bullying to Hamilton Middle School officials during the past 18 months, but claimed their concerns fell on deaf ears.

SMH. No wonder celebrities are being so supportive of the “It Gets Better” campaign.

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  • I Am Legend (Allergic To Darkies)

    These gay people need to stop bein so sensitive .. they act like they cant take being bullied ..Everyone gets bullied stop thinking its to hard and goin off and killing yourself …man up homo’s

    • TriniLee

      Lol…I hate to say your right, but you are. But, these kids go too dam far…pushing people to the edge. So who’s to blame when the victim kill themselves, or come back to school and kill others? These bullies needs to be punished…big time.

    • rturti


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    • SOLO73

      I know to each its own, but seems like errrrybody got a lil sugar in their tank!…was something in the milk?..isomil/similac…i’m just saying though!….DAMN!

    • Grammar School

      I’m sorry but I feel like it’s the victim’s fault. Reason being, you are doing something that you are ashamed of. If you would kill yourself because someone finds out that you are gay, then don’t become homosexual. If you are gay, be gay in the open as well, not only in secret. Most people get bullied at some time in their life, but committing suicide is not someone else’s fault. Stop blaming people for these victim’s mistakes. I still feel sympathy for them as well.

    • ssquared

      You are straight ignorant!

    • Mrs. Hesselbach

      how ignorant are you?! you have no idea what these kids have to endure each day and your response is “man up homos”?! you need help- there’s no e
      sense in stooping down to your level on this site and degrade you so I will just leave it at that and I hope your parents are proud of the “person” they raised

    • Gaii Gurl Shaii

      Stop.. Again.. We are talking about children.. Whose brains arent yet fully developed yet.. And from the comments of a few.. I see ya’ll mustve skipped that step..

      A kid is a kid.. They don’t have filters, they are mean and cruel at times.. They are also sensitive.. Little ish affects them a lot.. (Like Im pretty sure right now yo a$$ was teased hard about something when you was young and that ish still got you feelin self conscious about it huh?) Everything that goes wrong in their lives to them it feels like the end of the world..

      So no, its not about not being sensitive.. Its about us as adults and parents teaching our kids how to cope with issues life throws their way as WELL as teaching them to respect others differences.. Just simply giving them love and guidance..

      Ya child is a reflection of you.. So if they are going actin a fool then what does that say about you as a parent.. Hmmm?

    • Gaii Gurl Shaii

      Stop.. Again.. We are talking about children.. Whose brains aren’t yet fully developed yet.. And from the comments of a few.. I see sum of ya’ll must’ve skipped that step..

      A kid is a kid.. They don’t have filters, they are mean and cruel at times..They are acting out what they are taught.. And they are also sensitive.. Little ish affects them a lot.. (Like Im pretty sure right now yo a– was teased hard about something when you was young and that ish still got you feelin self conscious about it huh?) Everything that goes wrong in their lives to them it feels like the end of the world..

      So no, its not about not being too sensitive.. Its about us as adults and parents teaching our kids how to cope with issues life throws their way as WELL as teaching them to respect others differences.. Just simply giving them love and guidance..

      Ya child is a reflection of you.. So if they are going around actin a fool then what does that say about you as a parent.. Hmmm?

    • writerJerome

      Man up? These are just kids starting at ten years old. I guess you see the real man as the bully and the gentle kid, who may or may not be gay, as less than a man. Maybe your kind of thinking about real men is the problem. It’s time to end bullying.

  • tb (What is really good with the amount of pop-ups on this site now?!?!)

    Why the hell is everyone a fa g these days? This is just getting out of control.

    We (str8 ppl) should have “Straight Pride Parade” and SPC “Straight People Coalition” because I am sick and tired of everyone having to break their backs for these freaks. If you don’t agree with it, you are a homophobe. WTF!!! They don’t like some things that str8 ppl do, so are they Heterophobes?

    How is it ok for kids to see two men kissing or two women kissing. That mess confuses the bloody hell out of children.

    • UkFunky


  • smh

    i hate to say it but this makes me think of that teacher who beat up that boy because she claimed he kept bullying other students! Remember the kid name was Isaiah johnson and the teacher was black female. Anyway it was wrong but I am completely over bullying!

  • 1991 UK Gem of Africa

    I do not agree with homosexuality but nobody deserves to be bullied or driven to suicide no matter what.

  • http://Google Wow

    How can kids that age be gay? i blame the media and those rainbow flag waving gays for these kids deaths. A persons sexual preference should be private not broadcasted and people have a right to luv who you want just dont try and convert others. sadly being gay seems to be the latest fad or act of rebellion with younger generations smh.

    • Chris1761


      “A persons sexual preference should be private not broadcasted”

      Remember you said that next time you’re out with your boyfriend/girlfriend and you’re holding hands in public. When people say sexual preference shouldn’t be broadcast, what they’re actually saying is ‘I don’t want to see two gay men being affectionate…..So keep it to yourself.’ Everyone deserves to be treated equally, not just straight people.

  • ang

    Truth is as a child almost everyone was teased or bullied. Now talking to the parent/school offical doesnt always work so you have to take it in your on hands. Get your child inolved in martial arts, boxing etc. to boost their self-esteem. Most of the kids who are bully cant fight so all they have is their mouth and it only takes 1 time for your child to kick someones azz and everyone will back off. I mean I dont promote violence but I do promote self defense.

  • Ymi

    People are born Gay…they dont magically turn gay upon adulthood. DUHHHH

    • David

      Tell that to Eddie Long’s Victims…This is what I mean you sick minded gays want to poke straight little boy’s…But folks are born gay…GTFOH

  • http://Google Wow

    One day those same bullys might end up wearing makeup and heels on the stroll to get they daddys some money. smh

  • Its pretty simple

    Bullying is a terrible thing to do, and kids can be very cruel to each other. Unfortunately alot of us had to go though it at some point or other. But what i wanna know is, when did it become acceptible for young adolecent boys to parade their sexuality in schools? I blame the media for this epidemic, they keep justifying this behaviour and glamourizing it. Everywhere these kids turn they are bombarded with pro-gay messeages, and then we turn around and say that they are born this way!!! Never in my life have i seen so many young people induging in gay behaviour, obviously because the message they are recieving is that its cool, and hip. Homosexuals are now able to adopt kids and get married, what do we expect our kids to do? Boys are now under the impression that this behaviour is perfectly normal. Even if we want to shelter our kids from this the media and gay activists keep shoving their beliefs down our throats

  • teen_wisdom

    It does not matter if they gay or not or even how u feel these are kids who can only take enough these days us kids can be cruel but bully don’t just come from kids it come from adults to. These school are not doing anything at all the school I have been to none bring up these issues and look at how many kids have killed there self read there stories look in to there life. I`m 18 I knw how these kids feel and ppl judge us for to make they self feel better but now deep in side after someone is dead do u feel good now…no cuz u knw its Ur fault why there dead ppl need to grow up

  • One time

    This comment is meant for the educated sisters and brothers. We need to help these kids! They don’t choose to be gay, they just are. It is not a choice, it is not a sin ( sin is an action example, infidelity, murder, thievery and so on. How can who someone loves be a sin? Most of the gays I know are volunteers, doctors, lawyers, teachers and so on, upstanding people. I guess to some people in the African American community being a thug, baby daddy, non child support paying, murderer, convict or all of the above is better than being gay, well you know what believe or not a lot of gays are running things, you boss, politicians, the lawyer who got you off, the teacher teaching your kids and the whole entertainment industry is fueled by gays. We don’t need you or your small minded judgments, however what we do need is to create a better future for our kids, gay, straight or whatever. If you have a family member or friend who maybe gay or questioning PLEASE OFFER YOUR HELP.

    • my people my people


    • genesis

      God bless you for your commment.

  • ssquared


  • Isis

    TO the commenter above who asked ” Is there something in the milk, similac?” YES there is.
    I try to live by this, and it is truly hard, but our diet and our way of life, eating, is affecting our youth big time. Instead of feeding our kids hormone infested meats and vegetables,and dairy, we need to feed them more whole grains and vegetables. Organic fruits, and vegetables and dairy. OR support your local farmers market and purchase fresh meats and vegetables that havent been pumped with infectants. That is why our youth are ANGRY, LAZY. There is no proof because no one will tell the truth, but there are so many hormones in the meats and dairy products that our children are filled with them.

    • Allie

      Do you think inner city parents are able to afford to buy organic produce and other products? organic food and beverages are expensive and it’s not like there’s a farmer’s market on every corner, so no that’s not a viable solution for this problem

  • Pinkcookiegoodies

    I am saddened by reading some of the most ignorant comments that are posted on this site. Do some of you actually read what you write. If you are going to be so closed minded, you will never make it in this world. No wonder some of you are stuck where you are..simply because of your closed mind set…

  • David

    Suicide is for the weak mind not matter the cause!!!

    • chitty bang

      You cant go around picking on people that can get you and evreyone eles killed to! So I guess the stong mind people are the ones who talk s*** on everyone eles but themselves? Because thats what it seems like. Go talk s*** on thw wrong person, they will kill you your whole family and your kids.

    • David

      no matter how you try to spin it this kid was weak minded and had low self esteem. EVERYBODY get picked on when they are little get over it. I guess all my people should have killed their selves during the civil rights era because people picked on us because we are black??? uhh no we didn’t and we had a hellova lot more done to us than bullying. Now don’t get it twisted I hate bullies!!! They picked on me growing up because we was poor…lol If this young man wasn’t so weak minded he would have lived to learn that NONE of the people picking on him were worth his own life & your after life in hell..if you believe the bible.

    • Kat

      David you’re ignat please shut the hell up. The only weak minded person is you that like to talk people into their graves. There were more blacks than gays. Gays are only 2% of the world.

    • David

      @ kat,

      lol…okay listen I’m not trying to be mean but you are who you are! to kill your self for being yourself is weak. You can name call me (bully) I guess I should go shoot my self???? Really stop taking what I’m saying personal you must be able to relate to this guy better than me.. But c’mon killing yours self???? I could use more examples but you may respond by saying something else like there were a lot of black people going thru it together…Well try this It’s cool to be gay in America It is accepted more in this country than any other..So my to the gays that read this message, please stop killing yourself for getting picked on; it will be a whole lot better for you to move to the bay are or ATL.

    • Soul Touch

      I understand where David is coming from, though it’s my opinion that the bullies are the one’s who are weak minded and suffer from low self worth…why else would you pick on another. But he is right, life moves on. In 10 years the bigger picture of life begins to unfold and those people and their opinions are meaningles.s in the spectrum of life. In fact, chances are the bully will ‘come out’ by then too. Suicide is considered a selfish act by many leaving many to morn you death and no one is worth the cost of your life. So I get it, David.

  • Soul Touch

    Bullies are the weak ones. They prey on people only to make themselves feel better. They rip the ego/pride of others to shreds because they themselves suffer from low self-esteem and value. Anyone who is full does not need to tear others down for their own amusement.

    • Joy

      Thank you.

  • Its pretty simple

    And another thing, parents need to raise their children not be so damn mean. If they find out that their kids are bullies they need to ensure that it does not continue. I think too many parents make excuses for their kids bad behaviour

  • Caramel Cat™

    In no way do I agree with bullying, I was bullied and I know it wasn’t fun…but for goodness sake, EVERYONE was bullied growing up, why is it that all these children are deciding to take their lives? It’s deeper than bullying, something else is going on with these kids to make them think about suicide at that age in the first place…I don’t mean to sound insensitive but bullying has been going on since the beginning of time and likely will never stop…parents need to truly take out more time to get involved with molding their children’s personality and self-esteem levels AT HOME…the absence of God in everything nowadays likely isn’t helping either… *shrugs*

    • Jessica


  • Blacchyna

    He was only 13.. I don’t understand how he even really knew what he wanted far as sexuality goes. I don’t believe a person is born gay. These days society glamorizes being gay. If a celebrity comes out the closet the media exploits it like it’s ok to be gay. To each is on, I’m just saying. look what LA LA & CIARA DID.

  • Miss B

    WOW. I’ve read some very heartless, cruel, ignorant comments ever on this website.

    Not sure who has kids (I don’t, FYI), but I would love for some of you idiots to tell these dumb comments to your children, nephews, cousins. Would you tell a child him being bullied is his fault??

    Gay or not, kids being bullied affects a person emotionally and mentally and is NEVER right. Suicide is never the answer and having a strong family/ child foundation could prevent some of this.

    I’m very disgusted with some of these comments.

  • Ms. Stephanie

    There are 80yr old racist all over the world, not just in alabama. homosexuality is a learned behavior and there aint no way the loving God i serve would be so cruel to send innocent babies into this evil world gay. He destroyed cities and mankind for such foul behavior and for something that He said in his word that no man or woman should lay with the same is an abomination. it is of the devil and God dont like it! Leviticus!!

  • Soul Touch

    Regarding homosexuality. Live your life, let them live theirs. We will all have our judgement day and if a sin is sin, is a sin well…welcome to my glas.s house, tea anyone?

    • Sey'

      Oh adn I prefer Green Tea, thanskfor the invite 🙂

    • Soul Touch

      No worries, enjoy! 🙂

  • tg

    For one – yes if you are gay you should be proud of it. But people in this society judge you – when only GOD can judge you. Second – this is a young man. Not a grown man experienced in the evil ways of people in this world. @Cindy – I like your statement. Because anyone can be bullied, not just gay people. So although it was this gay guy this time – it could be YOUR child next time. Do on to others as you want done on to you.

  • Sha

    I think about the man who went on the bus and went on those kids.

    When you have staff sweeping it under the rug like that can you blame him?

    Prayers go out to all the victim’s families.. 😦

  • Next

    I always tell my child if someone isn’t acting right at school something is wrong at home.

    Yes, we all got teased but there are boundries. When you talk about race, religion, or s**ual orientation you have stepped over the boundries. Those are personal matters that go straight to the heart.

    For those that do bully and judge…….Don’t act like your s*** don’t stink.

    People need to get over themselves. There is always someone bigger, badder, stronger, smarter, better looking and more rich then you. We need to humble ourselves.

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