Some Afternoon Positivity: Alicia Recruits The Hubby And Some Buddies For Her Charity’s Latest Project

- By Bossip Staff

Alicia Keys tapped The Beak, Kimmy Cakes, Ryan Seacrest, Usher and others to join her, her belly and her wedding ring in supporting Keep A Child Alive’s latest endeavor.

Each of the celebs poses with a barcoded shirt for the new Buy Life campaign, helping Keep A Child Alive continue their many initiatives agains HIV/AIDS in Africa and India. Here’s how the Buy Life project works:

When you buy life, you give life to millions of people affected by HIV/AIDS in Africa and India by providing the medicine, food and shelter needed to fight this awful disease.

Whenever you see a “BUY LIFE” bar code, simply scan it using Stickybits or WiMO and instantly make the purchase of a lifetime.

You can also purchase a fully scannable “BUY LIFE” t-shirt and invite others to buy life wherever you go. This shirt not only looks good, but every scan does the world good.

In other words, you can buy a shirt for $35, or you can scan someone else’s shirt and contribute as little as $10 at a time. Sounds pretty neat.

Check out the other celebs involved below. For more information, visit

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  • Rihanna's Sharp n Pointy Witchy Fingernails Took The Oath

    Alicia better do all she can to balance all that neg karma laced through her marriage…Who is this swizz beats they speak of?

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  • seems like 2yrs!

    Is Alicia stiiill pregnant?When is she due?

    • daniel kebede

      we don`t no?

  • Sha

    *in dave chappelle’s tron voice*

    Katie got some lil a$$ T*t Tays!!!! 😛

  • Mrs. Rance

    I’d love to participate, but do people walk around with the devices needed to scan the bar code? I’ve never heard of it.







  • honeychild23

    this is a good cause n i like the shirts but n order for u to get the shirt scanned, the person scanning need to have a android, iphone, or blackberry cuz those phones only get the app. i wish it was made for all phones.

    • Mrs. Rance

      Thanks for that info. I was wondering how people would scan the bar code.

  • bigbangwin2

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  • bigbangwin2

    a’g–e is nothìng but just a number. My b”oy’frì’end and i both think so …
    He is almost 11year oldér than me .i met him via
    (seek cou gar.c0m) as my name says.
    Where for Oldér wo*mén and youngér m*én OR youngér wo*m*én and Oldér mén,
    to interact with each other…

  • *she rocks*

    this is just another ploy from the richest people in the world… the controllers of this world to get more money… Africa is still poor, their kids still starve, same goes for India… all these celebrities are their puppets, being used to get more money out of us… same as Haiti… people please wake up and stop being fooled by these people… if you wanna feed a hungry child, fly to Africa or India and do it yourself, don’t depend on Alicia, who probably also has no say over how the money is spent…

    • Doesn't Matter

      I totally agree with you Haiti has always been poor and I think their trying to use that earthquake to come up.I know it sounds harsh but its the truth.

    • Mrs. Rance

      Ok, that’s cool. So instead of sending money get out and help in your community. You don’t have to send money. You can give time.

    • peaches

      Yah i was born in Africa and when i go back there each time i just SMDH , this is pure publicity to say the least

    • Natural Disaster of the idiotic human race

      You ARE wrong. If you know about this organization, you’d know Alicia Keys’ is very hands on and walks the places she’s help and ensures that these people are getting helped, and THEY ARE. You can’t save an entire continent in 7 years, no..It’s going to take longer and more money, but they’ve built clinics and are aiding 200K people at this time.It’s about giving them what they need.

  • KillaKangol

    Seems like she’s been pregnant for a whole year. Maybe she’s holding it in for more pregnancy points. (I’d stll hit it.) lol…

  • MyReason

    Alicia looks beautiful pregnant.

  • Harlem Tash

    This is the beginning of the New World Order DONT BE FOOLED BY This devil Alicia Keys is wicked

    • Kim

      shut your ignorant a** up and go jump in a lake somewhere you nutjob.

    • *she rocks*

      so true too bad people are fooled by these so called celebrities… Alicia Keys is just a pawn being handled by Swizz Beatz just like Bay being ahndled by Jay… they are just put out there to fool you!

  • Harlem Tash

    New World Order will req us 2 embed a chip in our bodies so we can be scanned this t shirt is a test run!!!



  • Creole Queen

    i agree with some of you guys but i have to say i used to like alicia but she is a mind control freak i dont not support her at anything she does

    • Karen

      ?????? WTF? Mind control Freak? SMDH

    • Rachel

      I am sure that she will be torn up over the fact that one particular nut job does not support her or her causes, but I am pretty sure that those in need will be happy with whatever she is able to raise for them. We really have a dumbing down here on this site.

  • HD4Enlightenment

    A Keys does look beautiful and this is for a wonderful cause but I’m not comfortable with her ethics.

  • Ayanna

    I wouldnt send her shit. Charity I hope if it is a girl she teaches her child decency along with charity. Is charity what she calls homewrecking. I swear some of you are really controlled by the media and celebrities. Read in between the lines. alicia is a devil worshipper thats why she has no conscience. @ Mrs. Rance I have read your comments. Hope you never fell like Mashonda cuz you sure ride for the homewreckers. Is that how u got your MRS?

    • Lisa

      Mashonda? is that you?, stop playing on the web and go get a life. What Alicia is doing and has been doing for the past 7 years is a blessing to those that it is helping, you on the other hand is a psychotic time bomb. I wonder what your backfround looks like, probably some lil ghetto hoodrat that don’t even know the name of her baby daddy living on welfare, go get a life or jump off a bridge b*tch, then you would know who is working for the devil because you will be sitting right next to him for judging others, yo simple minded idiot.

  • Natalie

    thats good see doing something for a good cause no one can judge but God dont like ugly though, pray her and swizzy stay blessed.

  • Bambi

    buy a life…..steal a husband!

  • that damn sh#$ disturber

    beautiful as usual…

  • Hmmm...

    Alicia doesn’t look like herself. She has that standard Hollywood look in that photo.

  • rene

    That’s a nice cause, but what I like to know is why are people continuing to be affected with HIV/AIDS at such an alarming rate. It’s suppose to be very simple, use condoms at all times even if you are living together. Ladies never trust that the men you are sleeping with will forever be faithful to you, Mashonda’s real life story (you all know how it goes) is a perfect example of that.

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