Some Saturday Afternoon Thickness

- By Bossip Staff

Ready for some Saturday cakes?

We’ve got some nice chocolate juicy ones, courtesy of model Brooke Bailey!

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  • jdmann

    Sup chocolate? Where you been girl. I ain’t seen you in minute baby, whats been happening. lol

  • Tracy



    Damn she is fine,

  • Joseph

    I think she is banging, some of you females and dudes are prob gay.

    • S.a.s.s.y 24

      I think your gay

  • JECCA111

    Brookes a jump-off. NEXT>>>>>

  • LOL

    Just like a homo to be mad at someone else opinion…..



  • Greater Intellect

    Her body is the ish, but all that damn make up is ruining it. Chick needs a nose job too

  • ssPo

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  • Michelle

    Bangin? more like her eyes are CREEPIN ME OUT!!

  • MissPerfect

    she pretty but she looks just like the rest of these wanna be model ex videp hoes NEXT!


    ugly hatin bytche’s and homo on here….lol.

    • S.a.s.s.y 24

      your an idiot

  • quibble

    great bod. pretty eyes.
    ya’ll date her and you know it!

    • quibble

      and that vine tatoo is the ish 0_o

  • These are the States

    she’s not pretty maybe it’s the make up.

  • mj s fanatic

    body + face= no way

  • What Dumb Azzes!!

    Not hatin but the face looks alittle distorted… maybe she got into a car accident and they tried to restore it? IDK!!! JUST SAYING… something doesnt look right in the face


    That’s my sis… haha get em Brooke

  • Jay the Real One

    This is why black women have made me into a wh@e$

  • Fairfax

    She looks damn good to me! Get um brooke hate is truly love laylow

  • lala

    As usual all the hatred is coming from females, probably because none of you guys look that way. She’s pretty with a nice body, motivation for me to keep my workouts going. Hopefully there’s more to her than just a pretty face and body, nothing worse than a pretty woman who’s an airhead.

    • S.a.s.s.y 24

      exactly what is there to hate on do us a favor and shut up

    • lala

      No I wont shut up. I find it amusing that females come on here and instantly hurl insults. Only reason I would come on here and insult another female is because I’m jealous. Which you are, because if you weren’t there would be no reason to insult another female. You’d say, she looks fine and keep it movin.

  • dtruth

    She used to mess with d-wade, shaq, rashard lewis, red-cafe, and a slew of other rappers celebs ballers & hustlers. She use to be married & she has 3 kids she doesnt see, ackowkedge NOR take care of! Her ex-husband has custody of them!

  • b-nice

    @ S.a.s.s.y that is the first thing I said is “how you gonna put a face on a body like that”……..Dang….

  • b-nice

    Threatened, sh*t I showed my husband & he said the same thing as me………LMAO

  • JECCA111

    No hate…she’s an ugly jum-off. Ask Rashard Lewis..haha

  • K-mia

    she’s got a nice body, face, and hair….and a gorgeous smile just not shown here.

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