Fill In The Blank

- By Bossip Staff

Fill In The Blank: Jim Jones Looks Like He’s About To Take A ____________ On The BET HipHop Awards.

We spotted this shot of Jim Jones looking like he was right at home on the streets of Harlem ready to make the curb outside the Civic Center his personal toilet.

On a more positive note, the Dipset reunion was hailed as one of the bright spots of an otherwise lackluster event.

Wouldn’t it be nice if Jimmy cleaned himself up once in awhile. After all, isn’t he sposed to be “BALLLLLLLLLIN’!?!?

Check out more photos from the BET HipHop Awards HERE.

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  • Human Racist

    you cannot tell me this dude is isn’t Al Qaeda…

    • Human Racist

      ^^ isn’t^^

    • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)


    • Tessa

      He is mixed with Arabic and Puerto Rican,
      that is a racist thing to say what do you look like?

  • MAXny

    He’s so fine, just the way I like em’

  • dhaisaidasf

    I support Inter/racial relationships! I believe love has no color!

    ___________ blackwhiteKissing.c-/0m ____________

    This club is for those of us that don’t discriminate! This is to all my people who don’t care about somebody’s ethnic background, just how they are on the inside.

    If you want to find a sincere Inter/racial relationship. If you are serious. Come and join us!


    Leave Jim alone please….#teamdipset….#bossmobb.#skullgang…#snowgang…#730dips…..yeah Harlem

  • n_satiable

    Jim Jones Looks Like He’s About To Take A POOR HYGIENE, UNCLEAN, SWEATY BALLS PISS On The BET HipHop Awards.

    • I wasn't gone say nuttin, but

      Yeap that about sums it up!

  • MrsMom

    DUMP!!! Man, why is it everytime I see this guy, I want to spray him down with a full can of Lysol, the Fresh Linen smell. UGH.

  • WTH

    Is dat Osama’s nephew??

    • Human Racist

      possibly, because he looks like one of those musty azz cabbies in NY…

  • mscreative1

    He look so stanky

  • sexema73

    Jim jones look like he will beat the brakes off somebody tryna clown….hahaha

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