Sex Won’t Make Him Love You Back

- By Bossip Staff

An all-too familiar scenario: Malik meets Stephanie. He thinks she’s attractive, but for whatever reason, he isn’t interested in much more than a physical relationship with her. Stephanie thinks Malik is all around awesome.

They go on a few dates and start sleeping together. Malik is actively meeting and courting other women while calling girl for crazy amazing sex sessions. Stephanie is frustrated that she isn’t being treated like a girlfriend, yet she continues the affair in hopes that he will soon see how great she is. Malik knows exactly how Stephanie feels about him, yet he continues sleeping with her. Pain ensues.

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  • I Am Legend (Allergic To Darkies)

    It will make me love you while im getting that nutt ..

    • wetewh


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  • shut the fu*ck up

    who said I loved him back!!!!

    • Keepitsimple


  • Cougar_Lover

    that’s a lie…how could a person not love sessions, it’s impossible!!!!!!

  • Kkkgossip

    People please google moguldom media group!!!!

    • Cougar_Lover

      not to be apart of the so-called crazies…i find it funny after i posted on that raz b illuminati post it was gone when i went back to check for replies and i mean i went back 15 pages looking for it




    Some girls just wanna smash on the run as well. Some guys are only good for one thing too. lol

  • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

    Most of the sexual/carnal relationships don’t result in stable/long term bf/gf unions.

    If it starts off as something nothing more than NSA,most likely it’ll stay that way.

    If you want a man to take you on a more serious level,then allow him to court you,get to know you as an individual/friend or what not.
    But if all you want are good times,then scratch everything else off & go straight to business lol.

    One last thing,some men also need to be very specific as to what they want/expect instead of giving mixed messages or false hopes..just saying..Keep it 100 from jump.

  • Matix B

    Wake up ladies, you are more than just your HOLE!

  • what_am_iDoing

    ok, point blank serious. NO man is going to invest time into a female if he is not trying to hit it in some way shape or form. The less time he spends wanting to get to know you, the less he actually cares about you. If his first goal is to know you intellectually he is probably seeking some commitment on a higher level..if he just wants to know you physically and when you’re free…he wants to hit that…its not that hard to realize..

  • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)



    it will make me love her. Just don’t stop giving it up. it will happend.

  • Sadness

    learned that the hard way….


    and when she has his baby she is going to act shocked that he isnt a good dad…….LOL

  • afrodite

    the only thing that’ll make em love you is if you don’t give an f about em…look at katt stacks. some people are sick like that

  • christmas808

    LMAO u stupid…

  • ash

    stop fuc**in him and see how responds

  • side.piece

    Yes it will!

  • just saying...

    in AFRICA the women are well protected and safe? really now…

    i am going to need you to stop lying. ok? thanks.

  • http://Bossip caramela

    africaking paints a beautiful picture of the protected african female,shame it’s all bull$h!t.

  • micial


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    unfortunately went through a similar situation after spending my entire summer with this guy he told me to get rid of everyone I was talking to then this fool going to turn around and, tell me this weekend he want’s to focus on himself and, his daughter who lives towns away just and excuse but was at my house dayum near err day it’s a little depressing he was around my son which I don’t let happen unless it’s serious I’m still in shock he is a jerk and, he keeps playing with women the way he is he will get his he told me about some psycho Spanish chick who stalked him but, he probably did the same thing to her as he did to me he’s great in bed but, very immature so I glad it’s better late than never that I start to get over him!

  • SexxC

    Well what do u say of a sexual relationship that has gone on for 5YEARS committed only 3. Its all n what u want!

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