Usher Covers VIBE: Is He Still Trashing His Marriage To Tameka?

- By Bossip Staff

Usher covers the upcoming issue of VIBE Magazinewhere he asserts there is “no competition”. Okay den Ush. Way to play it confident. Inside the pages, Usher doesn’t shy away from letting everyone know his ex-wife made him a miserable human being.

Ush went running his mouth to VIBE in exchange for their October/November cover. Check out the excerpt below:

On how long he was thinking about divorcing Tameka:

“During our disagreements, that’s when I really began to contemplate marriage and if this is someone whom I’m compatible with. Anytime we had a disagreement or an argument, I began to contemplate: Wow, is this really gonna work out? I’m going through hell right now, given the fact that people have an opinion about our relationship. I can’t be unhappy at home and fighting the wars or the opinions outside… ‘You should’ve handled things this way,’ ‘I wish you would’ve said this,’ ‘You’re handling me wrong,’ ‘I don’t like the way I’m feeling about this’—it could be anything, man.”

Going through hell???

Damn Ush… Now everybody definitely knows Tameka’s a crazy beyotch.

Meka’s not the only one getting tossed under the bus, Usher also doesn’t spare his Ma Dukes.

Despite her good call that his marriage to MekMek would be an EPIC FAIL, Usher says he was “very disappointed” that his mother decided not to witness the occasion. The father of two adds that he “wouldn’t do that to my child,” and that “parents should be able to have unconditional love for their children and their decisions, regardless of how they feel.”

Do you think he’s right? Should his mother have supported his decision instead of making it clear how she felt about his ex-wife?

And why is Usher saying all of this now? Is he trying to sell EP’s or magazines?


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  • nana

    Yep Usher is right! His mother shouldve attended the wedding! I actually like Tameka.. She’s hillarious on twitter!

  • A Mess wants to know where is her comment?

    Momma knew best thats why she didn’t support the wedding. If she had gone, then it would have been as if she was condoning it. Nope.

    • goatback

      at least if mama went she could have turned around now and say “i told u that b1tch was crazy, but i am here for u always”…..

    • kathy vazquez

      As a parent you are always there for your children, in good times and in bad. I think his mother should have supported him regardless of how she felt. You can’t be a partial parent. Even if you do not agree, support your kids and let them learn on their own. It is the child’s journey, let them fall but be there to extend a hand when needed.

  • Curveball

    Depends. My grandmother attended my cousin’s wedding to a woman no one approved of and b!tched audibly the entire time.

    • Jessica


  • what_am_iDoing

    I understand y he would feel salty that his mom didnt show up. Usher is extremely close w/his mom, so he expecter her out of all ppl when the media/fans betrayed him that she would be there thru thick and thin…i guess i’d be kinda salty w/my mom too..but u have to move on nevertheless

  • Lea

    WHether you agree or not, when you have grown a*s kids they are entitled to live there lives in how they choose, whether their parents agree with it or not. Bottom line his mother should have supported him despite her issues with Tameka.

  • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

    Real talk!

  • MsRachael

    “Unconditional” love and “unconditional” support are 2 different things. Moms’ can love you until death, and NOT support your bad decisions.

    His momma called the engagement/marriage out for what it was. She was obviously right. Let it go Usher, Mom’s on your side.

    • Mashae

      I agree as well. Besides, people seems to forget Usher and Tameka had already married! That was only a ceremony. He did not invite his mom to the actual wedding. I think they married in his lawyers office months before the ceremony.

  • love

    @MsRachel, I like that U really summed up the entire situation! Unconditional LOVE and Unconditional SUPPORT is two different things! If she would have went to the wedding it would have been like her supporting a child that is on drugs! She knew the whole situation would bring him misery one day! I would have done the same thing! I am pretty sure she is a great grandmother, that all is that matters in the end!


    I agree with him on the parental thing. Unconditional love is unconditional support!

    But who cares about this marriage.

    Last, why does usher look like he’s in his late 40’s on the cover? Ewww He looks dirty.

    • MissB

      Unconditonal love is unconditional support? Since when?
      Soooo, using YOUR logic – a parent who unconditionally loves her child, would support that child’s behavior if he decided to KILL someone?

      Parents who have that stupid mentality raise SOCIOPATHS.

      Your totally right stupidity is a disease…..So go sit down.

  • taz

    Usher who????

  • Shananigans

    why is usher on any cover

  • Truth-is-Truth

    Dayumn a brotha will do anything to stay relevant in the public eye. Usher knows that he lost the majority of his fan base when he married that sister, so this is his way of saying, “y’all was right, now can you please buy my CD’s now”. Yo fvck you Usher, you Boule butt boy!

  • underwsr1

    Sorry folks, I disagree with Usher. His children as still little and believe me when they get as grown as he does we will see what he has to say about unconditional love. When your grown or acting like they grown kids start acting a fool there is a thing called “tough love”. Does mean you don’t love them unconditionally it means you are letting them learn to be grown. Parents have a right to disagree with their children’s foolishness and since she can’t whoop his a*s for acting a fool she took a stance! I am not mad at her for that!

    • tiny

      tough love when a 28 yr old tells you he wants to marry? At that age he should be able to marry who ever he chooses. It still bothers him, so yeah his mother made the wrong choice.

  • underwsr1

    Excuse some of my previous typo’s… I meant to say “his children ARE still little” and “Doesn’t mean you don’t love them….”. I’m half asleep nighty night….

  • sadie

    I understand he had to answer the questions they asked. However, out of respect for her, he needs to shut his mouth about this. You got your fan base back (but if they were really your fans they would’ve stuck with you), no need to drag her name through the mud.

  • loveme1time

    i am done with usher…. somebody ask usher why he does not do anything for his home town?…. and i am not talking about atlanta. i am talking about chattanooga, tennessee. usher has no respect for women. you decided to marry this woman. nobobdy put a gun to your head and told you to. you have not 1 but 2 sons by this lady. they are going to grow up and here that song and see their dad was not a man….at the end of the day, he must still care about her because he the only one still talking about it….hey usher, when you coming HOME?… CHATT-TOWN IS WHERE YOU FROM…. HOLLA!

  • tiny

    2 beautiful children came from that relationship, so it wasn’t a mistake. Mother n laws are known to have a love/hate relationship with daughter n laws nothing new. I would have attended my son’s wedding, especially if all he had was me. He didn’t have a father just her. I know what I mean to my sons. No matter how I FELT about the situation I couldn’t have broken my son’s heart like that. He’s in the church hoping I will come, searching for me in the pews and I’m sitting home cackling about how I can’t stand her,but the only person you hurt was the one you say you love. terrible.

    • tiny

      I wasn’t speaking for every woman nor all relationships. I said Their relationship. Neither one of the people involved have stated abuse or cheating, just that they didn’t match together. So, their relationship wasn’t a mistake and 2 beautiful children came from their love. Some women know a man is no-good even before they have children. We can control who we make the father of our children. A mother can only advise their children, not live their lives.

  • wildcherry666

    Usher needs to grow the heck up! I wish Usher and everyone else would stop trashing Tameka. Honestly I like her. Tameka has moved on with her life, but it seems as Usher has not moved on with his. The divorce is done. Why keep rehashing all the drama? Usher, all of these b.s interviews only sheds light on your character. Marriage is not easy. Love is not enough to keep a marriage together. It takes commitment, true sacrifice, and maturity. Stop blaming everyone else for the decisions you made in your life. Man the hell up!

    • tiny

      100% cosign. Man-up!!!!

  • BE TRUE !!!!!!!

    Thanks for keeping it real

  • 1987

    I believe Ush divorced Tameka cuz he was losing a lot of his fanbase. That is really pathetic if u ask me

    • tiny

      yes, I believe that also. He couldn’t stand the heat.

  • Georgia

    That should be chris brown on the cover. I don’t give a damn about usher. He’s nothing more than a Michael Jackson wanna be. He has copied MJ his entire career. He needs to get his own damn style.

  • Bubba

    Look, marriage is hard har work. It take time and cultivation. The first year is the hardest and anyone who is married knows that there will always be struggles.

    You have to be committed to the long haul-and put your children first. You have to block out other peoples opinion of your private life-because its none of their business anyway.

    There are 2 sides to each story. But, as I mentioned you put the children FIRST. Its not a good idea to have a parent bash the other -especially in print or media where those comments live on forever.

    So you put the past behind you and start over and be civil and cordial for the sake of those precious and beautiful children.

  • RMEs

    If I never hear about this marriage again it will be too soon.

  • TrueNight

    Celebrities always want it both ways-
    They scream that the public needs to stay out of their personal lives only to turn around and spill your personal info like you in therapy . Sloppy, sleazy, fail!
    Usher please grow up and get some balls!!!!

  • nwilson

    I like usher. Even though his mom told him that something was wrong with Tameka, he had to see it for himself. He saw if for himself. Even though as parents we do not want to see our children get hurt, it’s just a way of life and everybody has to live it. It’s bound to happen.

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