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Lil Mo keeps keeping her fans hopes alive that some new material is on it’s way. But what exactly is the jail pose on stage all about? More blast from the past photos when you continue.

Lil Mo always being the shining example of ladylike behavior, we can only imagine what that shot looked like from the front and back.

Mo took her annual break from motherhood to perform at the “Where I Want To Be” concert in New York. And the show was Throwback Central, with Jon B, SWV, Donnell Jones and Avant all performing their 90s hits.

Lil Mo’s new album “Tattoos and Roses (The Rebellion Against Pain)” is due out soon… but we’ve heard that before, so we’re not holding our breaths.

Check out these other shots from the show.

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    Shhhhhh I love Lil Mo


      Ok yeah you said caption this: Lil Mo on stage in what amounts to her stage attire giving the people something they wanna hear in the process getting into the groove, at least that’s what I see.

  • goatback

    one hit wonder
    wasted talent`

  • jdmann

    Talking to yourself is fine

    makes you feel much better

    know jus where the trouble lies

    my dear, my deeeaaar heart yeah’

    wait a minute thats Earth, Wind and Fire wtf am I thinking??

  • Lea

    SUV is in the house!

    • AC

      Really now?SUV?

  • huny

    Lil’ Mo’s voice is incredible. Jon B was good and Avant and Donnell Jones were great. SWV,always a treat. Caption this: I’m really feelin this song and I’m givin it to the crowd!

  • sunshine

    I love SWV, they were one of my favorite female group. Avant love separate the remix with Kelly, still have the tape lol.

  • A Mess wants to know where is her comment?


  • LMAO

    IS SHE BLEACHING?????///

  • Grammar School

    “Damn, this color looks good on my skin”

    – Lil Mo’s brain

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