Making It Rain On Welfare: Californians Spent $69 Million In Welfare Money Living The Good Life

- By Bossip Staff

An L.A. Times investigation has put people playing the California welfare system on blast… and subsequently fawked it up for everybody.

The article, released yesterday, showed that CalWorks EBT cards have been used outside of the state of California to pay for vacations, cruises and to withdraw money from casinos. To the tune of $69 Million dollars.

More than $69 million meant to help the needy pay their rent and clothe their children was accessed in 49 other states, the U.S. Virgin Islands and Guam between January 2007 and May 2010, according to data from the California Department of Social Services.

More than $11 million was spent or withdrawn in Las Vegas, about $1 million of that at shops and casino hotels on or within a block or two of the famous strip. The data show $8,968 accessed at the Tropicana and $7,995 at the Venetian and its Grand Canal Shoppes.

The database also shows $16,010 withdrawn from ATMs on 14 cruise ships sailing from locations such as Long Beach, Rio de Janeiro and Beijing. Eight of the ships sail primarily from Miami.

The out-of-state transactions include more than $1.5 million spent or withdrawn in Florida and $387,908 accessed in Hawaii. Wagner said he will not cut off access to the cards in those places.

What makes it funnier, is that the reason these welfare cases are doing so much out of town may be the fact that there’s a limit to what they can do in Cali.

In June, Schwarzenegger ordered Wagner to block access to benefits in California gambling centers after The Times reported that more than half of the state’s licensed casinos and poker rooms were included in the ATM network that accepts the Electronic Benefits Transfer cards that the state issues to welfare recipients.

Unfortunately, if you live in Cali and you’re just now figuring out that your welfare benefits can do so much, the Governator already shut you down… Kind of.

The Schwarzenegger administration is cutting off use of state-issued welfare debit cards at casinos across the country and on cruise ships, following a Times report that the aid cards have been used to spend or withdraw millions of dollars in benefits at popular vacation spots.

There are no rules prohibiting welfare recipients from using their benefits outside of California as long as they get clearance from their county case worker to be absent from the program’s 32-hour-a-week job training requirement.

All this because probably just a handful of people were out of pocket for too long.

County investigators, who state authorities say are responsible for detecting fraud, typically don’t question where the money is spent until transactions on a welfare card show that the recipient has been outside of California for more than 30 days.



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  • yz

    This is nothing new they spotted lighted Cali years ago a Chinese family was on welfare and owned a store at the same time.

  • Kit

    SMH. Only in Cali.

  • Slide Like a Fresh Pair of Gators

    SMH & LOL…

    How and why would you even try that when you’re supposedly down on your luck, sad…

    Just giving the powers that be another reason NOT to give these folks anything and/or give them just barely enough to live off…

  • Kelly

    I have three kids got a low income job and these people after being all up in me and my husband business denied us food stamps and they give these losers money to gamble,shop and go on trips when hard working people like my husband and myself can get a little help smfh

  • relleisreal

    Wtf people really need that help and these idiots make everyone who needs that help work a little bit harder to get it! That’s some selfish mess if you know you don’t need it stop taking the money because there are plenty of families that would take that money and use it for what’s important

  • I dislike Simple Mind People

    Cruises, gambling, vacations??????? SMH Where do I sign up. I work hard every day pay into taxes, paying bills and not often I am able to go on cruises and vacations. The hell with it they needed to ban that ish. If you have to be on welfare you can afford it, supposedly.

  • koffybrown

    Damn!!! Cali. ballin’ like that.I’m in the wrong state.That’s a shame they’re
    people in need for real and they’re doing the fool.

  • sunshine

    Some ppl mess it up for everyone, pretty sure someone was trying to do the right thing smh

  • living n vegas

    wow I live in vegas and I see alot wow wow on the first it’s a free for all I feel for the kids. I’m working my butt of to pay rent and take care of my child.

  • right

    Asians and Latinos mayne. Deny all you want but who else going to Beijing? Who going to Mexico? Why don’t we make sure these fools have their paper and have made a contribution to the country BEFORE giving them free money & medical. Shit, my family was in wars and shizz and I can’t get food stamps because I’m $20 over in income.

    • Amazed...

      Another idiot. Didn’t you read the article? Mexicans don’t go to Rio de Janeiro or Guam. Geez, you’re just trying to find someone to blame. Yes, there are ghetto Mexicans. But try and find one on vacation, even at a Mexican resort. You won’t. And this article mentions nothing about Mexico.

  • blaxitive

    The ignorant will come on here and say it’s blacks that are doing this. I’m willing to bet my left testicle that a majority of the infractions are predominately white people that always seem to fly under the radar. You want proof? Why hasn’t this story been run in the main stream media??

  • nwilson

    Hell, i live in chicago and i am unemployed. i get unemployment. I went to apply for food stamps and they sent me a letter stating that i am only eligible for 16 dollars a month! And i pay taxes out of my unemployment check!


    The fraud & waste is probably LARGER than reported.69 million is probably a low number when you consider that the overall deficit in Cali is a eleven digit number.(48,000,000,000)

  • SMH

    I worked in a community clinic in downtown Los Angeles. Its not always blacks and latinos trying to get over. We had a vast majority of Asians come in to get free services for low income people. They would drive up in there Mercedes’, Bmw’s etc. With fake tax documents showing they made less than they actually do.

    • Amazed...

      You’re absolutely right. Blacks and Latinos get blamed for this all the time. And though some are taking advantage of the system, you’ll find that it won’t be in the way mentioned in this article. I remember reading of Asian and Armenian families that owned businesses collecting welfare. That’s where the shadiness is. But that doesn’t mean that all Asians and Armenians that are on welfare are doing this.

  • A Mess wants to know where is her comment?

    LMAO, only $16/mth of food stamps? Thats crazy. What do they expect you to buy, a bunch or ramen noodles!

    Its ignorant to think that minorities are the only ones defrauding the government when it comes to food stamps. White people are on that sh!t too.

    Sh1T, I wish I had some food stamps. Food is expensive.

  • Greater Intellect

    All this makes me wonder how much I support welfare. Is this program stimulating upward mobility or generational poverty? Does welfare make ppl lazy or overly dependent to the point that they don’t do for themselves?

  • Wtf

    Ha! I don’t qualify for free Medical Insurance or food benefits because I “make too much”‘working, with 3 children, yet I see women at any given day selling $500-$800 in food stamps because they get $1000+ because they choose not to work and their kids wear Rocawear & the mommy has a Dereon outfit on, courtesy of the government.

  • Baby Cakes

    As a Cali native and a current Cali residents I can truly answers this because I see it everyday I was just talkin bout this with my bf yesterday.. But it’s mexicans yes mexicans the whole state is fill with 99.9% mexicans they are no longer the minors but the majority. These people come from the border which is Mexico they get pregnant and have there kids here so they can be a us citzen for there child and they get on the county on purpose I know this for a fax because I have mexicans alot of them and they tell me alot of people from Mexico does this the played the USA they get pregnant on purpose come here and use our system and got the right to get mad at USA when we wanna kick them out for beening illegal it’s a mess over here too many illegals you can’t even get a clerical job out here unless u speak spanish it’s crazy I am 21 Im a pre med studen I have 6 yrs in clerical work no kids smart my own place with out the county help and when I go to apply for work they always say we want Spanish speaking people here hello this is America wth not Mexico.. Don’t get me wrong it’s blacks and white who are also doing this but mexicans are the ones who started this crap and it’s alot of them too many and there illegal.. My neighbors tell me all the time how tired they are of this and there mexicans them self smh.

    • A Mess wants to know where is her comment?

      Arizona Proposes to Deny Citizenship to US-born Children of Undocumented Immigrants, this may go into effect in a few months.

    • Amazed...

      Dont’ be an idiot. Mexicans are not going to Beijing, Guam, Rio De Janeiro, etc… Didn’t you read the article, you idiot!?

    • Amazed...

      And many people around the world speak more than one language because it enables them to do more. The US is the only country that doesn’t encourage anyone to speak anything other than English. And just because your Mexican neighbors talk crap about other Mexicans doesn’t mean anything. All that means is that they only other people’s business they know of are of other Mexicans.

  • dirtygurl

    wow making it hard for those who really do need help livin and yes there are people who really do need help, especially in cali where the price of food, and the cost of living is disgustingly high.

  • Baby Cakes

    @ a mess wants to know where is her comment. Well California need that too heck all of USA needs this it’s ridiculous how illegal people come to us soilds and expect the same rights as us citzens no matter if your Mexican black white orange green or whateva. If everybody used the law like Arizona so many ppl will have jobs.. Because it’s alot illegal ppl taking advantage of our system like this study here for 69 million that’s need to go too.. ppl who are us citizen who really needs it.

  • divalive

    America needs to get rid of its welfare system. Period.

    Time to pull the plug and create a new system that is scam proof so the people really in need get help.

  • sunflower

    Wow. didn’t know abuse was that bad. Ok let’s fix this-give vouchers instead and restrict what can be purchased by those vouchers. For example vouchers for items of nutritional value in specifics proportions. Unbelievable

  • sunflower

    Wow. didn’t know abuse was that bad. Ok let’s fix this-give vouchers instead and restrict what can be purchased by those vouchers. For example vouchers for items of nutritional value in specific predetermined proportions. Unbelievable

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