Time Square Attempted Bomber Faisal Shazad Sentenced To Life Behind Bars

- By Bossip Staff

Time Square would-be bomber, Faisal Shazad has been sentenced for life by a court in Manhattan, Tuesday. There were ten separate charges pressed against him, which included weapons trade and terrorism.

After being found guilty, Shazad was sentenced for life. While his attempt was unsuccessful, prosecutors say he believed he would kill about 40 people walking by the car where the bomb was left. The bomb never went off, but he planned to leave more bombs until he was caught.

Do you feel any safer knowing this guy is behind bars for life, or do you think his actions will only inspire other terrorists?

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    please put him under the jail….check out myhairparadise dot com

  • http://bossip GAT TURNER

    Damn, his bomb didn’t even go off!

    Maybe like prison untill he is old as hekk but not life komeoonnn!!!

    • Tired of Bossip


  • Stoney

    Never bought this crap! STOP being idiots and believing this staged terror nonsense!

  • DontBeScurred

    Don’t worry, there are plenty of others here, in university getting their degrees on the government dime, waiting for their turn.

  • ya dont say!

    do you honestly think this man and others like him give a fug about prison?? they come into this world and are trained and taught from the moment they are born that they are going to die one day for “the cause” Prison here will be like a country club for him

  • true

    I hope they give him mandingo as cell mate!

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