Knifed Up Mama Knowles Slangin Her “Miss Tina” Gear At Walmart

- By Bossip Staff

We all know that Mama Tina Knowles is a certified hustler, and here she is pushin her “Miss Tina” collection at Walmart. We gotta respect her business game, but WTF is going on with her face???

She’s looking like she dabbled a lil too far into some Botox or something…check out a “Separated At Birth” of Tina from 2007:

SMH. More images from the “Miss Tina” unveiling below:

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  • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

    LOL @ the Angelica Houston comparison!

    • goatback

      looks like stress made her lose weight then she over did the botox….

      imagine waking up to that face every morning…..with evil staring back at you 🙂

      no wonder matt went for the young supple cooch

  • nini

    this woman looks like a real life cruella de ville… dang she got a nice body for a 60 year old..just lay of the botox

  • Lil

    Just what Wal-Mart needs more tacky shit!

    • White Mike

      Really though…I’ve seen that Dereon crap they try to call couture—-uber WHACK!!!

  • Mrs. Rance

    I actually like it. She still looks her age, but she looks hot. Its not too extreme. It’s like she took some of the roundness out of her already pretty face. Go Miss Tina. Get your cougar on girl.

  • I_saw_this_one_coming

    A thin woman with over-sized b00bs —- to borrrow some schtick from 1990s Mike Myers:

    schwing!! schwing!!!

    (Makes my pants dance)

  • Rihanna's Sharp n Pointy Witchy Fingernails Took The Oath

    The wickedy wickedy with of the midwest

  • deesac

    Say what you want but she can cougar me any day of the week I would dust her off. And if you wanna she if your girl gonna be fine whe she gets older just look a her mamma so this says volumes.

  • living n vegas

    myroom mate works at walmart they are tackie AS HELL….go see for your self

    • HA

      is the stuff as tacky as working at walmart?

  • J_daking

    she actually looks good i can say….no need for haters to hate

    • I wasn't gone say nuttin, but

      Dang you took the words right out of my mouth, I promise I was just about to say that, leave her alone!!!

  • that damn sh#$ disturber

    yeah she does appear to be “freshened up” a little bit. but if i had to deal with that triflin’ hubby of hers then i guess i would need something to make the frown lines disappear too! she still looks beautiful…

  • girly

    she obviously did some botox, or something, she looks good.. its not to the extreme.. its ok.. she looks her age.
    go girl

  • Ufelfo Dehipe

    Real..REAL TALK…. She can get it all day everyday!

    • RMEs

      LOL!! for real?

  • http://bossip shamey

    I read the other day that she had work done but I paid it no mind I didn’t beleive it for real. I took one look at this picture and lol. She look like she told the DR. ” make me look like Beyonce. The top half look good ( wrinkle free), the bottom half looks good (wr) but some where in the middle it gets a little off. Better than before but I must say I thought she was fine at first. OK she gets clowned a little but I don’t think any thing is more beautiful than your own natural self !

  • Greeneyez

    Mama Knowles is looking tight!!! Dont hate….lol

  • AQueenWaits

    ……she is looking a lil’ different. But I love her accessories and so I ain’t mad at her. Her purses especially are made out of good quality materials.

    Bla*ck people, stop hating and start supporting black owned business.

  • Educated Goon

    She looks like Cat Woman. But shouts out to miss Tina for gettin that money!

  • birthday girl

    I think that she simply just lost weight. Your face does change a lot when you lose a lot of weight. She looks wonderful!!!

  • lakerluv

    Did everybody forget how Destiny Child looked when my Tina used to style them. Better yet who wears House of Dereon I’m convinced country chicks have NO fashion sense. Shruggs

  • Word???

    “Holy cow batman, I didnt know joker had a twin sister!!!!” Wth?? selling her clothes at walmart? ok, we already know that house of dereon is not selling clothes (no sense of style) sorry, but true, but at walmart?? wont happen

    • Delight23

      Target kindly declined. :mr green:

  • lakerluv

    Correction MaMa Tina


    Michael Jackson?

    • Anti-Hood


    • Anti-Hood

      You’re a lame mud duck

  • Yasmeen

    Yes, she lost weight and had her jawline tightened. Maybe chin implants or your cheek bones defined. She looks good though, I like it. I already know when I’m her age, whatever needs a nip and tuck, I’m going to do it. By then, I’m sure plastic surgery will be much improved in 25 years, and everybody’s going to look 25. LOL

  • Delight23

    😯 she looks a little like the cat lady. 😦

  • mj4eva

    she looks great. She definitely had lipo or she did jenny craig because her body is thin. Personally, I don’t know anyone that wears house of dereon anyway. Its higher priced than baby phat.

  • Nfamous

    Shiiiiit…I’d Bust Down Miss Tina all day ehrrryday

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