Drake Gets Baked?: Bubble Gum Rapper “Drake” Pictured Pulling On A Joint Of Reefer!

- By Bossip Staff

Drake was spotted at a club… gettin’ blazed:

Actor-turned-rapper Drake hit the clubs after his concert last month and RadarOnline.com has obtained the exclusive photos in which an eyewitness says he was smoking marijuana. Drake and his entourage partied at Miami Beach hotspot Liv Nightclub in the Fontainebleau Hotel where a source says the rapper openly lit up a joint.

“I was sitting in the VIP section right next to Drake and he lit up a joint and began to smoke it freely,” the source tells RadarOnline.com.

“The whole area smelled like weed!”

According to the witness the night continued with “popping bottles, good music and dancing” with rapper Bow Wow also in attendance.

Sprite might not like this one too much…


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  • Oops!!

    Maybe its a really little cigarette.


  • Just_Us_Dos


  • KC'z 1966

    where they do that at….smokin in da club aint new….peep me and drizzy smokin in this lowrider…. Go to youtube and search KC’z 1966 ….old schoolz and blunts…dat pimp zhy lmao

  • nana

    He hangs out with Baby and lil wayne what yall expect???? I bet he’s sniffin the YAYO too!

  • neen-o

    I don’t see smoke.. is he taking baby puffs?? MAN UP DRIZZY!! lol

  • El Guapo

    This is barely worth discussing…if you listen to some of his lyrics he mentions smoking weed more than a few times.


    ahhh who cares just another celebrity feelin full of themselves..had this been you trust that your a$$ would get thrown out and possibly arrested…forget what hes smokin what the hell he got on…is that a Thomas the train hat!…too wild.

  • new orleans finest

    Forget what he smoking…what the heck the boy got on!!! Is he inspired by a train conductor lol

  • http://www.freewebs.com/atyourbest redcora

    yall snitches…boooooooooooooooooooo

  • The What

    This is no secret…check his spread in The Fader magazine. He’s lighting big head spliffs up in the pictures…and so what…who doesn’t!

    • Lemme 'xplain

      “Who doesn’t?” Ummm…everyone with a real job.

  • Celeste

    …yeah, but do you see his package? Dude is holding big.

  • Mock Rock Star

    Nothing to talk about today,eh???

  • tash

    Of course he smokes weed! He’s Canadian! Smoking weed isn’t looked at so seriously over here!

  • estee

    he’s canadian…what do you think ?!

  • http://grind365.com Al

    Keep on rolling!


    Drake is the biggest cornball in The Industry. I swear ole boy be tryna sound like lil Wayne to me. Both of them are wacked as hell. I saw his special too. The one with his White mother and grandmother, he’s a fraud mane!

  • mitewang

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    Where you can go along with world trends.!

  • Heely


  • wtf

    Death to his hat!!!!

  • I wasn't gone say nuttin, but


  • Shawn of the Living

    Not a Hater..not a fan either. But that HAT is God Awful!!!!!!

  • sadie

    I agree

  • http://bossip the truth

    I love Drake!

  • Houston's Finest

    Puff Puff Give!…Fwm Drizzy

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