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Now that she’s back to bathing regularly, Amy Winehouse is out to prove that she can do a better job of dressing other people than we’ve seen her do with herself.

In an upcoming photo shoot for Glamour Magazine’s UK Edition, Winehouse shows off some of the pieces from her new collection for British designer Fred Perry. Trainwreck Amy also reveals what might be behind her cleaner demeanor.

As she prepares to show off her new range of clothing designed for British sportswear firm Fred Perry, Amy Winehouse says she’s been drug-free for three years and is in a better place. “I’m much healthier now,” she tells the U.K. edition of Glamour in its November issue. “I used to use drugs and I haven’t used drugs in almost three years. I literally woke up one day and was like, ‘I don’t want to do this any more.’”

Amy also reveals her druggy ex-husband somewhat inspired the clothing line.

While her private life around her ex-husband Blake Fielder-Civil was in such turmoil, she says she focused on her fashion line. “I went through a lot of trouble with my ex-husband, so I had such a long time to think about the collection.” The divorced singer has drawn on her own tastes to design the chic line—and she models it for singer-turned-photographer Bryan Adams in the magazine. “I like ’40s and ’50s stuff. I played Rizzo in Grease when I was a kid at school, and I’ve always worn bowling shirts and things like classic trenchcoats.”

Oh, and another thing: Amy wants you to know rocks had nothing to do with her crackish figure.

“When I started eating right, I lost quite a lot of weight,” she explains. “Everyone thinks it was because of my lifestyle. It was because my eating habits got a lot better and I came to my natural weight. I’m not really skinny but I’m tiny and I couldn’t really get anything because they didn’t do a size six.”

(That’s a UK six, by the way. Which is the equivalent of a size four stateside.)

Sure Amy. We believe you. And look: we’ll even reserve comments about your aspirations as a designer until we see the clothes.




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