Kat Stacks Calls Out Jeremih For Propositioning Her Online, Beefing With Transvestite Sidney Starr

- By Bossip Staff

Looks like everyone wants a piece of Kat Stacks, even the transgender?!

Chingy’s alleged flame Mr. Miss Sidney Starr is going on Kat Stacks, claiming that she is trashy. In an interview on radio station WGCI, Sidney not only claimed that Kat Stacks was busted, but also states that she looked like a man down below.

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  • nana

    *Yawns**** and I go right back to sleep,Zzzzzzzzz

    • lindaft

      S c o t t says, “Time and tide wait for no man.” I think ” F a t e and l ov e wait for no one!” So I recently joined a ice platfom ***** HotBl ackwhite.c000 m ***** to find my tr-ue LO-VE….Im lucky!! It is destined that you can also m-e-et your lo-v-e…..GO and have a try….. 😀 😀


    Damn shame the tranny looks a million times better than Kat Stacks used up arse.

    • i am chajnize

      lol so treu, but these diaper crappers just need to stfup and just be friends its not like that this o beef get them on the Z list

  • daisy jay

    please stop referring to her as a tranny. that is a FEMALE. a desperate female trying to get her 30 seconds of fame and a small piece of change. THAT. IS NOT. A MAN.
    oh kat…kat kat kat, what do i say…at the rate she’s going, i’ll give her 3 months.

    • i see

      you can say what you want but that is still a man .I can care less about how much work shehim has had done or how shehim looks it is still a man plain and simple.

    • daisy jay

      @i see
      do you have evidence? because i would love to see. yeah her voice is a little “strange”, but nothing about her resembles a man. show me baby pictures, pictures of her as kid, then come talk to me

    • Let me post for sakes

      @ daisy J. Go to her youtube page shes the one that says she an mtf and use to be a male. She says it in interviews too Sydney is a ex male to female, because she says she is from her own mouth, why would someone lie about that?

  • wisdom2

    What ever happen with Carmelo threatening KAT……..No body follow up or press charges?

  • Blacchyna

    Trust, and believe neither one of these broads have nothing better to do with there lives but mess up somebody elses life. Both of these hoes need to jump off a brigde Or take a bottle of aspirin straight to the head.

  • jfizzle

    Can we please stop blowing these to up, they gonna mess around and get tv shows then we will never get rid of them.

    • betterscotch

      THANK YOU!!!! They need a great big HO SIT DOWN!

  • jfizzle

    Also I don’t understand why a woman would have to lie about being a man trying to be a woman. If she really took pics with all of these rappers and she is really a woman just say that.

  • Let me post for sakes


  • jblxxx

    Funny how the tranny looks way better than Rat stacks who was born retarded and a female…

  • BiteME

    wow smh @ the fact that a tranny can look better the rat stacks lmao wow

  • TheOne

    In her profession, it pays to be flexible…

  • TheOne

    I’ve heard both of them speak and uh, yeah…they should have stayed in school. They both sound retarded and SPED. Kat kinda funny though but she’s still dumb as hell.

  • Just GEE

    That is a female. Case closed. Keep it moving.

  • Lovely


    #2.) Why does the Tranny look better than her?

    #3.) EFF BOTH of these messy heffas.

  • Nisey

    Yea why the hell does the tranny look better than kat?

  • nicky barnes

    It’s not as easy to see in the still images. I didn’t believe it either until I(HAD TO) looked at his you tube page. Ol’ boy is indeed, OL’ BOY! Check the you tube…

  • handbagok

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    Where you can go along with world trends.!

  • Jessica

    Why does the tranny look more like a woman than Kat Stacks?

  • http://www.bossip.com bossip hates B.W.

    I co-sign w/everyone saying that the tranny looks more like a woman than RAT STACKS

  • Bones Jordan

    Biohazard Stacks!!!!!! Real is though the tranny look like a pretty girl to me. Homo I guess. LOL.

  • Bones Jordan

    I cant see a sane man being attracted to Stacks after hearing her speak. She’s gross on the inside.(Her soul)

  • that damn sh#$ disturber

    if chic on the left is really a man, i never would’ve guessed it. so if i can’t figure it out then i’m sure it would be hard for a man too until they had sex. then maybe curiosity gets the best of him and he decides to try it?? whatever the case she looks good for a tranny!

  • lil sexy

    I think that wshe ifs half woman half man chick with you know sausage woman up top man down low. These rappers don’t care remember preacher Mase used to pick up these type of women i mean men. she probably a he/ she person.

  • lil sexy

    these broadas trying to put indusrty men on front street but nobody’s stopping them. people accept gay culture they are both wasting their time.

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