Another Day, Another Divorce: Ben Harper And Laura Dern’s Swirly Matrimony Is Finished, Harper Filed For Divorce

- By Bossip Staff

Another one bites the dust:

Harper, a two-time Grammy winner, filed legal docs citing irreconcilable differences and is asking the judge to deny Dern spousal support.

And here’s what’s interesting … according to the papers, Harper claims he and Dern separated back in January. But people connected with the couple, who married back in 2005, tell TMZ they have been living and traveling together throughout the year and were even intimate as recently as last week.

Harper is asking for joint legal and physical custody of the couple’s two kids: Ellery, 9, and Jaya, 5.


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  • Mrs. Rance

    I have never heard of this man, but dizzzzam he foine!

    • rose by any other name #93040263394 ™

      you damn right they are… and thats what these men get an i know he thought he had a better deal than a black woman! And white women think black men like them better than balck women and wont cheat on them.. NOT!! She is fugly and does look like a dog!!LOL!!

    • lucy77BB

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  • wisdom2

    HOW MUCH YOU WANNA BET A 20 something becky involved?

    • timmy

      Yep. B/c white people are the cause of everyones problems rite lol

    • wisdom2

      Actually Timmy, has LESS to do with white ppl and more to do with HIM……..Not a very faithful guy……..Very insecure, thus needing validation, men like that tend to gravitate to younger women (men-look suspect)………and he’s definitely a Becky lover #justsay

      Any Takers?

  • Msvlicious

    Never Heard Of Him Or Her But Oh Well Life Goes On…..

  • Whatever

    She looks like a dog with fleas.

  • don't ask

    Oh well, what goes comes. Laura started going with Ben while he was still married to his first wife. The first wife and Laura have kids two months apart. Ben Harper is biracial..white/black.

  • Kem War

    Dang, she look like she could be his grandmama!!!

  • ThickLikeCornbread

    D@mn! Ben Harper looks GOOD!

  • Thaddious

    Ben Harper’s a musical genius. His vocals on the Strawberry Fields cover made John Lennon (of The Beatles) sound like a hack.

    Laura Dern dated Billy Bob Thornton.

    Ben, why would you want to follow that?

  • LovelyDay

    Swirl has nothing to do with it.

    Bottom line- they were both married/involved with other people when they hooked up.

    More proof that doing dirt in relationships means there is going to be some dirt in your relationship.

    PS. Laura Dern looks that much more unattractive next to the gorgeous Ben.

  • imjustsayin

    Why do black men stay ending up with either a white fat slob or a washed up old in the face white broad
    I’m just sayin if you gonna be superficial do it right

    • Greater

      Being superficial? What does that mean? You ever think maybe he loves that women?

    • Whatev


      I’m standing in for grammar goon… It’s “woman”; not “women”. “Women” is for more than one woman.



  • huhsaywhat?

    From what I’ve read, their backstory is pretty wild.

    Adults will do what they do.

    Hopefully, their children (all of them, including his kids with his previous ex-wife) will be not be affected by the press.

    On to the next…..

    • huhsaywhat?

      I forgot to add that those are two VERY cute kids.

      The little boy is from his relationship with Dern and the little girl is by his first wife.

      As you can see, they’re VERY close in (if not the same) age.

  • mebo

    Ben is a great musician but if all you listen to is Rap mess you wouldn’t know that. Laura Dern broke up his marriage now it’s her turn.

  • Rihanna's Sharp n Pointy Witchy Fingernails Took The Oath

    Laura Dern looks like raw chicken, needless to say, I’ve always wondered what he saw in her.

    • ThickLikeCornbread

      Agree! She looks ruff (pun intended)

      Maybe she let him hit the b00tyhole, cuz I just dnt see how she stole somebdy’s husband

  • 2dimplzs

    I too have NEVER heard of this man but HE CAN GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • if anything be noble

    *That’s* what nine years old should look like. *side eyes that Willow child*

  • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

    No clue who this man is but he’s handsome & favors Hil Harper a bit 🙂

    • TANGIE

      Agree 100%… but just a much cuter version..LOL

  • http://Google SMH

    LOL at the comments! Who cares about him being with white women if he’s half white then he probably ain’t packing much anyway. Its sad how swirling produces men with smaller mandingo sticks. I love non mixed black men they know how to take it to the motherland.

  • shut the fu*ck up

    looks like hes only good for 5 years

  • imjustsayin

    Can’t love somebody that much to be divorcing them
    Besides from the way he did his ex I’m pretty sure all his relationships were built off of bs

  • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

    @tangie: lol

  • Shamia LeBeuf

    @rose by another name, you is a ho! Straight up cheap ho or an expensive skank. Which one? You need to worry about not being a ho and less worried about dudes business. Take me for instance, I’m in law school about to become a lawyer that can bail your ho a** out of jail when you get caught with your john. You can thank me later. Just don’t shake my hand or hug me since I don’t know where you’ve been…actually I do know…out hoing!

  • Sigh

    He looks disconnected from her and he looks like he’s up to no good…OH WELL LOL!!

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