Jesus Take The Wheel Knife: WTF Is Up With Ole Boy’s Grill!?!?!?!?!

- By Bossip Staff

Here is Pete Burns, who is known for creating British pop band called “Dead or Alive” in the 80’s, walking with his boyfriend recently.

He’s unrecognisable from the fresh-faced young singer who bounded on to the Eighties music scene with pop band Dead Or Alive. And now Pete Burns has stepped out with a painful-looking swollen face after apparently having more plastic surgery in a bid to correct his ‘ruined’ looks following several botched lip implants.

The 51-year-old singer was enjoying a day out in London with his boyfriend Michael Simpson when he debuted his new look. Wearing a black hat and understated outfit, Burns appeared to be attempting to stay under the radar during his day trip, but failed to remain unnoticed. Burns, who enjoyed something of a career revival after appearing on Celebrity Big Brother in 2006, said in a recent interview that he would only have more surgery if it would help rebuild his face.
The decision came after Burns won £450,000 in damages from his cosmetic surgeon Dr Maurizio Viel, who the singer claims left him ‘suicidal’ after his lip implant operations went wrong. Burns said: ‘I went all over the world to the best surgeons I could find and no one could save me from what he’d done.

‘There was going to be lip amputation… jaw amputation, and I found a surgeon in Italy, a cancer specialist called Giovanni Ferrando, who has now set up an office in London who maintains my face and maintains the damage that still goes on with it. ‘This is not classical good looks, I’ve gone as far as I will go, now mine is going to be maintenance. In September last year, Burns said: ‘As I looked in the mirror it felt like everything I had worked for was ruined due to the disabling injuries I suffered caused by Dr Maurizio Viel,’ Burns said in September last year.

‘I am just glad the case is now over. It is a terrible experience living with the trauma and worry of injury and disability and to have to re-live and recount the details and circumstances of how your injuries happened for the purposes of evidence for the court. ‘It has taken away my life and my career. I saw doctors in London who said the only option was to amputate my lips. I was suicidal.’

Here is what Pete looked like back in the day:

Lawdamercy…and judging from the first picture above, his boo is in the process of getting some face-work done as well. SMH. Too bad about the botched surgery, suicidal thoughts, and amputated lips, but damn…these people need to learn when to say when!!

Peep more pics and some before images below:


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  • Kimmy

    Firstt i have always wanted to say that lol

    • lucyQQW999

      oh great article ,age ant nothing but just a number. My boyfriend and i both think so..
      He is almost 11year older than me .i met him via ~~A’ge ming’le.【0M ~(a nice place) @@@ as my name says
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  • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

    OH MY! 0_O

  • Dottie

    Good heavens, I thought that was Cher for a minute.

    • tmoney

      LOL. Me too.

  • Sweet Ingredients


  • tommykimon

    I wouldn’t wish that face on my worst enemy. He looks horrible.

  • xhia

    I thought is was Cher too at first. Damn!

    I liked- you spin me twice round baby twice round like a record baby twice round twice round. something like that…

    Dang, we all have our issues!

    • Stelios Kontos

      I too thought it was

  • Bun Babylon

    kyan beleave battyman bizness… reach new bound… man dem favor gyal. * kissin teeth* hollin up purse….

  • FBeanzy

    Yikes. He looked like a normal dude back in his heydey.. at least he gave us a great song that still gets played at every damn party, ever… You spin me right round baby right rooound like a record baby right round, round round……

  • johnny ringo

    Can’t feel sorry for this fool!! All he lawsuits in the world can’t correct this shame. I have yet to see some good plastic surgery. They all wind up looking like the joker. Stop trying to build a body and be satisfied with what you were born with…..thatsjustme!!

    • T

      I bet you think Halle’s cute little nose is ok and that is definitely plastic surgery.

  • Mizz Teddy


  • shut the fu*ck up

    hes about to sing champion

  • Tom the Negro

    The problem was and is in his head to begin with. The grill is just the result of being unable to solve the problem.

    • London Girl


  • Jaye

    I thought it was CHER!!!

  • jazzie91

    ________FLATLINED ________

    wow I have no comment for this SMGDH


    be afraid, be very, very, very afraid…….I mean uggggggggggg!!!

  • Eddy

    He wanted lips like black people, but see what happened.

  • Shut Up Sonia


  • prissa

    I thought it was Octomom @ first. So very sad what these lost ppl do to themselves. I agree with Kingsley and Tom the Negro. Shame!

  • noluvforthastupid

    this is beyond sad

  • ByrdLadu

    Lol…I also thought it was Cher,

  • Broken_Halo

    LOL…looks like Octomom!

  • Say What!

    Kim Kardashian in another 15 years….

  • Chris1761

    Plastic surgery isn’t just for gay people.

  • Jessica

    Wow, I actually feel bad for this guy

  • punkmike

    are they carrying purses?

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