Exclusive: ‘All I Want is You’ Artist Miguel, Newcomer … Big Talent! [Video]

- By Bossip Staff
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  • Ms. Littlejohn

    I like his voice a lot. That song “All I Want Is You” is crackin’!!

    ; )

    • lisaqqww

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  • Pretty Brown Eyes

    Why is he SO cute? I’ve been checkin for him since his mixtape which was bananas!!! Love him!

    • Whoa!

      I know seriously right? I’ve been checkin on him since 05′, lol

  • Lalalala

    Super FRESH REAL MUSIC COMING BACK, lOvE the VIBE AND HE’s a HANDSOME GUY Keep the music coming Miguel! you got a fan right here 🙂

    • DollBaby101

      He11 yeah. This song is BANGIN.

      But I hate how n-ggaz always do this sh-t!!

      Don’t act all crazy in love now that you know you’ll never hit this again. *rolls eyes*

  • THE TRUTH IS.....

    Miguel Jontel Pimental…
    I LOVE IT!!!

  • exact

    i have to disagree. HIs voice is average AT BEST. His music is Really not all that great aside from this song…blahhh

  • Truth

    judging by wat i have seen him do on the dumb BET show he has insane vocal ability. I wish his songs would show it off a little more.

  • Blah

    He has no freakin personality and comes off arrogant

  • NIkki


  • Jessica

    He is FINE AS HELL!!

  • MochaLove

    OMG!! I just saw him in Atlanta two weeks ago, he’s an amazing artist and works the stage well!! I’m a fan, it’s official. He’s DOPE with his lil cute self.

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  • lindaft

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  • smh

    good time for fresh faces !!!

  • seyess

    Saw him LIVE and was NOT IMPRESSED…looks can only take u so far then u NEED actual TALENT and ABILITY. ITS jus not there, vocal ability was not up to Par in my opinion

  • Ms. Shannon

    I really think this song is hot!!!!

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