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Ok, we don’t wanna call the 14-year-old a ho when she was the voice of Dora The Explorer for three years. But she needs to sit down.

Over the weekend, the news broke that 14-year-old Caitlin Sanchez was suing the folks at Nickelodeon for making her sign a horrible contract when she started voicing our favorite little Latina truant Dora in 2007. That lawsuit started a war of words between Nick execs saying that Caitlin’s voice was a little too mature to keep playing Dora, and her mother saying they told her Caitlin would be rolling with the homie Boots for at least another two years.

But as TMZ reports, Caitlin wasn’t exactly broke and struggling during her time as the voice of Nick Jr.

She claims she’s worth millions … but TMZ has learned the girl who voiced Dora on “Dora the Explorer” was paid roughly $300,000 for her three years on the show — the same rate she agreed to when she signed her original contract back in 2007.

According to our spies inside Nickelodeon, Caitlin Sanchez raked in approximately $1,250 an hour for her work on the popular children’s TV show — and still has untold amounts of cash in the pipeline from merchandise royalties and residuals from reruns.

And again, she signed the contract in ’07, when Dora The Explorer was already extremely popular with the international toddler set. So it’s not like she was the very first Dora and didn’t know how popular the show was. Meaning: she could have negotiated for more or walked away then.

By the way, Caitlin actually still had a job before all of this. Even though Nickelodeon felt her voice was a little grown, they say they still planned on using her voice on the show until 2012, just not for public appearances and PR. The mom wasn’t having it.

In other words, Caitlin your mom is fawkin up the paper. We’ve seen this happen to child actors before. It usually doesn’t turn out well. Also: we doubt this is the way to get another job in Hollywood.


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