No More Cracked Out K-Ci & JoJo Wedding Songs… Uncle Charlie Wilson Just Gave Us A New Wedding Jawn!!!

- By Bossip Staff

Lately, Charlie Wilson has been popping up in a couple of Kanye West’s new jawns but now it’s time for him to get a little solo shine. Uncle Charlie’s new jawn “You Are” is the new wedding jawn for 2010 and will probably be added to everyone’s wedding songs playlist. It was about that time for someone to come up with a new, especially if you were looking for something to replace the crack twins, K-Ci and Jo Jo, that can’t seem to get it together… SMH!!!

Take a Listen to Charlie Wilson’s “You Are”:

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    I like it, it will make someone I nice wedding song, but hard to duplicate for most depending on what key you’re in my song is an awesome vocalist, but wouldn’t sound right singing this.


      oops my son is an awesome vocalist is what I meant to say

  • fgdcv

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  • Greeneyez

    Wow!!!! Does he really look like he is crackin anymore… Some ppl do change…. Dont u have family who has changed…. I luv me some Charlie… Pleeze believe in second chances….smile…

  • kris

    It’s added 2 mine! I love this song

  • if anything be noble

    So mean. What we did is not who we always will be. Yes, Greeneyez. Believe in second, third, fourth and fifth chances. We all need them.

  • Matix B

    He got some real nice teeth! Looking like my man’s grill!

  • Jandsmama

    Who would have thought that the lead singer of the Gap Band would have this kind of longevity?!? Keep crankin’ out the hits Charlie!

  • Nykki

    Love Charlie Wilson…My first dance was to “There Goes My Baby”

  • Littleenglander

    Charlie Wilson is a legend, end of. Keep doing your thing Uncle Charlie. Love him!

  • Riley

    Love the song and love Charlie Wilson!!!!!! People make mistakes in life and we should all forgive….never know where you will be one day and what life has in store for you. Always think positive and uplift other….

  • Yes Ma!

    Love it! Need more of this type of music.

  • that army chick

    Love, Love, LOVE Charlie Wilson. I saw him perform in Iraq this past February and it was THE best concert ever. Keep on, Keeping on!

  • chinadoll32

    LOL….that is too funny!! Thanks for the laugh!!!

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