Kendra Wilkinson: “Fawk Hank’s ‘Sorry-Can’t-Keep-A-Job-A$$’…Me And The Baby Are Bouncing And Moving Back To LA”

- By Bossip Staff

So much for this relationship…

Kendra Wilkinson has made the shocking decision to take her son and move back to Los Angeles— 1,500 miles away from her husband in Minnesota. “She’s moving back to LA,” an insider reveals to Life & Style. “It’ll happen in mid-October. She made the decision firmly and told Hank.”

While being apart is tough on any couple, Hank’s most upset that he’s spending so much time away from his son at a vital stage in the 10-monthold’s development. “Hank is pissed,” says the insider. “The fighting between Kendra and him is bad. They’ve had teary fights and crying fits. They’ve been screaming at each other. He can’t understand why she won’t come to Minnesota. Every day is torture for him.”

For Kendra, her baby and her series on E! are the only sources of stability in her life, and LA is where her career can thrive. “In her mind, it’s not her fault Hank can’t keep a job,” notes a second insider to Life & Style. “She has a job too — plus friends in LA and family in San Diego. She’s not going to Minnesota and destroy her career.”

SMH at Hank’s wack a$$ football career ruining their marriage. Poor thang.


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  • nana

    Lmaooo but atleast he is trying and hasn’t given up! Leave the dude alone yall

    • fgrg

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    • Miami Chick

      I really hope this isn’t true.
      I like this couple together and you can tell they truly love each other.
      Come on and work it out Kendra and Hank, don’t let that Hollyweird crap ruin your bond!

    • YOU

      So she wants him to leave his 900,000 for one season (6 months) to get a regular job that pays 40,000 a year? I think NOT.

    • That'sWhatThatIS

      Her career?!@# Her first priorities are wife and mother! If Big Hank and little Hank were pons in the play she depicted in her mind (her career).. SHE SHOULDN’T HAVE GOTTEN MARRIED!

  • Iyan

    I refuse to believe she would leave him, after the trifling mess he had to endure with her past. He stuck by her, why can’t she?

  • lani3000

    Thats eff’d up Kendra. I know mothers’ need to be with their kids but most of the time, THE FATHERS GET THE SHAFT.


  • greg

    I don’t know why she’s mad she takes her clothes off for money…at least a team still wants him…you can’t just take a mans kid away from him like that

    • RMEs

      Rose, I couldn’t have said it better myself.

    • really?

      she has a TEAM that wants her too…lol!!!

  • Tessa

    That’s terrible,
    she really didn’t love him if she didn’t want to ride it out with him. I used to like her but wow! people true colors start to come out. Give him a break.

  • keema

    What the hell is going on this week!!!! Way too much divorce news!

    • Fan of the BE-BE Store

      I saw this coming, she married this dummy because she saw NFL $$$ Signs. She was really trying to aim for a top notch player, but this was the only fool that was checkin for her. I hate to say it too, but there were red flags everywhere. Her trailer park family, they wouldn’t have been so open arms had he been just some regular black dude on the street with a 9-5 job.

  • 2much

    That’s so terrible. She was there for only one thing and now it seems that he doesn’t have it anymore she is ready to pack up and leave. Oh well…

    • Ms. Chocolate

      Yep you are exactly right!! I saw this one coming, she miss that Hugh Heffner money. lol…People just don’t respect marriage vows anymore, what happened to “for better or worse” it’s a darn shame!!

  • Nicky from

    Yea I hate to hear about people breaking up especially when there is a baby involved. I hope they can work it out.

  • lt

    is any one surprised by this?

    • spikepine


  • kim

    Hank knew who she was before he married her. Oh well.

    • Fan of the BE-BE Store

      He married her for his own darn ego. He knew it would probably help his career in some way and also his friends would pat his sorry foolish butt on the back saying Hey Good going Hank, you got you a playboy bunny. But, she had other intentions. And to bring a baby into the mix is crazy.

  • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

    They’re marriage is already heading down the crapper? WOW!

    I thought they made a good couple but then again,all that glitters isn’t gold.

    Hope they manage to work things out if they truly one another,have faith in their marriage (fresh one @ that) & most important,their precious baby boy.

    • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)



    The woman was a jump off of Hugh Hefner–not exactly wife material from the jump.This should not be a surprise to anyone.When will some men learn the proper qualities to look for in a wife?

    • rose by any other name #93040263394 ™


    • rose by any other name #93040263394 ™

      ole skool qualities never die, cooking , cleaning, and not hiring nannies to take care of one Gd kid.. and not whinning and crying because you gained a lil weight bringing your husbands kid into the world! he treated her lazy azz like a queen when she was pregnant… rubbing her feet and doing everything and all that skunk did was whine and bytch!! good riddance to skank rubbish!!

    • JenB

      “holding my breath” (not really)

  • *she rocks*

    I hope this is not another fake story

  • Mia

    When he dropped that football at the superbowl, I knew then it would be a wrap for his career! Who are these brothers fooling when they imply that white girls aren’t gold diggers, had he married a black woman, they would battle it out despite of him being broke.

    • rose by any other name #93040263394 ™

      MIA… you are right .. a black woman wouldnt have left at the drop of a hat… if you love this man you stick with him thru thick and thin… thats what he gets thinking he had something better than a black woman… who takes a playboy picture of them to their mans parents house… shes a skeezer and alwys will ne a gold-diggin skeezer!!

    • Real314

      @MIA and Rose come on now this ain’t got nothing to do with race, cause there are just as many black, asain, and hispanic women that would have left too…for everyone of any ethnicity that would have stayed, there is one that would have left, so ethnicity has not do with the equation.

    • rose by any other name #93040263394 ™

      @real314.. ok, come on now .. its always about race and i know tons of black women who would have stayed…most black women i know try to make their marriage last… but its something about interracial marriages that just dont last or work out or he ends up wanting to kill her azz..what went wrong? ask the white woman .. she knows!!

    • spikepine

      When black men marry white women because they believe the stupid myth that they are not gold diggers, they are quite ignorant. What do they think the white women are looking for? Brothers need to wake up and stop believing that when they go white, life will be alright.

    • WTF?

      SMH @ you bitter black broads. How is she a gold digger when she makes more $$$ than him? And dont worry even if they do split he still wont get with a blackie.So Rose you will just have to make do with foodstamps,ok? Black women make their marriages work? LMAO you have no choice but to be babymamas,nobody is marrying yall.Stop lying!!!

    • williedynamite

      kill the race comments…This guy didnt even have any black groomsmen at his wedding, so why the hell would you think he even socializes with black people?…maybe he just doesnt identify with “black” culture…it has nothing to do with him “wanting a white woman” maybe thats all he was raised around

  • Chamelio Salamander

    Damn ol girl cant take a break? football only last a few months then they can move back to LA

  • CheckingIn

    THANK YOU, Cool Talk. You took the words right out of my mouth. Ho’ing as a stable career for herself AND her child. Now, there’s a laugh.

  • AllBahianGirl

    Nobody really knows the real story why Kendra is leaving Hank. Maybe she’s not having a good time in the marriage,can’t resolve the problems and decided to move away from it. That is smart thinking and if there is going to be a divorce it’s best to do it while the child is young than to sit for years with a man she’s unhappy with.

    • Blacchyna

      I agree, with you %100. If she is not happy keep it moving…

  • Blacchyna

    Man I don’t feel sorry for him, He got puzzy whipped and married a playboy bunny.. As the saying goes, you can’t turn a hoe into a house wife. On to the NEXT..

  • yz

    Oh please not shedding any tears for him. Kendra got what she want a baby and hopefully a good child support check. Love had nothing to do with this marriage. It was for the love of money.

    • London Girl

      I do not know either of their backgrounds or history. Do not know who he is and didn’t know she was an ex Playboy bunny. But I would say I agree with you yz. The baby is only 10months!!!! You guys can’t work it out? That’s sad 😦

  • Whatever

    Where is Minnesota? and what state is it in?

    • yz

      Minnesota is the state; it is located in the midwest.

    • leslie

      I could have sworn geography was mandatory in grade school…

    • Mock Rock Star

      America’s school system should be ashamed 😦

    • Syd Sylvr

      SMDH @ Whatever

    • shut the fu*ck up

      WTF is this a joke???

      where is Minn

      where are you ??

    • noniya

      i hope u asked that because you don’t live in the US.

    • JenB

      LMAO!!!!! “Whatever” you really asked that question and the funny part is that you got a response!!! Whew I can’t breathe you all are too funny for me! I’m still laffin!!!!!! Thanks, middle of the week, really needed it!

    • Curious1 aka I'm Just Sayin'

      R U Serious??? wow…

    • MJ

      what are they teaching kids in school nowadays. They definitely need to keep Geography in schools.

    • London Girl

      LMAO at these comments. Leave ‘Whatever’ alone; hopefully he/she doesn’t live in the US lol 🙂

  • z

    what happened to for better or worse, she don’t want to be married so she should just keep it real.

  • knowsitall

    My thing is,if you wanted stability why would you marry a football player? That’s the life. It would be different if they didnt have a child but because they do, family first! If she loved him unconditionally she would take her a** with him.

  • thesaneone

    u usually move to where the bread winner needs to be for work. kendra is the bread winner…so u move to where she works!!! what’s the problemo??? oh wait, if it was him moving for his football career, it would be ok??? smh. PLUS YALL ACT LIKE ITS COOL TO LIVE IN MINNESOTA? u would wanna leave too!

    • Pam#2

      cosign!! theyre gonna be on the streets if she doesnt do her show!

  • Smokie

    What did he expect? He married a whorish woman who was clearly not wrapped up in him. I thought he knew that he has to be on his tip toes to keep that woman. She’ll leave him just as soon as a better deal comes her way. That’s what he gets for being so stupid.

  • Claire

    Minnesota IS a state around Illinois and Missouri, Iowa yeah those area.

    • rose by any other name #93040263394 ™

      Minnesota is near my STate STL, MO and near Iowa and Illinois (chi-town) and also Michigan and all the great Midwestern States.. its cold as he** there too! Prince (rogers Nelson) is from Minnesota!!

    • Mock Rock Star

      Yes Prince is from Minneapolis. It’s cold, suburban and corny there. Hell, I think even Prince has relocated to LA

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