Tip’s Clocking Early Community Service Hours: Talks Man Off The Ledge Of A 22-Story Building

- By Bossip Staff

A young Atlanta man and his family now literally owe his life to none other than the King of the South.

An unidentified man created all kinds of chaos and drama in Midtown Atlanta today, when he decided to jump off a building on busy Peachtree Street right at the start of rush hour. Of course, the 22-story building he selected as the place where he would take his life is home to Atlanta radio station V-103, which, of course, provided its listeners with play-by-play of the action-movie as it took place.

T.I., hearing the madness from wherever he was (Grand Hustle’s office and studios aren’t too far), headed over and saved the day.

“He came to the scene and offered to talk to him, we told the young man that, and he came down,” Officer James Polite with Atlanta police told the AJC.

When the man threatening to jump came down, T.I. was waiting and the two talked for a few minutes, Polite said.

The man, whose name was not released, was then transported to Grady Memorial Hospital for treatment, Polite said.

Shortly before 4 p.m., man went to the roof of 400 Colony Square Building, located at 1201 Peachtree Street.

Peachtree Street was temporarily blocked off between 14th and 15th streets, and MARTA buses were being re-routed, Officer James Polite with the Atlanta police department said. The street was expected to reopen shortly after 5 p.m., Polite said.

T.I. know damn well that was a Grand Hustle intern. Or maybe one of the long list of Grand Hustle artists who are never dropping an album.

This was probably the first episode from his NEW “I-changed-my-life-and-you-can-to-even-though-I-keep-going-back-to-jail” show on MTV.

Or maybe he’s downgraded to BET now.


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  • sexylady


    • Acting is right!

      I just want to say to all of the comments that follow this. Why in the world would someone go on top of a 22 story building and stand on a 4 foot strip of nothing, risking their life to be a publicity stunt for T.I? your logic makes no sense at all. Someone almost took their life on one of the busiest streets in Atlanta. You haters need to take a cheer pill and stop being so ghetto in thought all the time.

  • nana

    I swear Tip has Nine lives! Whateva God this dude prays to is listening..lol

  • KeKe

    Publicity stunt..

    • WHOOPS

      Thats what I’m thinking!!!!!!

  • Smart Move

    Very suspect. Does dude have deal with Grand Hustle? Was this Yuny Dro.

  • Shananigans


  • Got Jokes

    This sounds like a scene out of “Talk to Me” with Don “Petey Greene” Cheadle and them

  • http://Bossip Caramel Peach

    I was thinkin the exact same thing this is an ACT

  • quilombo

    Stunt to clear up his dirty laundry!?!

  • ignoranceisbliss

    Public stunt like a mofo…Ha Ha them Feds wants 11 to 14 months out of his #@^ what will that get him 2 days off his time

    Tip might still do time

  • Joe

    TI isnt doing any time he snitching to the feds and he is going to get off.

  • Blacqberry

    Wow. Sounds like a publicity stunt to me.

  • 7lady

    This sound so damn fake.

  • jj

    wow ti keep ya head up tha hatin
    9 lives definitely big up to tip!415 frisco cali

  • http://esaw0111@rock.com REAL TALK



  • positive nature

    If it wasn’t a publicity stunt, then he did a great thing. he saved someone’s life.
    we don’t know if it was or not.
    people should just get the facts before they judge.
    i think TI and Tiny did a very stupid thing, but I would never wish bad times on anyone.
    REAL TALK…. you are just hateful. what’s happening in your life that makes you so judgemental ad angry? failed rap career?… probably.
    (how’s that for judgement?)

  • Allie

    Definitely smells like a publicity stunt

  • heavenwings

    TI if that ain’t some bullshit,i’m sorry i just don’t believe it…

  • daisy jay

    if it wasn’t a stunt, then i commend T.I. for what he did.
    although i must say, it’s sad that all of this even EXISTS. Clifford is in trouble AGAIN. i really loved him before, but my level of respect has decreased, simply because he keeps getting involved in all this bullsh!t knowing that his children are gonna be affected. f*ck his image and career, his kids should come first. for him to get into all this mess tells me that he doesn’t really care as much as he says. some will say it’s all tiny’s fault, but there’s no way that he didn’t know what she had on her. Clifford Harris, wake up before your luck completely runs out. I will pray for the kids

  • 2Sweet: *Bossip's Finest*

    Lmao. I couldnt even read the whole article it was so rediculously & obviously fake. I see others aint drinkin the sugar water either.

  • bklynista718

    Damn..a brotha can’t catch a break huh?!..so a publicity stunt would send a man to risk his life for the sake of TI’s career?? Seriously?? Is he God now? Have u ever heard of coincidence?? U f*ckers seriously need a time out from ur negative lives..pathetic..n whoever commented on prayin for TI’s kids like they’re in trouble, u need to pray for ur own damn kids or the kids suffering in 3rd wrld countries instead of a celebrity’s..he taking care of his very well..nuff said!!..can’t stand ppl like that..”Oh what about the children”..like u’ll support them..u like kids so much, adopt!!lol

  • London Girl

    Publicity stunt or not? Personally, I do not think so. As many have said, who would risk their life to create such publicity for a rapper?!

    If this is genuine, good on you Tip!

  • Ciana

    it was real i saw it on the new today LOL hopefully he gets 3 months since he helped.

    • countess hearn

      who are you to give him some time did you give paris & lindsey any.

  • Human Racist

    as soon as I would have seen this pencil neck cornball I would have jumped… don’t be fooled by a con. This is taken straight from Strokin em Long’s playbook… GTFOH, Clifford!!!

  • TheTruth


  • tb (What is really good with the amount of pop-ups on this site now?!?!)

    Ya’ll can believe this mess if you want to. That guy is one of TI’s cronies that he sent up there to act a fool, so that he can tell the judge that he has influence over young ppl’s lives and he can make a difference. This guy is nothing but an opportunist. I don’t trust TI, I don’t like TI. I wish they would just lock him up for 10 years minimum. Because, everyone else without money would be in jail hunting booty as we speak.

    • 100milesperhour


      I agree; T.I. probably knew the guy & paid him handsomely to sit on top of a damn building threatening to jump, waisting peoples’ damn time.

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