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In one of several interviews he’s granted following his latest act of heroism, T.I. says he can’t understand how anyone could “proposturalize such poppycock” as to think he somehow was involved in planning a man’s attempted suicide.

Just hours after saving the life of a young man named Joshua, T.I. handled the difficult task of talking to the press about being a vessel of God. Here are the highlights from his interview with Hot 107.9’s The Durtty Boyz.

What exactly happened yesterday afternoon:

In a nutshell, I got in my car on my way to shoot a video, and on my way, I heard there was a guy on the roof of a building and he was threatening to jump. And when they told me he was 22, a young Black man, something in me just said, “Ay man, you gotta see what you can do to help.” I immediately started making phone calls to the people that I felt might be in the area that might be able to assist me in assisting. And I just made my way down there… Something just told me ‘go down there, and offer to help until somebody tell you in your face you can’t help.

On the young man Joshua’s mindset:

I’m not informed enough to know that much about [Joshua’s life]… What I told him is, “No matter how bad it seem right now, it gets better. If you willing to put in the work, man, the time, effort and energy to help it get better, it will get better no matter how bad it seem right now.” Then I looked at him and said, “You know I know.”… I think that was more the connection: “this guy’s been through hell, and he’s still here. And if it can get better for him, then it can get better for me.”

Was this a publicity stunt?

How can I plan this? I don’t even understand how someone in a clear-thinking mind could even proposturalize such poppycock. It don’t make no sense to a rational thinking person. How in the hell could you say that someone, just because to benefit myself, I went out of my way? I didn’t do it, God did it! God did all the work, I just showed up. I’m not taking no credit, I’m not trying to say that I did this and I did that. All I did was show up and [tell] the officials, “If there’s anything I can do to help us resolve this peacefully, I’m willing.”

(Sidenote: God is to rappers as Rocky Marciano is to White people.)

Preach on, Brother Tip.

Sometime people got to understand that God do things that humans ain’t gon’ be able to understand. So to try to understand it, you in over your head already. You just got to bear witness to it… You just got to observe it. I don’t see how it could be thought, believed or assumed that I’m in anyway trying to manipulate this situation.

And let’s throw the rest of you rappin’ and tappin’ mu’fu*kas under the bus for good measure.

I mean, if it’s not me, who else you got? You say, “Ok, he got this situation, yadi yadi yada.” Who you got without a situation that’s showing up to do something. For as long as people have known me, they’ve known me to be the person that goes out of his way to do anything to help someone worth helping… I’ve always been the one to go the extra mile to connect with the people who don’t nobody else care to connect with. I’ve always been that person regardless of my circumstances. So, I mean, this isn’t outside of my character. This isn’t abnormal. I believe that this is what God has put me here to do.

The Kang has spoken. And if his attorney’s decide to bring any of this up at his probation hearing tomorrow at 2:00pm Eastern, it’ll just be a fringe benefit to doing the Lord’s work. Because no matter what we have to say, someone’s life did get saved yesterday.

Oh, and in another interview this morning with the Ricky Smiley Morning Show, T.I. sent this message to his fans regarding his reckless acts of stupidity:

“No matter how long it take, I will make you proud of me again.”

Thank you, T.I. Thank you.




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