T.I. Offers Post-Heroic Words Of Wisdom… Even If They’re Not All Real Words

- By Bossip Staff

In one of several interviews he’s granted following his latest act of heroism, T.I. says he can’t understand how anyone could “proposturalize such poppycock” as to think he somehow was involved in planning a man’s attempted suicide.

Just hours after saving the life of a young man named Joshua, T.I. handled the difficult task of talking to the press about being a vessel of God. Here are the highlights from his interview with Hot 107.9’s The Durtty Boyz.

What exactly happened yesterday afternoon:

In a nutshell, I got in my car on my way to shoot a video, and on my way, I heard there was a guy on the roof of a building and he was threatening to jump. And when they told me he was 22, a young Black man, something in me just said, “Ay man, you gotta see what you can do to help.” I immediately started making phone calls to the people that I felt might be in the area that might be able to assist me in assisting. And I just made my way down there… Something just told me ‘go down there, and offer to help until somebody tell you in your face you can’t help.

On the young man Joshua’s mindset:

I’m not informed enough to know that much about [Joshua’s life]… What I told him is, “No matter how bad it seem right now, it gets better. If you willing to put in the work, man, the time, effort and energy to help it get better, it will get better no matter how bad it seem right now.” Then I looked at him and said, “You know I know.”… I think that was more the connection: “this guy’s been through hell, and he’s still here. And if it can get better for him, then it can get better for me.”

Was this a publicity stunt?

How can I plan this? I don’t even understand how someone in a clear-thinking mind could even proposturalize such poppycock. It don’t make no sense to a rational thinking person. How in the hell could you say that someone, just because to benefit myself, I went out of my way? I didn’t do it, God did it! God did all the work, I just showed up. I’m not taking no credit, I’m not trying to say that I did this and I did that. All I did was show up and [tell] the officials, “If there’s anything I can do to help us resolve this peacefully, I’m willing.”

(Sidenote: God is to rappers as Rocky Marciano is to White people.)

Preach on, Brother Tip.

Sometime people got to understand that God do things that humans ain’t gon’ be able to understand. So to try to understand it, you in over your head already. You just got to bear witness to it… You just got to observe it. I don’t see how it could be thought, believed or assumed that I’m in anyway trying to manipulate this situation.

And let’s throw the rest of you rappin’ and tappin’ mu’fu*kas under the bus for good measure.

I mean, if it’s not me, who else you got? You say, “Ok, he got this situation, yadi yadi yada.” Who you got without a situation that’s showing up to do something. For as long as people have known me, they’ve known me to be the person that goes out of his way to do anything to help someone worth helping… I’ve always been the one to go the extra mile to connect with the people who don’t nobody else care to connect with. I’ve always been that person regardless of my circumstances. So, I mean, this isn’t outside of my character. This isn’t abnormal. I believe that this is what God has put me here to do.

The Kang has spoken. And if his attorney’s decide to bring any of this up at his probation hearing tomorrow at 2:00pm Eastern, it’ll just be a fringe benefit to doing the Lord’s work. Because no matter what we have to say, someone’s life did get saved yesterday.

Oh, and in another interview this morning with the Ricky Smiley Morning Show, T.I. sent this message to his fans regarding his reckless acts of stupidity:

“No matter how long it take, I will make you proud of me again.”

Thank you, T.I. Thank you.


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  • lisabbtt2125

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    • DollBaby1o1

      But all of us know that real and weird sh-t happens like this all of the time, right!!?


      I cant be the only person who have had the best things happen for me at the least expected time and or when I really needed it, if so I don’t feel sorry for ya’ll…I’m just glad yours ain’t MY life!

    • Yea, B*** I said it...now do sumthing

      I truly love me some T.I. Forget wat ppl say…. He’s human jus like u and I. He was in the streeets B4 the fame and all the money. So,I feel everyone is diff…an it takes time for ppl to change. But tht doesn’t make him a bad person. Jus giving my opinion

  • Leslie

    God put T.I. in the right place at the right time. It is a sign of his character that he even wanted to help. There were people on the ground screaming ugly comments at the young man on top of Colony Square. This was not a publicity stunt or a coincidence. This is a great example of how God can use you to bless someone else despite have your own issues.

    • LuVn_LiFe

      i was wondering if it was a publicity stunt or was CliFFord just put in the right place at the right time.
      If this really Happened its definently a great show of Character and empathy on His part.

    • Ralph

      STFU, you TI fans are comedy, almost as bad as Chris Brown fans. I hope TI gets locked up and beaten to one inch of his life in prison. Let him learn a lesson about dealing with the law. You break the law you do the time, If he was so damn Godly he should of though twice before breaking the law. Tired of hearing about this southern goofball trying to get a plea deal.

    • Ralph

      To be honest with you I would have thought that TI would be snitching to the feds for a lighter sentence like he did for the gun charges. He told on his whole block which is a great thing for us law abiding citizens but contradictory for these studio gangster rappers.

  • nana

    Like I said, Tip has Nine lives! Whoeva he prays to is listening to him! And I wish him well. Who is without sin should shoot themselves right now

  • AQueenWaits

    I can’t stand this CLOWN and his clown wife with their clown car. They are all just a bunch of hypocrites! This SPOOK just got out of jail and now that there’s a chance that he might go back for another booty pop, he’s scared??? How is gonna be talking about the skreets and how bad he is, when all this fool is doing is frontin’?

    I hope they put him back in jail and allow BUBBA to be his cellmate.

  • tb (What is really good with the amount of pop-ups on this site now?!?!)

    Ya’ll can believe this mess if you want to. That guy is one of TI’s cronies that he sent up there to act a fool, so that he can tell the judge that he has influence over young ppl’s lives and he can make a difference. This guy is nothing but an opportunist. I don’t trust TI, I don’t like TI. I wish they would just lock him up for 10 years minimum. Because, everyone else without money would be in jail hunting booty as we speak.

    • Lisa

      Thank you, I’m glad someone else wasn’t so stupid to fall for this. We are suppose to believe he just so happen to hear this on the radio and he goes and saves the day. All this the day before he goes to court…yeah right


      TI is a saint, so stop hatin!!! I can’t stop lauging….

  • Uguess

    Tip already know his fate the money setteled that. He was trying to help someone. He did he saved someone’s life. God speaks when you least expect it. I hope this young brotha will be alright. I am glad T I listened.

  • Kris

    AQueenWaits and tb, both of ya’ll sound like some haters. U actually think that he had someone go on top of a building and act as if he was going to jump? Ya’ll the ones that sound crazy. He showed how big of a heart he has and he allowed God to work through him. The only reason we are hearing about it is because he’s T.I.P and the media is eating it up. “Let he without sin cast the first stone.” That’s for u AQueenWaits (hater) SMDH

  • micial

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  • Mrs. Rance

    What ever dude. Take your butt to rehab.

  • Kim

    Thank you father for sending TI… people please stop judging TIP. He is a blessed man and GOD is not through with him yet…

  • egyptianprincess

    i think he did a good deed but there something fishy bout this situation i just cant point it out. but if he claims God put him in that position to help then i guess i believe him. I’ve always like ti and you gotta think about it he did help those kids in road to redemption so maybe he is a good hearted person. great job tip♥

  • blaxitive

    Kermit the frog should have listened when God was telling him that everyone is laughing at his wife Miss Piggy!! He also should have listened when God was telling him not to ride around with drugs and weed!! Now he’ll be listening for God when they tap dat’ hunkus!!!

  • rhianna

    All of you r being played. R u serious? T.I. happened to save a young black man a day or two before his trial? Too much of a coincidence to me. He looks like a hypocrite cuz he talked all that inspirational/changed man talk before he went to jail. Did a helluva short bid ( considering what he was charged with) , then came out and did something completely reckless, irresponsible and stupid. I like T.I., but he doesn’t live the way he preach. I can’t help but to think this was staged. Sorry. He got a court case tomorrow; how ironic. Just like Fantasia attempting suicide a week before her album came out. The situation looks too fishy. Sorry.

  • Ralph

    If it was some intervention by god maybe he should change his whole gun and gangster music genre and rap about god. This garbage is staged probably by the fan of his corny music or TI. Send his goofy behind to prison and lock the key. Tired of hearing about this southern monkey.

  • ATL

    UFO’s flew over new york yesterday. OMG, the illuminati has arrived

  • ladydi

    PR stunt..celebs will do anything now..so sad the world has come to this..

    He just happens to be going back to court to see how many months he has to do …and he just happens to help a man trying to jump off a building where a hip hop radio station is housed…okay…yeah right…

  • handbagok

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  • navywife

    Some of you people sound really ignorant. The problem with the world now is that everyone is doubting the power of God. Ti isn’t concerned about his jail time. His family will be taken care of regardless. God used him to save that young man’s life. If you don’t know God now you will eventually. Ti I am praying for you and your wife. Only God has the power to judge.

  • juliemango

    Stunt or not t.i is a valuable member of society so stop d hatin!!!

  • whiiteboii

    WOW how can T.I. Stoop so low!! Using God just to save iz azz from prison!! If it wuz truly God then he wud never go on a interview n yap about everything n make himself look like a saint…the bible clearly say what yu do in private shall b rewared by God, but those who pray out loud on the street corners for people to see, already received their reward…SMH

  • Datzher

    Ok so if the guy had jump and took his life..then da story would have been TI made dude kill himself..SMH he cant seem to win any situation at all..so why try explain it just know you did a good deed and let da people talk as long as u know u help someone!

  • smokeythebear66

    i saw on tv the other day a 17 year old girl who hasnt aged since she was 2!!! Shes 17 but looks and function like a 2 year old crasy world huh..so to say theres no way he was at the right place at the right time is dumb..if god can do something as ground breaking as that 17 year old girl then nothing is impossible

  • navywife

    @whiiteboi if you haven’t noticed ti is a celebrity. If this man blinks he is all over tv. And why not share this testimony? This should be heard about the power of God especially with all the people doubting God.

  • sunflower

    T I is eating too many biscuits

  • whiiteboii

    @navywife yea it just happened that he had court the next and he trying to get brownie points with the judge. I believe in Gods work n his power also but 9 out of 10 these fake ppl claiming God power for their own gain, as believers in God we should learn to discern what’s fake and what’s real and not immediately jumping on something just bcuz it happens to add sum credit to God, ppl need to open their eyes to thiz BS media stunts

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