Twitter Files: E. Badu’s Got Some Words For All You Desperate Faux “Crossover R&B” Culture Destroyers

- By Bossip Staff

Even her Twitter rants aren’t like anyone else’s.

Erykah Badu had Twitter on fire last night over the state of Urban music. Well, her 250k deep corner of Twitter and their followers at least. What started out as a rant about the over abundance of artists trying to “crossover and go pop” (read Usher, Akon, Kelis, etc.) ended up a full on discussion between Witchypoo, her fans, some media folks and even a couple of other artists.

Her last words on the subject where classically delivered in the way on Badu could do.

Head over to for the Baduisms in full.

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  • Tiffany

    Yeah when i heard “There goes my baby” by Usher I was like alright now he’s back…then I heard “Baby tonight the Dj got us fallin in love again”…and I like OMG too tho…but its like my playlists is stuck in the 90s cuz i dont want to hear that shyt all the time…Erykah you have to bless us again…call up lauryn while you at it..

  • Ms Bossi3

    Man she is speaking the truth like never before. I was just discussing this same subject with my room mate two nights ago. WTF is going on these days. This is horrible I’m so worried for the future.

  • wrsdef

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  • YokoDMV

    and someone could also take issue w. somone so “deep” spending time JUDGING on twitter of all places (the biggest hub of nonsensical/self-congratulatory BS/advertising ever pushed down our throats – and yes I have one) so she needs to stay in her lane – if you make soul music excellent – if someone wants to rap over a scottish bagpipe track let them, music/life is evolving at a pace unlike ever seen before (rushing to the end). How are you ahead of your time….yet still so behind?? Weird. I’m done now. : )

  • jdmann

    A Badu fan but all her songs sound the same if you heard bag lady you heard them all. Black music should grow, evolve but never forget where it came from.

    The hardest clothing line since animal skins

  • kennedy220

    i listen to everyting and when i dont want to hear whats on the radio i simply go to my cd collection. there are plenty of RB singers out there doing str8 RB and they arent hard to find. you guys are either sleeping on them or ignoring them. i think that its great when an artist changes their sound. music evolves and goes right back around. we had our boy band era. it left and came back, the same with techno will happen. it all happens over and over again. get over it E. badu. im still buying your albums too

  • Just Some Cat

    I love EB. I own all of her CD’s, and will continue to buy them. But like most artists, just STFU and sing.

  • Ashanesus

    the people who arepop these days to stay relevant are as follows, Usher, Beyonce, Rhianna,Ciara,,etc these people are killing our music…Ashanti,Mary J, Jill scott,Eryka Badu,Jasmine Sullivan, etc are the ones who keeping soul music alive, as much as people hate on Ashanti, she has soul in her music and her songs sound like the 90’s era. That’s why I love that girl, she’s the TRUTH<

    • ^^^^^Your Dumb^^^^^^

      Aaaaaand You should kill your self for putting Ashanti and soul together!

  • How come you can't think?

    No. she. does. NOT. need to sit down, puh-lease. I don’t know what kind of internal rhythm you have, but all of that techno, house, pop crap IS WEAK, and I’m tired of hearing black voices sing blandly over even BLAND-er music… how could anyone have a tolerance for this crap? The only thing that Erykah Badu did wrong is worry about offending anyone, that boring a$$ music is offensive to me.

    I grew up in the days when people had talent and WOULD USE IT…like a weapon to the senses…nowadays, the whites are jammin’ harder than the n*ggaz, and that’s a shame….

    • Curious1 aka I'm Just Sayin'

      ^^ agree pretty much…and what she is saying is no different than when Nas said HipHop is dead…she’s just speaking same for R&B..let alone Neo-Soul music..

      When whites “sing” and “win”..did you notice they are singing songs done by Black artists and trying to sing in that genre and “vibe”…Imitation Singers..and for OUR FAULT, WE HAVE SOLD OUR SOULS for the Dollar..Rappers tell us “The Money is the Motive”…(not talent, not an art form..but money)

    • benji

      just FYI House is OUR music… started in Chicago by blacks and latinos. Read up on your music history. Just because you don’t like it, doesn’t mean it’s not good.

  • sanriobaby =^.^=

    Eryka speaks the truth!!! It’s sad to say, but I’m only in my 30’s and I really believe they just don’t make music like they used to, lol. Honestly, what ever happend to just singing about love, making love, and wanting the love of your life back? I get that there’s a time and place for everything, but I feel really sad for today’s youth`, unless they are taught, they will never know what real good R&B is really about.

  • Lovely


  • sherri in St. paul

    I do agree with Erykah. She has a very good point. I love R&B, jazz and some of this new stuff… but when it comes to money, folks will sell out! I support real musicians… Mint Condition – STAND UP!!

    • QueenyBean

      OMG mint condition was the shizznittle bam! I’m still a youngin that grew up with her momdukes but mint condition had me feeling special as a youth!!!!

  • COTTON124

    I LOVE R&B. BUT NOT 24/7

  • Bopa

    I’m with Erykha but I’ve had to remind myself that this is a different generation. I’m only 30 but I listened to what my older siblings listened to so that’s what I’m drawn to. I can’t get mad at my nephews because they don’t like X Clan. I think rap music is going to end up just like Jazz. This infighting is going to push it back. In some ways I hope that happens because I don’t see a future for rap music.

  • deelucious

    Yeah same here. Most of the music on my ipod is from the 80s-90’s. I tend not to like the new music that comes out it’s all auto tune, intended-for-the-club type music. Nothing to chill out to, nothing that you can play over and over again without getting bored.
    So I keep it old skool with the 80’s & 90s, the cla$sics or I just listen to some Neo-Soul

  • Bill Bixby

    shes refering to the hiphop audience. we r settling for crap we should want more from our artists. Bring back that Boom Bap!

  • daisy jay

    you’re right about today’s music. i feel it’s extremely repetitive. techno and autotune like you stated. it’s more like…a bunch of NOISE. i sometimes shock people when i tell them what music i listen to mostly because of my age. i love teddy, michael, aretha, the o’jays, temptations, people like that. that’s the music that speaks to me, not “imma stick my *bleep* in her *bleep* until she *bleep bleep bleep* a song is not a song when you have to CENSOR HALF THE GODD@MN SONG!!! i feel it’s our job to have this younger generation exposed to REAL music; older music. otherwise, they won’t know what real music sounds like. they will be brainwashed forever. we need to keep the real music alive for generations and generations. if the music industry won’t make changes, it’s up to us to help the young ones wake up

  • vangogh

    Could not have said it better.

  • vangogh

    Tottal agree with you. Try Jazz.

  • vangogh


  • funny gal

    She’s right. R&B is dead in America…Look overseas where traditional R&B is respected…

  • Leslie James


  • candyshop

    Erica Badu is right on. R&B music is dying, thanks to the thug mentalily hip hop and pop music. There are no good music out here anymore. The songs have no feeking, they’re just corny and forgetful. I can’t remember recent song from Beyonce and the other pop artists that I will remember 5 years from now…seriously.

  • Miss tahbee

    What we need to do is buy the truly talented artists’s albums and leave ths manufactured music alone. There is stil hope for modern rnb. (fantasia, mary j, dwele, raheem de vaughn, kem , syleena johnson, etc.)

  • LuxDeluxeCrew

    There has always been sh!t music. People go on about 80’s, 90’s being so great, well I actually grew up in that era and there were a whole heap of sub-standard songs being pushed out in those decades as well. Cheesy stuff like Atlantic Starr or 2nd rate New Jack Swing groups were just as bad as todays stuff. What todays rnb artists need to do is take more educated risks. Stop listening to their labels. Stop equating advanced technology with innovative music. Music is supposed to come from the soul, not the latest recording gadget. Listen to an old recording of, say, Standing in The Shadows of Love by Four Tops. As scratchy and raw as it sounds…timeless. Because of the music arrangement, not recording gear. Todays artists are too busy worrying about gear and guests,but they end up with empty lyrics and meaningless riffs.

    • MochaDreams

      Yeah, but sh!t music wasn’t ALL you heard back then… now, sh!t is all you hear on the radio.

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