Cry Me A River: DC Housewives’ Cat Blames Bravo Show For Ruining Her Life

- By Bossip Staff

Long before fans had the chance to meet the Real Housewives of DC, London-born attention whore Cat Ommanney had tapped out of the series.

Now that it’s Reunion time, and interviews are available, Cat’s back in the spotlight to talk about how much she hated doing the show. (In case you, like us, can barely tell these broads apart, she’s the crazy beyotch who showed up at a Republican event dressed as Sarah Palin.)

Rather than owning her decision to leave D.C. and the show, now that she’s no longer a wife (not that that’s ever mattered to Bravo), Cat is playing the reverse racism card, copping pleas and contradicting herself.

First, Cat told a London tabloid that she quit the show because she looked like a “stuck-up cow” and a racist.

In a scene at the home of Stacie Scott Turner, a black estate agent, Ms Ommanney impersonated model Tyra Banks and claimed to be disappointed that President Barack Obama did not attend a ceremony at which her husband won a photography prize.

She was not directly accused of racism in the episode, but Ms Turner’s black friend Erika Hughes said her comments were “rude, abrasive and neck rolling”.

After splitting from her husband, Ms Ommanney has now returned to London. She said: “I have been portrayed as a racist. The fact that I was putting Tyra Banks down and mildly disappointed with Obama, it has nothing to do with colour. I despise racism and sexism.

“People were giving me grief on the streets. I don’t see colour. I’m just not a big fan of Tyra Banks. There was so much reverse racism going on, I found it astonishing.”

Ma’am? We seriously doubt that anyone was coming up to you in the streets. Especially not in defense of Tyra.

Then she told another British rag that RHODC cost her her marriage.

Instead, all that her Housewives fame has brought her so far is the end of a marriage to a man who seemed in every way Prince Charming. (Ommanney already had a real taste of royalty, when she kissed Prince Harry in 2006 and blabbed about it to the British press, reportedly for $24,000; she has denied the payment.) A Newsweek White House photographer with a Pierce Brosnan profile and a head of wavy locks that inspired the nickname Lion King from former President George W. Bush, Charles Ommanney was every bit as dashing as his bride. Their story was equally picture-perfect. There was a “whirlwind, five-month” romance before he popped the question and she followed him from London to the U.S., where, unsurprisingly, she was chosen as the brassy Brit on the latest incarnation of Bravo’s hit series—set in the nation’s clubby capital—about ladies of not-so-slender means whose primary pastimes are glugging Chardonnay and gossiping behind each other’s backs.

But after Housewives finished filming in November 2009, the Ommanneys’ marriage imploded. Last May, Charles—who early on in the series shows a disdain for all the “swanning around” demanded by reality TV—walked away from the relationship. Cat says she has not seen or spoken to him, and that any hopes of reconciliation have been abandoned.

Dayuuum son… Bravo got her a$$ kicked to the curb.

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  • Truth Teller

    Who cares…..I believe that someone is racist if they are speaking to another person of a different race and brings up color or makes an off color joke. Why is it even on your mind?

    • wrsdef

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  • nana

    I didn’t like her at all on the show! But she’s right about Tyra Banks tho, she is obnoxious! Lmao knowin Bravo they don’t care, She is replaceable!

  • Oh Well

    shes always blaming or complaining about something. She seems to never look at what she has done wrong.

  • handbagok

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    Where you can go along with world trends.!

  • Wow

    umm sure it wasn’t that bad attitude that did you in? think on it!just because you have the right to say so do something doesn’t mean it should be said or done! what happenened to acting like ladies and gentlemen? or at least fake it til you make it lol

  • - - Don't Like Tyra or Soul Food - -

    Tyra has never gone to college, yet she thinks she’s an expert on every issue on the planet. She’s sooo much more than obnoxious. Told the fatties it’s OK to be fat, then she dropped all of her weight – HYPOCRITE! And… she’s jealous of the sleek, black, panther, Naomi – the ONLY runway queen.

    • - - Don't Like Tyra or Soul Food - -

      OK – Tay!!! It’s real simple, NO COLLEGE equals NO CREDIBILITY!

      PS – Stacie seems like a reverse-racist to me. I prefer Cat to Stacie.

  • REALER TALK than that Fake Nickel "REAL TALK"

    Tyra is fake like a white girl, and uses that white girl fakeness to take jabs at people on her show, then all of sudden go to break.

    “I think you’re really a stank b!tch – we’ll be right back”


    • heavenup7


  • nana

    For once I agree wit @Realer talk! Lmaoooo Tyra can be a bish sometimes! But hei she is PAID!

  • Allie

    @ Kevin: yea they made the show for crashing the white house! what kind of genuine people crash the white house dinner???

    Anyway what she said about tyra was on point, and based off of some of the comments, not many people like her, including me, with her “oh i’m so perfect and beautiful, i know everything” act, i’m so over it

  • whatever!

    Tyra is beyond annoying! always talking about herself when nobody is talking about her at that point!she is fake!

  • rama.h24

    live the damn show if it ruined your life. And why the hell did you go on the show in the first place

  • Kimmie - Southern Belle

    second that….

  • Damon

    Cat was fascinating. She was so calm in her accurate criticisms, that viewers hung on her every word. Her chemistry with Mary and Lynda was excellent. Cat is NOT racist at all, by the way. Obama (who I happily voted for) SHOULD have shown up for the event she mentioned, all presidents before him did. Tyra is obnoxious. That they are black, had nothing to do with it. Cat adored her male friend on the show who was both gay AND black. And people need to stop denying that reverse racism exists. I live in L.A. and it is alive and well. DAILY.

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