Another Shady Spiritual Leader Gets Caught Using Scripture To Shaft Little Boys

- By Bossip Staff

Bishop Eddie Long isn’t the only spiritual leader feeling the fire of sexual abuse allegations. Las Vegas officials recently arrested a 57-year-old pastor named Billy Eckstine McCurdy who is accused of sexually assaulting two teen boys he invited to live with him.

A pastor of a Las Vegas church was arrested Friday on 11 sexual abuse charges, five years after a similar case against him was dropped.

North Las Vegas police arrested Billy Eckstine McCurdy, 57, following an eight-month investigation into allegations that he sexually assaulted teen boys at his home.

McCurdy is the pastor at Revival Temple Church of God in Christ at the intersection of Tonopah and Vegas drives. At the church Friday night, men in all black suits said no church officials were prepared to comment on the arrest.

The new charges involve two teen boys who said McCurdy forced them into sexual relationships with him. They told police he used his position in the church and Bible scriptures to force them into sex acts, authorities said.

Both boys testified at a grand jury, which indicted McCurdy Thursday on six counts of sexual assault and five counts of open or gross lewdness. He was being held at the Clark County Detention Center without bail.

Detectives said they believe other victims have not come forward.

McCurdy spent a lot of time with young people, including youth trips to Arizona and California, police said. He also held events with young men at his home on 700 block of Heritage Cliff Ave., near Alexander Road and Revere Street in North Las Vegas, including sleepovers.

And he often allowed teens to live with him for long periods, which was the situation with the two victims in the latest case, police said.

The church’s Facebook page touts McCurdy’s work.

“Never one to sit and talk about a problem or ignore a need Pastor McCurdy developed many ministries including a maximum security prison ministry, convalescent ministry, minimum security and a youth ministry at the Spring Mountain Youth Camp on Mount Charleston,” the website said.

This isn’t the first time that McCurdy has faced charges:

In the 2005 case, North Las Vegas police arrested McCurdy after a boy told investigators the pastor tried to fondle him while they slept in the same bed.

The teen told police he and other high schoolers were at McCurdy’s house for a swim and slumber party. After swimming the children split up and went to bed.

The teen was planning to sleep on the floor in McCurdy’s bedroom, but the pastor invited him into his bed. The boy woke up a couple of hours later when he felt McCurdy put the boy’s hand on McCurdy’s genitals, according to police.

McCurdy then moved his hand toward the boy’s pants, but the boy left and walked to a relative’s house.

Many of McCurdy’s flock publicly stood behind him, though he was suspended by the church after the arrest.

The district attorney’s office later declined to prosecute McCurdy, citing questions about evidence in the case.

“We didn’t feel we could prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt,” District Attorney David Roger said at the time. “There was conflicting evidence concerning the accuser.”

SMH… This is just disgusting. We hope members of New Birth’s congregation are paying attention — this guy’s “flock” let him get away with being a Chester the Molester after he was accused the first time and then look what happened!


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  • JumpoFF

    Pastor Boys…Smh. But for real. I thought it was just Catholic white priest. This disease has to stop.

  • lisabbtdd

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  • Soul Touch

    Trust me, young men are going to come out of the word works. This is why it’s important people talk, gives others the strength to step forward and stop the cycle.

    Sick F**K

  • ishaun79

    Blk people need to grow up and face the fear of homosexuality! The blk community has TONS of problems because they refuse to address known issues! I pray for my people everyday!

  • yz


  • blaxitive

    There isn’t a fear of homosexuality in the black community. Believe it or not once upon a time black people believed in morals and wouldn’t follow what the rest of the idiotic world was doing. Sure it existed but it was taboo out of fear of ridicule. Now everything goes and everything is accepted and people really don’t have any moral attributes nor the common sense of discerment.

    • Soul Touch

      My sister was in Florida last week. Her daughter, totally confused, ask the cashier if she was a boy or a girl (I guess the guy had a perm, etc)? The guy laughed and said he didn’t know today, what did she think.

      Weird that kids even have to ask…

    • leslie


  • Boss Lady

    @ blaxative-thank u soooo much for checkin that fools post! i couldnt have said it better if i tried…smh…


    Enough is Enough!!! Some type of checks and balances need to be held before anyone can get in the pulpit and proclaim the word of GOD. Every time MotherSister says “you look like a preacher” doesn’t mean they’re called by GOD. On the other hand everytime the economy dips pulpits get flooded based on the tax exempt possibilities. I gotta knock the hustle on this cuz ppl are being led by hustlemen and heathens and the entire Black community is suffering from this. Check some background on these “preachers” if they was hustling in the streets before GOD chances are they will hustle from the pulpit. Can you say building fund? Nursery fund? Homeless ministry fund? Nothing is wrong with the actual funds it’s only wrong when those funds buy Rev a new Benz or Bentley… SMH

  • ReALiSt

    This is the end of fake azz christian churches… These homo azz churches have been hiding this BS since the beginning of time…

    Homosexuality, child molestation and Christianity goes hand in hand – check the history of the Church and the Greeks – if you don’t believe me…

    I know gullible punk are going to defend this pedo…

    • daisy jay

      uhhh they go hand in hand? sir, you don’t know much, do you? i’m a christian and i KNOW christians are not immune to the numerous problems of the world. some people end up lost and doing stupid sh!t like this. but you can’t sit there and say that not one catholic, jew, muslim, or athiest has committed a crime like this as well. a lot of christians don’t do sh!t like this, just because somebody believes in god and is a part of christianity, that doesn’t mean they’re immune from doing anything wrong. i believe eddie is GUILTY. black churches…they’re still good ones left…

  • Littleenglander

    Where were the parents? Young boys should NOT be having sleep overs with men who are not their fathers.

    I used to think my mum was a pain because she would never let me sleep over. Her favourite rant was my child isn’t go anywhere that I am not.

    Shame on this freak, and shame on all those church people that turned a blind eye to this perversion.

  • stabby de guard

    WTF…. how could this be.. he looks like CHUCK NORRIS

  • 2Sweet

    Those parents were crazy. That man looks all types of wrong!

  • wisdom2

    Why this pedo look like Lionel Richie………Sorry Mr. Richie just notice the resemblance.

  • momo

    Just crazy!!! I’m glad that lil boy got up and left he was like “ah no sir! No homo” some of these kids r so brainwashed they let these crazy pastor fondle and penetrate!!!! Smh! Well the lord shall punish him for his false leading!

    • Quisey

      Werd. That little boy know he aint have any sugar in his tank.

    • andrea

      i agree with momo and quisey. that lil man just got up and left. sometimes that’s all you gotta do get up and leave. he knew it was wrong point blank end of story!!!

  • momo

    Um @ pastor nambala u must be a joke for that comment…. :-/ ur are ignored

  • Stoney

    The false prophets are being exposed! They’re not being attacked by satan, they are of him, and these are the works to show it. Get as far away from these fake churches as you can.

    • Please

      Exactly. Now I will be the 1st to say that. Im no fool and all these allegations must be proven.

      But I dont think this is an attack on the black church. Those Roman Catholic preists have been getting aired out too.

      I too beleive that this is an attack on the false prophets. I could care less hes a “man of god”. If he did these things he needs to pay for it.

      We need to know who these people are in our communities. Its as simple as that.

  • Blacqberry

    LMAO@ blaxitive

  • Pastor Nambla

    Before you all judge, you all should experience the raptuous joy that comes from burying your face into a 12 year old black boys arse. It’s like the second coming.

    It’s not molestation, it’s more like a spiritual awakening. We’re saving these boys from giving into temptation by biting into the forbidden fruit called women. It’s the Lord’s work that we do. Amen!

  • Amazin Atheist

    Lmfao @ Pastor Nambla, there is some truth to that because if the lord is in control, like most people believe, then that is it’s (lord’s) work! But people are afraid to hold their imaginary friend that created everything accountable!

  • Blacqberry

    Wolves in sheeps clothing….. SMH.

  • yz

    I don’t believe in sleepovers; I don’t care who the person is. The parents are to blame as well look after your own kids.

    • Pastor Nambla

      Sleepovers are so tawdry sounding in nature. At my religious center, we call them spiritual retreats for young men.

  • yz

    I remember years ago a little girl spent a night at a friend house and she was killed in the home because they were firing at the no good as thug that lived in the home.

  • that damn sh#$ disturber

    i wish i would find out some mess like this about my pastor!!!

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