Black America Needs a New Business Role Model Besides Jay-Z

- By Bossip Staff

Jay-Z has said repeatedly that he will stop making music, and I’m sure that one day he will.  However, there is one area in which we need to retire Jay-Z: In his role as the pre-eminent black businessman in America.  It’s not that Jay-Z is a bad role model, it’s just that he’s been exhausted. Don’t get me wrong, Jigga has made significant amounts of money by busting rhymes on his left and selling clothes on his right.  Good for him.  But is he really the best business role model for young black males, who are already consumed with a culture that teaches them that all they can be are rappers or athletes?

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  • lisabbt234

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  • 4reakz

    He was a business role model? WTF? I thought business role models were people who worked hard for their school degree started off with a small comanpy and then expanded. Or someone who took over a comapany? Where are those black people at? Were up here giving jay z jiggaboo and s*** praise too all of these celebrities when we need to give it too our hard working brothers and sisters in our community praise. Don’t these people have enough power? WHo cares about this muthukka?

    • David

      With much disrespect if what you wrote is truly what you think a business man is. Then you need to start over…but that is 1 one way of making it…don’t knock nobody hustle. I give you a little in sight the richest people don’t follow main stream propaganda( you can stop a real business mined person from making that cake anyway) Also strippers make more money in a 6 months, that most 9-5 people will make in 3 years.

    • ItDoesn'tMatter

      You gotta luv these ignorant folks who comment here. Always with this one-way thinking and that’s exactly why a lot of folks in the black community don’t own anything b/c the knowledge just isn’t there.

      Jayz is definitely a good person to be a role model. He started selling drugs and then took that money and started his record company, when that took off he then took the money from the record company and started Rocawear, when that made him more money he then diversified his portfolio (basketball, real estate, and other business ventures.) And not to forget where he came from and what made him the most of his money he turns around and starts Roc Nation…Brilliant! Just Brilliant!

    • christmas808

      But who about to sell drug though? sorry i don’t want success that bad

  • Slide Like a Fresh Pair of Gators

    This is true, but remember he’s in the entertainment field and so naturally he’s going to get a lot of media attention via his successful endeavors…

    There are A LOT of wealthy Black People doing their thing in other fields besides sports & entertainment, but they’re smart enough to know that it’s not wise to put all of their business out there in the streets like that for a number of reasons:

    (1) They know how Black People like to rob & steal… Yeah, I said it and I know it’s wrong but it’s the TRUTH!!!

    (2) They’ll have all sorts of people bothering them about borrowing some money, etc… Fake long lost relatives, people from elementary school, etc…

  • http://bossip le

    I don’t even have to finish reading this to know Jay-Z is no sort of buissiness role-model. Hell I haven’t learned anything buissiness savvy from Jay-Z. I can’t even imagine how he is even considered a freggin buissiness man role model- I never got that. He raps and allow people to throw endorsements on him because he can make them more money, he purchased a few damn clubs oh how role-model buissiness savvy. He opened a few resturants that have closed and he has a clothing line made by someone else who uses his name to sale. Can someone please give me an example of how they consider Jay-Z a buissiness man role-model? I am not saying he isn’t but I grasped nothing from him to say ok I will try this in my life. Every thing he has was a given to benefit some one else. His rap is savvy but thats it. My lil bro rap is savvy !

  • Soul Touch

    There are an abundance of black male business role models…the media feature them. Well, except for Black Enterprise.

    Jay Z is a good buisness man, he’s invested his money and has been willing to take chances with new ventures.

    • Soul Touch

      Correction – the media DOESN’T feature them…except for Black Enterprise.

  • Omugabe

    This is just another misguided article!

    Instead of praising and promoting the emulation of Jay-Z for his accomplishments, in a society that HAS ALWAYS denied African people opportunities, narrow-minded and childish and ENVIOUS mind demonstrates their folly with asinine article.

    African Americans need to pay attention that the ONLY fields (fairly harmless field) that the oppressors left fairly open for African Americans to demonstrate their greatness, are MUSIC & ATHLETICS!

    Jay-Z and those of his ilk should be celebrated for having the ability and the vision to SEIZE THE MOMENT!

    In the end, success in the fields open to African Americans have been opening other hard-to-open doors in other spheres of the racist society.

  • Soul Touch

    To me, his wife Beyonce is the smart one…she’s investing in property. Can’t go wrong owning land…especially if you can get others to PAY you for using that land.



    • Soul Touch


      Well, one, America is not the only place to purchase property. My siblings own property all over. And two, it was/in a buyers market. It’s the best time to purchase because property is cheap. You see how much I purchased my home…50 grand under the asking price.

      So yeah, if you are just making it, you lose. For example, many that lost their homes were family earning $80,000 a year (for example) but purchasing $500,000 homes…I doubt Bey has that issue.

    • Soul Touch


      Sorry, just realized I misread your response. My apologizes.

  • Slide Like a Fresh Pair of Gators

    We need to stop depending on OTHERS to tell us good and/or inspiring stories about ourselves = isn’t that why publications like “Black Enterprise” were made?!?!?

    Black Enterprise is a monthly publication that has pages & pages of articles about Black People doing this that and the other with their money and they do interviews with successful Black People that have done well for themselves and more times than not they’re not in Sports & Entertainment…

  • Reality

    @ Slide Like a Fresh pair of Gators, you made my Thursday still laughing. Truer words are hard to find.

    • Slide Like a Fresh Pair of Gators

      Thanks I appreciate it 🙂

  • I_saw_this_one_coming

    Did you know that Warren Buffett has become a “mentor” for Jay-Z; in a recent online article he is touting Jay as role model for entrepreneurs.

    What people don’t seem to get, is that Bey and Jay impress these white people, because they are making the right moves (as far as whites are concerned):

    Bey was the antidote (as far as they are concerned) for Kanye’s poisonous behavior toward the little white girl at the awards show. Bey was GRACIOUS (whether you think so or not).

    And she and Jay have so-far avoided all the drama and scandal that so many other black celebs seem to draw like maggots to a pile of $hit.

    There are young WHITE dudes on the come up, who would put their old mama out on the h0 stroll, to get the kind of “atta boy” that Warren Buffett gave Jay.

    If you don’t know that, then you need to get the hell out of the hood more often.

    • Soul Touch

      That’s just it…Bey and Jay have learned the ‘secrets’ that ‘they’ hold on to and keep for themselves.

      I say all the time, I have no time to fight ‘the man’, I want to know his secrets and dominate.

    • I_saw_this_one_coming

      When black people care as much about saving and investing as they do about hyper-consuming and trying to outdo each other, 90% of the “black undercla$$” will disappear.

      Chris Rock can joke about how black people f!uck up money —- but a regular brother who points out to his woman that she could maybe go to Marshalls rather than Nordstoms, and put some of that money that she spends on clothes into a CD for a rainy day, is “cheap” (never mind that her Becky boss, who makes 3 times her salary, does JUST THAT).

    • Soul Touch

      I again, I tip my hat to you because you speak truth right there.

      Even in the gangs…look at the biker gangs (ie hells angels), these men INVEST their illegal money.

    • Tiffany

      I say their secret is: keep it a secret: Jay-Z does not divulge in his personal life or feelings during the interview he does it through his music poetically (so white folks don’t understand) and Beey does the same…they have the best security and when people step outside the circle they close that bytch…they were a perfect match for each other beacuse they keep the drama and issues to themselves

  • resurrected

    I agree we need other role model that actually represent something more then just fame and money. I real role model that doe live to be praised but has a gift to give to the world.

  • krakatoa

    Don King>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Jay-Z

  • Jay

    Newsflash there are plenty of other successful black business role models but the hip hop community just likes to pick Jay Z because he is a rapper and makes the hood life seem cool.

  • jdmann

    If you measure communication by the response it gets this article served it’s purpose lol.

  • kmathi

    I agree i mean all they talk about is Jay-z money but were’s the substance. Its good for him but he isnt showing other young black man how he went about it or how they can go about getting it the same way. He holds the fans hostage with his wealth and thats what allows him to continue to be an item.

  • Slowmothafukas

    Then why do you complain so much to be so substantial? Great we have another egomaniac like Kanye west and Pdiddy. You’re just what we need.


    c. Heuy Freeman

    just playing, but real spit if you cant “see” yourself being successful, you will never be successful, and success really is just a logical process of organizing and setting and accomplishing goals, too many of us focus on the come up and not the steps to the come up

  • phelove


  • Matix B Build a bridge and GET OVER IT!!!

    Funny how wealth is attributed to success? I find it hard to believe that money is the ultimate indication of your ability to be a good business person. I could care less about Warren Buffet and his new protégé, what the Faq have he done for me lately? Nothing and neither has Jay-Z or his wife for that matter. Jay is an opportunist at best.

  • Please

    Hrrm so is Jay-Z the face of black business? A dude who makes it clear he’d rathter do business with whites and jews. Than the same folks who helped put him on.

    Naw homie…dont think so. Before everything is said and done Jay-Z is in for a rude awakening.

    He will get his “You still black message” in due time. Trust me.

  • baybaybay

    That is not a good pic of Jay Z. I don’t know how Beyonce makes love to his unattractive self and she is stuck with him for life! Im not a fan of Jay Z but I do admire that he made a success out of his life despite his past and he found a good woman and married her and she is also successful that I admire about him because he didn’t allow the ghetto or a ghetto mentality to keep him down and keep him there, the people hating are wasting their energy instead of trying to find something bad to say about him why don’t you aplly his tactics to get ahead oh I forgot that’s too mature too much work its easier to just sit back and put the man down then you can make believe he’s on your level.

    • http://bossip lisa

      I don’t see how Jay-z claim Beyonce as his wife. She is ugly. In public when she has on a trashbag size wig, and gallons of make-up she looks alright but without her getup she looks like Michael Jackson. From her suken in face to that worm on her chin and those dark black eyes that she stuff Rihanna’s eye color contacts in…thats all !

    • http://bossip lisa

      I forgot to add she even has the bleached damaged looking skin color like Michael Jackson that she didn’t start off with!

  • Big Keith

    He definitely isn’t a role model to me. A drug dealer, turned rapper, turned Baphomet worshiper, turned sell-out – Fvck Jay Z!

    • Soul Touch

      Aside from that last part (cause I’ve made it known I feel about that crackpot mess), do you think Judge Mathis is a role model for the youth? He sold drugs, robbed people, went to prison only to turn his life around.

      I always believe that it’s not what you’ve done but you are doing that matters most. It’s never too late to turn your life around. I would rather a personal tell me their rags to riches story than to see them still wearing their rags happy in their dormant life.

  • jk

    haha he is a role mode who pathetic. haha

  • Shakria

    WOMP WOMP WOMP WAA, you’re just mad because people now hand you you’re own azz and don’t buy into your bulls***. Too bad this is hennessy with coke if you cant handel it we can send your azz too. Rich nikkas who love to complain. org. This site isnt for tea sippers


    i love you zack and cody (shawn c and sean c.) leave the BLACK twins alone!!!! THEY DONT BOTHER ANYONE!

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