Is Boris Kodjoe Headed Back To The Hollyweird Unemployment Line?

- By Bossip Staff

Y’all stop talking all this mess about light bright Boris, okay! He says none of it is true.

Despite concern expressed by TV-watching experts, who think it’s never a good sign when a new show loses a million viewers in it’s second week on air, Boris Kodjoe is confident that his corny fake Bond show “Undercovers” isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

“We’re doing great,” he assured. “This year has been a weird year for new shows – there hasn’t been a runaway hit. It has to do with so many different things, from programming to budgets and the economy as a whole. The bottom line is, we have a great show and everyone who sees the show loves the show, which is great.”

Though many trade publications have reported that ‘Undercovers’ is underperforming, with its debut ratings of 8.7 million viewers, followed by a dip to 7.2 million in its second week, Kodjoe said that the network it pleased thus far.

“NBC and Warner Bros. love the show, and they’re supporting the show,” he offered. “Now we’re in a position to build and that’s where we want to be. We want to find our audience and keep our audience, and that’s what we’re doing. I’m beyond-the-moon excited about doing this. It’s literally the first time in a long time that two African Americans have been able to lead a one-hour drama on NBC. It’s been over 30 years! So to be in this position is just a tremendous honor, and I’m proud to be a part of it.”

In case you’re wondering, we think that “It’s been over 30 years” comment is a reference to Diahann Carroll’s groundbreaking show “Julia.” Your show ain’t that, Boris. Especially since the show’s two lead characters could have easily been of any other race.

Still, he’s bringing African-American viewers to NBC in droves, apparently.

In an amazing feat, ‘Undercovers’ has already upset CBS – pushing it to third place – and helping NBC become the most-watched network in black households.

“That’s another aspect that I’m so proud of,” said Kodjoe. “Again, my people have come out to support, and that’s what we have to do! If we want programming to change and if we want programming to become more diverse in film and in TV, we have to be the ones to support. We have to buy tickets and come out and spend, because at the end of the day, it’s a business and it’s based on numbers. ‘Undercovers’ is a great example because we have come out to support and we have to continuously do that. I’m so excited about that. It shows that all those stereotypical things that’s out there don’t have to be the only form of programming depicting us.”

Oh, and about those pesky IRS rumors?

“It’s something that has been taken care of a while ago,” he acknowledged. “The press got wind of it way late, after it’s been already done and arranged and everything is taken care of. No worries. People don’t have to be concerned about me.”

Listen: clearly it happened. And Nicole‘s last show got cancelled in less than one season. And worse financial woes have befallen couples with much more stable work histories than you two. So… yeah. We actually can be concerned.


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