Boom Chicka Bow Bow! The Swirl Love Affair Is In Full Autumn Bloom For Halle Berry And Olivier

- By Bossip Staff

Uh-oh, looks like Halle Berry is really Fall-ing for Olivier Martinez And he’s paparazzi shy! That could be a major problem. Poor Thang! Lots more shots of them getting their PDA on below…

Halle’s agent really needs to give T-Mobile a call and tell them to come off some paper because this is FREE advertising right chere!

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    They look so happy, gone Halle I am not mad at’cha

    • ignoranceisbliss

      Good for her is right maybe her crazy a$$ would settle down so no one else would have to go upside her head like…David Justice Wesley Snipes just to name a few

      She looks kind of busted in those photos

    • lynnett

      Doesn’t she always “seem happy”? Really!! She always gushes over them then say something neg (to protect her image) when the relationship ends.

    • Blacqberry

      I agree. I’m happy for her, and yes but she does look “washed out” in these pics. She probably just needs some under eye concealer.

    • Nsancy

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  • kcathygg221

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  • Ummmmm.......

    I like them together. Why do they always look so relaxed and almost disheveled like they’ve been together 10 years already and just rolled out of the bed?? They probably break wind in front of each other too. SMH

  • NoFatChicks

    She still looks good for a 44 year old. She takes good care of her body not an extra ounce of fat nowhere on her.

  • anonymous

    I think this is her first real relationship since breaking up with Eric Benet. I think Gabriel Aubry was chosen for his genes. Nothing more.

    • colorpurple

      Umm. What is a real relationship?

    • nope

      Michael Ealy and others.

  • Shortcake

    Halle can’t seem too keep a man no matter if he’s black, white or blue I wonder what’s up with her?

  • jlove_taylor

    SHE IS NOT SWIRLING! SHE IS BI-RACIAL..I can’t stand how you try to put people in little boxes. Get over it.. Hallie Berry came out of a white lady’s pu**y. She can date all the white men she want. It’s not swirling…

  • Esco

    the only swirl i see is halle

  • Michelle

    I agree, she isn’t swirling. She can date white or black, and neither should be considered swirling. However, I think she should have stayed with her “baby daddy” cause homeboy is fine!!! This dude looks too scruffy!

  • Dat sum real N*gga Sh*t!

    Sheet Ide be hittn mah co stas too!




    Halle and her WHITE MAN of the moment. Thank GOD this woman is GORGEOUS! LOL With her looks, she’ll never be alone. Even if the man is a TEMP! *wink*

  • Get Real

    Belinda you are so right. Then when they go & knifed themselves up we still talk about them. Men age too

  • Bubba Flex

    Halle is stupid…

  • cally

    Halle does not look “washed out” what is wrong with you. If Halle can’t have one day where she doesn’t look a bit undone, then damn. She looks absolutely beautiful in these pictures and more importantly she looks happy, she’s beaming from the lil love bite she’s gotten. It’s a lovely thing to witness no matter who it’s coming from. And if Oliver is not the last man we ever see her with, then that’s ok too. She has every right to enjoy her life and share love with whomever she choses!

  • handbagok

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  • Sandra

    Good for Halle. White men are much better for your sanity..

  • luxe_87

    Halle has been looking like an old white woman lately. She’s definitely a gorgeous one but she needs to gain some weight and stop looking so gaunt. But hey if she’s tryna attract white boys I guess that bag of bones would work better than a bundle of curves they couldn’t handle it

  • Teya

    you sound really stupid do you know she’s more into him than the opposite, i swear some of you stupid bm take the cake with your gossiping and lies try to act so hard but when the smoke clears most of you act like whiny clingy scared little girls when it comes to dealing with bw and nbm couples.

  • PrincessD.I.E

    I wonder when he gonna get tired of her a$$…its only a matter of time..they ALL bounced!

  • PrincessD.I.E

    but I still LOVE me some Halle..i’m flashing back to the Strickly Business days..she was beautiful! She was also gorgeous on The Rich Man’s Wife

  • GHUK Flav

    Halle sould look should look elsewhere. This man loves dating wanted women and the relationship always ends. He just wants to tick one of his boxes.

    • ME

      ur just jealous!

  • fact check is right

    Fact check is right. Their comments are only restated what X17, Gossip Girl and several other sites have said about Halle’s latest dalliance or publicity stunt.

    Nor did they make any racist comments. They’re probably just like me who don’t care who Halle Berry chooses or pretends to be with.

    Sounds like you have more of a problem than ‘factcheck’.

  • eye shadow

    I think she needs to slow it DOWN! Never rush into new relationships with men.

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