End Of Days: 23-Year-Old Pregnant Woman Burned To Death

- By Bossip Staff

One-time in London made a gruesome discovery after responding to a call in Bradford, North England yesterday.

They entered a home in a neighborhood described as “quiet and peaceful” only to find a woman “alight” and seriously burned. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

‘Officers are still at the scene and still trying to establish the circumstances of the incident,’ said the spokesman.

Police are treating the death as suspicious and were canvassing for witnesses in the quiet cul-de-sac this morning.

A cordon sealed off around eight houses from the main street, including the terraced property where the incident is believed to have taken place.

There was little evidence of what had happened at the front of the house, where one policeman stood guard at the front door.

Three officers were seen going into and out of the house.

According to neighbors, the woman’s life was just as suspect as the circumstances surrounding her death.

Neighbours said the area was usually quiet and peaceful and a close community, but some mystery surrounded the woman who died.

Aziza Kahn, who lives nearby, said she believed the woman was pregnant and lived at the property with her husband, mother-in-law and two sisters-in-law.

She said: ‘We never saw her (the woman). There was a time we were quite close to that family but not now.

‘We didn’t know her, we never got to talk to her.

‘You never saw her with her husband, never ever saw them together.

‘She was a young girl, we thought she was about 17 or 18, and she was pregnant.’

Miss Kahn also said some neighbours had told her that a group of around five men were seen coming out of the house around the same time as the incident happened but said she did not see anything herself.

Another neighbour, Rahana Kosar, said she believed the woman was Asian and had been in the UK for less than a year but she rarely came out of the house.

I’ve heard she’s an Asian lady and I don’t think her parents are in this country,’ she said. ‘We’re all Asians round here but she never came out the house. We have the excuse of taking the kids to school and everything and us woman all stand and talk a lot but that woman’s not involved.

‘There’s only a few houses and we know exactly what’s going on but we never saw her.’

Another neighbour, who did not wish to be named, said it was one of the local residents who called the emergency services to the woman’s aid.

He added: ‘To be honest, nobody heard any screams or anything. It’s very strange, very suspicious.’

Nasreen Kahn said she returned home about 7pm last night and did not hear any commotion until she looked out of her window to see a fire engine.

She said: ‘I wasn’t really sure what it was about and the next thing I saw police tape up there. It was just on hearsay that we found out what happened.

‘It was a bit horrible. It just seemed really weird and it wasn’t right at all. It’s made me feel weird, kind of like I don’t want to be here. It’s quite scary.’

SMH. That’s just creepy. R.I.P. to this young lady and her little one.


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  • Angel

    This is so sad. Maybe the truth will come out.

  • Angel

    I can’t believe I was first.

  • nana

    I smell bullshyt!

  • daisy jay

    did she…do it to herself? this story is very strange. it sounds like she was alone…sigh.

  • girlie

    I used to have asian indian neighbours and i know how they get down… they killed that girl they are the most ruthless people you would ever imagine

  • cool beans

    shiny was burned alive.

  • Y

    Sounds like an honour killing to me, or suicide.

  • Panther

    Wow women are being victimized everywhere,when does it stop?if you see signs something is off with your love on leave or seek help.this is nutz

  • divalious

    Sounds strange, maybe she suffer from depression. Just b/c she didnt speak to them, they/someone shouldve made her feel welcom. A smile or gesture can sometimes make a difference. Im guessing she took her own life. Just my thought or msybe the five men leaving know something. In every neighborhood theres always a nosy neigbor. Where u at

    • MissB

      This lady was murdered. Even if you commit suicide by setting yourself on fire the pain would be too excruciating NOT to scream. She was probably dead before she was ever set on fire.

      #1 Suspect: The husband/ babies daddy

      Abuse victims usually stay to themselves.


    Wow so was it murder I would think so they need a detailed investigation on this one.

  • bouyant

    hubby wanted to get married again.the indians are hella evil.

  • CooCooKitty


  • *she rocks*

    Maybe it was some sacrificial death or something like that… a lot of evil going around…

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